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SAFFIR, Robot Humanoid Pemadam Kebakaran di Atas Kapal

America Naval Research Laboratory saat ini dikabarkan tengah mengembangkan teknologi robot humanoid pemadam kebakaran di kapal induk, robot itu diberi nama SAFFIR. SAFFIR adalah sebuah robot humanoid (mirip manusia) yang dilengkapi dengan berbagai pe...
by Blog Campuran on May 6, 2015

Charles L. Moody (Segeant Moody’s) alien abduction story

As we shared in the previous true abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill, we are here to share another true story/claim of an Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody. Let’s move to the more detailed information on the story.IntroductionThis amazing a...
by Topics WhatSoEver! on Feb 11, 2014

Google is trying to develop Humanoid Robots

MagzinewsGoogle is trying to develop Humanoid Robots: Google will focus in the coming years to develop intelligent and humanoid robots. …The post Google is trying to develop Humanoid Robots appeared first on Magzi News.
by Magzinews on Dec 5, 2013

Great Project By Aldeberan To Build Humanoid Robot NAO For Autistic Kids

NAO is a kid sized humanoid robot that interacts with autistic kids. The initiative named as ASK NAO initiated by a French company Aldeberan. NAO is a two feet tall humanoid robot conceptualized by this French company to assist kids who are autistic...
by Pebble In The Still Waters on May 30, 2013

Kickstarter Tuesdays: MAKI 3D Printable Robot / Painted Pet Portraits

This week on Kickstarter Tuesdays, I head back over to the Atlanta Metro and talk about two special projects that need your support!  Here are the Kickstarter projects talking about the MAKI 3D Printable Humanoid Robot and Painted Pet Portraits by...
by Geek Alabama on Apr 16, 2013

Robot Charli Menari Tarian Kuda Oppa Gangnam Style

Populariti Opppa Gangnam Style bukan saja merebak di kalangan pengguna internet Malaysia tapi juga menjangkit ke robot menyerupai saiz manusia dewasa. Perkenalkan Charli, robot humanoid yang mampu menarikan tarian kuda dengan lancar seperti dalam vid...
by iAwani on Oct 20, 2012