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Iraq stunned Fut 14 Coins Korea Republic

Iraq stunned Fut 14 Coins Korea Republic 4-3 on penalties to reach the AFCAsian Cup final for the first time on Wednesday. Thetournament's surprise package will face either defendingchampions Japan or Saudi Arabia in Sunday's decider Fifa Ultima...
by futcoinsgb on Apr 9, 2014

Iraq - Keane and Nicky Butt a

This is his first eight goals this season . But he limped off after scoring , Hernandez came off the bench . Manchester United 83 minutes to seal the victory , Ryan Giggs pass, Carrick left outside the restricted area arc incident left dead 3-0 ( Cli...
by isemiake on Apr 1, 2014

Nouri al-Maliki’s Allegations against Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Iraqi Prime Minster Nouri al-Maliki’s recent allegations against some of his neighbouring countries are baseless and shameful. The reality is that the Maliki government is responsible for the unstable condition and unrest in Iraq. Iraq is the...
by World Affairs on Mar 15, 2014

Troops Fed Up with Ridiculous Rules of Engagement

I experienced escalating ridiculousness of the rules of engagement between my two deployments to Iraq in 2004 and 2006. I can only imagine how asinine they have become at this point. When the inanimate property of foreign individuals is of more impor...
by Inside Ben's Brain on Feb 25, 2014

Air Force Iraq War

Air Force Iraq War Download Air Force Iraq War in HD quality for free. Get and make this wallpaper for your desktop, tablet, and smartphone device. In order to set this Air Force Iraq War as background, lick on the “Download Wallpaper̶...
by Free HD Quality Wallpapers on Feb 16, 2014

‘the war on christians in the middle east’

by Michael Coren   In the summer of 2012, I interviewed an Evangelical minister and activist on my television show in Canada. I’ve hosted this nightly current affairs program for almost three years now, and I try to discuss the international p...
by sparrows and sandcastles on Feb 3, 2014

Restructuring of the UN

After the pathetic role of the United Nations in several recent conflicts, restructuring of the UN is the crying need of the day. It seems that instead of solving burning issues and bloody conflicts, the UN Security Council members are preserving...
by World Affairs on Feb 1, 2014

Marine Corps to Retry Sergeant in Iraq War Case

Marine Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins was a squad leader deployed to Hamdania, Iraq in 2006. The Marine Corps has accused him and his squad of killing a retired Iraqi policeman in a case of “mistaken identity.” Hutchins was originally tried by a...
by Inside Ben's Brain on Jan 30, 2014

Syrian peace talks begin in Geneva

Syrian peace talks begin in Geneva-Peace talks between rival Syrian delegations have begun in the Geneva-II summit.This is the first time the two sides have met since the start of the conflict, almost three years ago. The Syrian opposition though is...
by Global on Jan 25, 2014

The Death Of The Middle East

If you've been watching the news you know the situation in the Middle East is dire.  The new reports on the systematic torture and death of thousands of Syrians make my blood curdle.  Even when the photographs are edited to make them less g...
by Dogwalk Musings on Jan 22, 2014

Religion and Society in Pakistan By Ghazi Salah Uddin

 Religion and Society in Pakistan By Ghazi Salah Uddin...
by All About Pakistan on Jan 18, 2014

christian persecution worldwide

by Open Doors USA   1. North Korea (Atheist-Communist) For the 12th consecutive year, this is the place where Christian persecution is most extreme. The God-like worship of the leader, Kim Jong-Un, and his predecessors leaves no room for any oth...
by sparrows and sandcastles on Jan 18, 2014

not surprising stats

    (source)   What does it say about Islam when the majority of countries with government restrictions on religion are Muslim-majority ones? Is there real religious tolerance and freedom under Muslim governments? Thank God I live in S...
by sparrows and sandcastles on Jan 17, 2014

Saddam 'strong until the end'

“A criminal? True. A killer? True. A butcher? True. But he was strong until the end.“I received him (Saddam) at the door. No one entered with us — no foreigners, and no Americans,” Rubaie said in an interview with AFP at his office in the K...
by World Affairs on Dec 28, 2013

Christmas Day Bombing Killed 40 People in Iraq

MagzinewsChristmas Day Bombing Killed 40 People in Iraq: Christmas day in iraq falls as one of the saddest day …The post Christmas Day Bombing Killed 40 People in Iraq appeared first on Magzi News.
by Magzinews on Dec 25, 2013

Attacks across Baghdad and northern Iraq kill 70

Baghdad (CNN) -- At least 70 people have been killed in another wave of the horrifying daily violence that is threatening to unravel Iraq, police officials around the country said.More than 40 were killed in Baghdad Monday, many of whom were on their...
by politicsonlinesss999 on Dec 16, 2013

Radio Bagdhad - Iraq

by Yimber Blog on Dec 4, 2013

dolomite crushing mach in Iraq

dolomite crushing mach in Iraq dolomite crushing mach in Iraq XSM work with Raymond pulverization, high pressure milling mill along with other products, be relevant to various elements of this milling physical process. Mincing technique, there exists...
by jawcrusher on Nov 26, 2013

Beautiful Interior Design in Iraq Mosque

Beautiful Interior Design in Iraq Mosque...

How Come The Free Media Shows No Interest In The Chilcot Report On The War In Iraq?

Hacks turn a blind eye on the Chilcot report getting blocked by the government.