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Network Building Tips for Real Estate Agents

One of the most important aspects of being a real estate agent is chasing down referrals to strike the deals that matter. Whilst in the old days your local realtor spent big on advertising and dropping their business card to anyone who would take it,...
by REET Real Estate Blog-site on Aug 1, 2016

Top 20 Real Estate Agency in Sydney

When getting to understand the market in depth after you have completed all of your courses to become a real estate agent it is important to find the perfect foot in the door to start your blossoming new career. Choosing a real estate agency to work...
by Real Estate on Dec 24, 2015

Learn the Requirements of How to Start In Real Estate in Your Area

Whilst business is currently booming in the real estate sector, now would be the ideal time to learn how to get ahead of the curve when it comes to starting your own real estate business. If you think you have what it takes to buy and sell properties...
by Real Estate on Feb 5, 2014

How to be a successful Real Estate Agent

Real Estate can be a very rewarding and promising career choice, for anyone. People from various backgrounds and skills enter this field. This is primarily a service business, where serving the clients is one and foremost goal. A real estate agent is...
by Real Estate on Jul 31, 2012