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Justicia británica condena a prisión a cuatro ciberpiratas de LulzSec

Un tribunal de Londres condenó a diferentes penas a cuatro hackers del grupo LulzSec hallados culpables de vulnerar varias webs, incluidas las de la CIA, Sony, Nintendo y News International, informó la BBC. Durante las audiencias, Ryan Cleary, de...
by ISLAmía on May 17, 2013

LulzSec hacker pleads guilty to cyberattacks

Today, we got a great headlines about LulzSec hacker pleads guilty to cyberattacks. We goal we can suffer it. A British mechanism hacker dependent with a organisation Lulz Security has pleaded guilty to cyberattacks upon institutions together with So...
by global update news on Apr 9, 2013

Hacking group claiming to be LulzSec targets US military dating website

LulzSec, the hacking group who broke into a number of websites in the spring of 2011, is back – at least in name. Following the arrest and charging in the US, UK and Ireland of a number of people alleged to have been involved in computer break-ins...
by on Mar 28, 2012


OKAY So we are all familiar with PENELOPE GARCIA of CRIMINAL MINDS TV show, yes? She’s the technical analysis AKA hacker who can find anything the team needs from her 100 computers in her office. However SABU is for real and he was caught and f...
by The Word Warrior-Bonju Blog on Mar 9, 2012

Anonymous Hackers Engaged

As government authorities were engaged in discussions about how to tackle hackers, Anonymous were happily listening in, no doubt this generated mass lulz especially once it was released to the online community where from there it went viral around th...
by When East Meets West on Feb 3, 2012