Married And A Moron Blog Posts


I love my wife. I do. She's patient and smart and pretty and kind, and I'm not just saying that because she hasn't taken the opportunity to smother me with a pillow in all the years we've been together. (She could do it, too. I'm a heavy sleeper. An...
by Where the Hell Was I? on Mar 1, 2013

Pandora's Botch

I mentioned a while back that the missus and I were planning -- and replanning, and cursing, and re-replanning -- to catch a Caribbean cruise this week. We finally did, with a bit of Planes, Trains and Automobile-ish adventure, and we're settling in...
by Where the Hell Was I? on Feb 12, 2013

The Guide That Keeps On Gifting

My wife and I had our wedding anniversary this weekend. I won't give away exactly how long we've been married -- let's just say that if our wedding cake were a baby, it would have a learner's permit, a smart mouth and a stupid haircut by now. (Also,...
by Where the Hell Was I? on Jun 3, 2012

Concerto in D-43! D-43! Hut! Hut! HUT!!

Sometimes the key to being a husband is realizing that you can't win. Not to say that you never win. It's just that some situations, maritally speaking, are entirely impossible to navigate. Like, most of the ones that occur while you're conscious an...
by Where the Hell Was I? on Jan 21, 2012

She Bedded Me with Science

Sometimes being a scientist isn't all it's cracked up to be. Of course, at this point I'm not really a scientist. I went to school for sciency things, but that was years ago. Years and years. Like, back when Seinfeld was on once a week in primetime,...
by Where the Hell Was I? on Oct 25, 2011

Law Is Hell

My wife is a lawyer. I can't say I saw that coming, back when I was a kid. Or a teenager. Or dating her in college. And yet, here we are. More specifically, if you traveled back in time to visit, say, twenty-year-old me and told me I'd wind up marr...
by Where the Hell Was I? on Aug 31, 2011