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Robinsons Magnolia Food Court: My Top Picks for Budget Friendly Meals

You know my best buds would often make a certain "hirit" that I'm a Tsinoy because I always emphasize on being thifty.  I'd just laugh it off cause it's true.  Whenever I'm on a budget or... Read More at http://www.tsinoyfoodies.com...
by Tsinoy Foodies on Sep 9, 2014

Cottage Kitchen Cafe: Authentic Cajun and Creole Cuisine (Angeles Pampanga)

I'm glad the Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014 (#MAFT2014) took the road less traveled by choosing Cottage Kitchen Cafe to try their authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine. Even in Manila, establishments... Read More at http://www.tsinoyfoodies.com...
by Tsinoy Foodies on Aug 24, 2014

Se Quiere...Se Mata - Shakira

Se quiere...se mata Lyrics - ShakiraAlbum - Pies Descalzos braulio tiene ojos grandes y cabellos oscuros,nunca come en exceso y jamas duerme desnudosiempre viste de gris, pues no tiene remediola tendencia a buscarse siempre el punto intermediodana...
by Lyrics Chord on Aug 21, 2014

Donde Estas Corazon - Shakira

Donde estas corazon Lyrics - ShakiraAlbum - Pies Descalzos donde estas corazon?ayer te busqueentre el suelo, y el cielo, mi cieloy no te encontrey puedo pensar que huyes de miporque mi silencio una corazonadame dice que sidonde estas corazon?ven reg...
by Lyrics Chord on Aug 21, 2014

Ube Macapuno Pie

Traditional Filipino baked  pastry style, purple yam and coconut sport (macapuno) filled pie.  Made with just grated purple yam, coconut sport, sugar, butter, eggs and evaporated milk, in a semi flaky... Read More »...
by Pinoy Hapagkainan on Aug 12, 2014

Strawberry Devonshire Tart

 If you have never tasted an English Strawberry . . .  freshly picked, with the straw still clinging to it's leaves and the warmth of the sun still on it's flesh . . .  well, you have missed out on something very special indeed. ...
by The English Kitchen on Aug 2, 2014

Delicious Blueberry Tarts and a Giveaway!

We had the Missionary Sisters over for supper last Tuesday night and I cannot believe I am only getting to now tell you about these beautiful tarts that I made for our desserts!  I suppose half a week pretty much without internet has really made...
by The English Kitchen on Jul 28, 2014

Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters: Third Wave Coffee with Bucky's and Baked by Anita

Recently, more and more Third Wave Coffee shops have been opening in the Metro creating a fuzz that has successfully drawn my attention.  So after a family dinner in Century Mall, I invited the... Read More at http://www.tsinoyfoodies.com...
by Tsinoy Foodies on Jul 27, 2014

Pinipig Cookies

Cookie treats are always a crowd pleaser, these sweet and delicious cookies get their great crunch from toasted pounded rice flakes. Directions : Heat a skillet and pour the pounded... Read More »...
by Pinoy Hapagkainan on Jul 25, 2014

Fun Food Pinterest Board: Wickedly Good Whoopie Pies!

It's not often that I share recipes here.  But when I DO share one, you can rest assured that I think it's a great one and I want you to know about it! The reason I made this recipe in the first place has to do with...
by Charm Bracelet Diva on Jul 9, 2014

Info Bagi Yang berminat beli Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Kondisi Gress di Surabaya

pertamax7.com telat posting seharian ini, supardi lagi galau gan, katanya sih ini terjadi di Jawa dan Bali, pemirsa ada yang ngalamin galaunya jaringan supardi ini? cuma sekedar share saja gan.. nih bagi pemirsa yang masih pengen beli Bajaj Pulsar 13...
by pertamax7.com on Jul 3, 2014

Cherry pie (tarta americana de cerezas)

El ‘Cherry pie’ es uno de los postres más populares de la gastronomía popular americana. Se trata de una tarta hecha con masa quebrada y relleno de cerezas. Es muy típico de estas fechas, cuando la cereza está de temporada, aunque se...
by Delikatissen on Jun 27, 2014

Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes: Not My Type of Meals and Cakes in Ayala Triangle Gardens

For many years now, Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes has consistently drawn massive influx of diners at their Ayala Triangle Gardens branch.  Many friends as well as my little sister has... Read More at http://www.tsinoyfoodies.com...
by Tsinoy Foodies on Jun 12, 2014

Easy peasy Cherry Marmelade Hand Pies zum World Baking Day!

by Sarahs Krisenherd on May 18, 2014

$$$ Cheap price My Little Pony: Pinkie Pies Party for Nintendo DS Get Now

My Little Pony: Pinkie Pies Party for Nintendo DS View large image Product By Nintendo Product Description One of the top 10 brands for girls is coming to the Nintendo DS! It's Pinkie Pie's birthday. and everyone in Ponyville is so excited!

Lucca Bakery: Pies and More in UP Town Center

Our last stop before heading home during our last visit at UP Town Center is Lucca Bakery.   There's something about its tribal sign that drew us in. Then we saw their display of... Read More at http://www.tsinoyfoodies.com...
by Tsinoy Foodies on Apr 11, 2014

Chicken and Tarragon Pot Pie

We do love a pot pie in this house, especially when they are homemade.  My mom always made great pot pies when I was growing up . . . every roast dinner almost guaranteed a pot pie made from the leftovers within a day or two.  We LOVED pies...
by The English Kitchen on Apr 2, 2014


Sweet steamed buns, made with an all purpose flour dough and stuffed with savory shredded pork asado  filling.  Directions: In a mixing bowl put yeast and 2 tsp sugar... Read More »...
by Pinoy Hapagkainan on Mar 29, 2014

Crema de Pies Feet Up Fresh Grosella Negra

Nutre, cuida y repara tus pies con esta refrescante crema hidratante formulada con extracto de Grosella Negra nutritivo que suaviza y tonifica la piel de tus pies con un suave aroma. 75 ml.Es tuyo por 8,95 € incl. gasto de envío -Producto nuevo s...
by El Mercadillo Online on Mar 21, 2014


Crunchy sugar-glazed bread twists, made from all purpose flour sugar and egg, Deep fried and glazed with sugar white syrup. Directions : Dough Combine flour, salt and egg... Read More »...
by Pinoy Hapagkainan on Mar 16, 2014