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Lost Memories of Tomorrow Land

Florida is a very strange place. Much of it sits just barely above sea level; its beaches ever so vulnerable to being swept away in the dead of night.
by Superbious on Aug 24, 2016

Do you know your blackjack from your baccarat?

Casinos are often featured in big movie blockbusters due to their glitzy appearance and tense card matches. The internet is full of the best casino themed movies of all time. If you are a fan how much do you really know? What card games are the actor...
by Superbious on Jul 21, 2016

How Much Does Google Know About You?

Google is watching you.
by Superbious on Oct 2, 2015

Right to shared parental leave in the UK

An infographic by Citrix GoToMeeting outlines the right to shared parental leave in the UK that came into force on April 5th 2015. ...
by Superbious on Jul 1, 2015

Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival

From the 24th of April to the 2nd of May, you can experience 9 days where science and technology will come to life in Las Vegas. You can join this fantastic show, which offers something for everyone and it's a free event.
by Superbious on Apr 15, 2015

Top Gear fans are idiots

Yes, you, and you, and you there sending death threats to the producer, Oisin Tymon, as well as the BBC director general Tony Hall and his wife. How else could one explain the threats made to those people?
by Superbious on Apr 1, 2015

Mamie the Plow-Horse

The following is the actual script - including stage direction in parentheses and italics - of a speech written for Ernest P. Blufous VI, President and CEO of Blufous International, manufacturers of agricultural equipment and direct marketers of alum...
by Superbious on Feb 17, 2015

Juvie For A 10-Year-Old

According to, two males brought weapons onto their school campus with a plot to kill a classmate.
by Superbious on Feb 18, 2013

The Helpless Canadian

The Trials and Tribulations of the Helpless Canadian...
by Superbious on Feb 13, 2013

Former Holmes Fluffer Worried about Health of Jeremy's Penis

She spoke out couple of days ago on her fears that the porn industry's signature phallus might be eroding in stature.
by Superbious on Feb 10, 2013

Hey Hostess, You Can Eat My Twinkie

Hostess did one better and "Ate the Union's Lunch."...
by Superbious on Nov 26, 2012

Ethnic Dating in the Digital Age

Ms. Dalai Mismaladoop and Mr. Chang Choo Jones are two 40-year old virgins, who wear their anal promise rings with pride. Looking for love on line is a tricky business, especially if you are unattractive and as socially awkward as these two romantic...
by Superbious on Oct 15, 2012