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GFC is out, Linky Followers is in!

My Dear Friends, Google Friend Connect (GFC) will disappear from all non-blogger blogs within the next few weeks and it has left a number of us uncertain of our "follower future".  What happens to our stats?  Our readers?  No one knows...
by Fashion In The Forest on Feb 20, 2012

Show Me You Love Me

You may have heard by now that Google has announced they are retiring Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012. Google has offered some alternatives, like using Google+, here. Another way to keep in touch is via the new Link...
by Junker Newbie on Feb 19, 2012

A Linky Followers Blog Hop Party

Hi All, Today I am joining in on Its So Very Cheri’s Weekly Linky Follower Blog Party Hop. If you are a fellow blogger you may have heard the Google Friend Connect will be disabled to all non-Blogger blogs and it is rumored that it will be pha...
by Lisa's Creative Designs on Feb 16, 2012

Try Linky Followers In Place of Google Friend Connect

A  few months ago it was announced that Google Friend Connect is going away in March. If you follow Smitten by Britain through Google Friend Connect, you’ll no longer receive my updates. I posted posted about this issue back in November and of...
by Smitten by Britain on Feb 10, 2012

Tarnished Grace Preview and New Linky Follower Widget

Just thought I'd share with you one of my latest designs.  The Tarnished Grace Collection is coming along, although not as quickly as I would like.  Funny how life keeps getting in the way.  But I do feel satisfaction at completin...
by Charm Bracelet Diva on Feb 10, 2012

Linky Followers, Facebook & Twitter, oh my!

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a great weekend and that all is good in your neck of the woods! We're all good here, enjoying our time off, chilling out and not doing too much, I must post some holiday shots soon for you actually...oh alrigh...
by Coral and Coast on Feb 4, 2012