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Find Your Beat at One of This Summers’ Beach Party Festivals in Sydney

The summer will be the perfect occasion for a beach party this year in Sydney, with a whole host of public events such as summer fest being hosted on Sydney beaches. You will be able to find your groove thanks to the many variations of drumming that...
by Drummers Paradise Blog-site on Jan 28, 2016

Cebu Drummers & Percussionists Roundtable Eyeball 2

Before the classes will resume this November, spend your time with your kids to build interest on drum playing. Develop their skills and encourage them to be inclined to percussion instruments at the Cebu Drummers and Percussionists Roundtable Eyebal...
by CebuFinest on Nov 2, 2013

Tama: A Musical Instrument with a Difference & a Rock drummer's dream

Despite recent declines in the level of popularity enjoyed by traditional musical instruments due to advancements in beat-making software development, drums like Tama and Mapex have somehow managed to remain relevant because of the unique sounds they...