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iMac Intel 21.5" Retina 4K Display Teardown

Another impossible to fix product from Apple:Read it at IfixIt website:iMac Intel 21.5" Retina 4K Display TeardownLike this if you are FB user and you think this post is useful. The button is at top right of content of this post.+1 this post if you a...
by Penang Uncle on Nov 1, 2015

iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2889 Teardown

How many times this iMac has been refresh? I don't care. But it is still impossible to repair, as usual.Read it at iFixIt website if you prefer:iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2889 TeardownLike this if you are FB user and you think this post is useful. The butt...
by Penang Uncle on Nov 1, 2015

Review Dan Spesifikasi iMac Retina 5K Display

iMac Retina 5K Display – Seri iMac memang selalu dapat mencuri perhatian masyarakat dunia. iMac selalu menghadirkan perangkat efisien khusus untuk kebutuhan kerja yang mumpuni. Kali ini varian baru iMac Retina 5K Display hadir dengan kemampuan...
by Ulaspc on Sep 3, 2015

AHM pertahankan Indonesia’s Most Admired Company Award Tujuh Tahun Beruntun, sebuah prestasi di ganjar penghargaan ya wajar, namun kalau sudah sampai tujuh tahun beruntun nampaknya memang konsistensi yang patut di acungi 7 jempol seperti halnya AHM yang baru-baru ini mempertahankan penghargaan bergengsi yakni I...
by on Jun 18, 2015

Apple Releases New MacBook Pro and iMac Models

While Apple doesn’t like to frequently release new models of the same product, when it does update product lines the results tend to be noteworthy. Take the latest upgrade to the 15-inch MacBook Pro and the new version of the …...
by concoconco on May 21, 2015

iMacompanion adds a USB port to your iMac right where you need one

I loved my 27″ iMac for its sheer beauty and gorgeous display. But what I didn’t love was all the ports hidden on the back side of the computer. Although the location of the ports allowed the iMac to have a very clean look and design, acc...
by concoconco on Mar 23, 2015

Add a USB 3.0 hub for your iMac right where you need it

I used several iMacs over the years until I decided to downsize to a MacBook. I still love the iMac for its style and gorgeous display, but I’ve always questioned Apple’s choice to locate the USB ports on the back side of the computer. I...
by concoconco on Feb 15, 2015

iMac 8K resolution – “heavy weapons” Apple’s future

Although the 27-inch iMac 5K resolution is a computer screen with the highest resolution in the world today, Apple still not want to stop. If you love and concern of Apple products, maybe you will know the iMac 27 inch 5K resolution – Is now be...
by Tech Advice and Reviews on Feb 13, 2015

How To Connect JBL Charge Bluetooth To Laptop

How To Connect JBL Charge Bluetooth To Laptop: The JBL Flip happens to be one of the most versatile portable speakers that is available in the market today.  It is fairly affordable,  and it’s sound certainly packs quite a punch. When it come...
by Techhooked on Feb 7, 2015

Ancient History

In the white heat of rhetoric, my word processor froze up. I don’t have much time for writing with my commuting schedule, so the full forty-five minutes lost between the typing of a letter “s” that apparently caused the meltdown … Continu...

Apple lightMac iMac

The next version of the Apple iMac is a versatile screen that transforms from the size of an iMac to the MacBook to the iPad. Essentially, a device that moves from different forms to look and feel as sexy and innovative as an Apple product should be...
by Bir Fikrin mi Var on Jan 26, 2015

Discount Mac By Christmas: Free Next Day Delivery at B&H

Last minute holiday shopping for a new Mac? Today several Apple notebooks and desktops showed up with discounts and free next day delivery at B&H Photo. It might seem strange a camera specialist store is selling Macs so cheap, but all the models...
by concoconco on Dec 23, 2014

Rare Apple iMac Price Cut in Best Buy’s Green Monday Sale

Tucked away in Best Buy’s Green Monday Sale are across the board iMac discounts. Both 27-inch and 21.5-inch models went on sale with discounts up to $200 off. Quite a significant percentage off since iMac’s rarely – if ever- go on s...
by concoconco on Dec 8, 2014

Offline - Thanks to Dell and Windows

For the past week I have not published any posts due to the fact that I could not connect to the Internet. I have an 8 month old Dell desktop computer, which I purchased brand new. It came with Windows 8 already installed. A few weeks after I purchas...
by Steveso Thinks on Nov 20, 2014

BearExtender Turbo 802.11ac USB Adapter For Macs Review

We’ve gotten so used to having WiFi that everyone’s forgotten the “Elephant in the room,” namely speed, stability and consistency. What’s the point of having a fast connection if it’s not always there or — wo...
by concoconco on Nov 18, 2014

Apple Imac Wallpaper

The post Apple Imac Wallpaper appeared first on Roomah Wallpaper.
by Roomah Wallpaper on Nov 14, 2014

OS X Yosemite Features Not Working at All Macs

As iOS 8, OS X Yosemite version 10:10 presents a new feature. However, not all of these new features can be enjoyed throughout the Mac models available. According GeekyGadget, through official upgrade guide on its website, Apple lists the minimumR...
by on Oct 28, 2014

Apple iMac dengan Paparan Retina, 7x Lebih Piksel Dari TV LCD Rumah Anda

Bersempena dengan Apple October 2014 Event, Apple telah melancarkan sebuah model baru iaitu Apple iMac dengan paparan Retina beserta dengan beberapa produk baru Apple seperti iPad Air 2 dan lain-lain... Ini adalah merupakan artikel terkini sahaja.
by My Tetikus on Oct 22, 2014

Apple Announces iMac Retina 5K

Not just the iPad, Apple also announced the new iMac. The most prominent of the all-in-one that has a Retina display 5K. According to what reported by The Wall Street Journal, this device has a diagonal screen size of 27… Read more › The...
by on Oct 19, 2014

World's highest resolution display: iMac with Retina Display

Image credit to: TheVergeMac has published another variant of its iMac desktop machine complete with a high-determination Retina display. The new model has what Apple says is the "world's resolution display", at 5120 x 2880 pixels on a 27-inch screen...
by TechMAV on Oct 17, 2014