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How Hetfield relies on fans Metallica frontman tells how supporters get them through tough times.

How Hetfield relies on fansMetallica frontman tells how supporters get them through tough times.12/08/2014 ~ by Stef LachJames Hetfield admits he isn't always in the right frame of mind for a gig and says he relies on the audience to help him through...
by Studio 1215 News on Aug 28, 2014

EMG JH James Hetfield Humbucker Set

The JH James Hetfield Humbucker Set is a totally new dimension for EMG, the design being driven solely with the input of James Hetfield. After playing the 81/60 EMG combo for many years now James wanted something not only “new” sounding,.
by Music In Hand, Inc on Mar 20, 2013

A fire at a Metallica concert in Mexico causes two injured

The concert that the thrash metal band originating from Los Angeles, Metallica, began with very bad start as a result of a failure in one of the pyrotechnic devices that were on stage and causing two of the show's technicians were injured with major...
by The show must go on on Jul 30, 2012

Un incendio en un concierto de Metallica causa dos heridos

El concierto que la banda de thrash metal originaria de Los Ángeles, Metallica, comenzó con muy mal pie a consecuencia de un fallo en uno de los aparatos de pirotécnia que estaba encima del escenario y ocasionando que dos de los técnicos del show...
by El show debe continuar... on Jul 30, 2012

Metallica – Beyond Magnetic EP Review

An apology cake, prepared and delivered straight to the fans from the Metallica ovens   Well they’re calling it an ‘EP’, but it’s really a gift wrapped ‘big-bow-on-top-and-it-sparkles-so-you-forget-what-we-did’ apology cake,...
by Muzikablog.com on Jan 18, 2012