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World Indices Report as on Monday, March 30 2015

US Index traded on flat note on Friday after four consecutive down side movement. Indexes ended well on positive The Dow Jones industrial average up by 34.73 points to 17,712.66, the S&P 500 flat with 4.89 points gain up to … Continue readi...
by Daily stocks Reports on Mar 30, 2015

Car Sales Fall, Retail Sales of Japan Descend Last Month

New York, November 30 ( – Consumers bought few cars and television sets, toting up pressure on the government to arouse an economy that may be coming into a recession and due to this, retail sales of Japan skidded in the month of...

Asian Stocks Plunge

New York, November 9 ( –  The companies slashed estimates and central bank of Australia cut its countrywide outlook of expansion, making Asian stocks to drop, with the regional benchmark index leaded the way for the leading loss...

Stock Futures of Japan and Australia Soar

New York, September 21 ( – It has been assumed by the investors that the action of central-bank so to encourage growth will be sufficient to balance indications of deteriorating economic development from Asia to Europe and the U.