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Baler Escapade : Museo De Baler

After spending some time in Balete Park (Check : Baler Escapade : The Enchanting Balete Tree of Aurora), we finally headed to Baler. Since it was raining and it is not possible to go for a swim, our Tour Guide decided to utilized the time we have so...
by It's Me Bluedreamer on Jan 6, 2017

Cecil Jay Paintings Collage

Cecil Jay...
by Arts On My Mind on Aug 6, 2016

Gettin’ it Done

Originally written by Cat Today I needed to cut the grass before the heat wave hit Northern Illinois. Since he has been unable to do anything with his hands its up to me to get it done. I’m pretty much doing everything. He bought his new tracto...

Things to Consider when Choosing a Portrait Photographer

Over the years, we all change. (And wrinkle!) As families grow up, it is an excellent idea to have a portrait done once a year to show the changes over the progression of time. Whether you wish to have a portrait done as a Mother’s Day present, a...

Jan Malinowski Photography

  http://www.jmalinowski.com ...
by shu84 on Apr 12, 2016

Fantasy art by Funkwood

Funkwood is digital artist from Canada, here you can se some of his incredible fantasy photomanipulations.
by Digital art gallery on Mar 16, 2016

Most Beautiful African Women Photos

Most Beautiful African Women HD Photos Slideshow. 00000000...
by Photos Liberia on Feb 17, 2016

Amrita Shergill – An Eminent Indian painter

One of the most talented painters ever to have graced the Indian soil, Amrita Shergil was an artist beyond compare. Born on 30th Jan 1913 in Budapest, Hungary, Amrita Sher-Gil was the first important woman artist to emerge out of India in the 1930s.
by Journal Edge on Jan 30, 2016

Portrait of a Mysterious Person

Portrait of a Mysterious Person Portrait of a mysterious person amidst some trees in a park in Athens. The aura of mystery of this figure, makes a stronger photo than without the hood. Portrait of a Mysterious Person Jackobo's Photoblog Jackobo...
by Jackobo's Photoblog on Jan 8, 2016

Woman with Glass of Wine

Woman with Glass of Wine Woman with glass of wine, looking at a stand with books at an exchange event in Athens. Apart from a slight smile, she didn't seem to react to my move Woman with Glass of Wine Jackobo's Photoblog Jackobo...
by Jackobo's Photoblog on Jan 4, 2016

Art by Meeranuhm

Art by Meeranuhm, Meeranuhm lives in South Korea, she do art with photo manipulation technique, here is some of her stuff.
by Digital art gallery on Nov 20, 2015

Digital Pet Portraits Sale

Until the end of the month of November 2015 get a digital pet portrait of your dog or cat made on a framed ceramic tile for only $18.99 US. That's $2 off the regular price of $20.99. For more info and examples visit DogShop.50webs.comDigital Dog Port...
by Dog and Wildlife Art on Nov 19, 2015

Female Fantasy Photomanipulations by Erool

Erool is DevianArt digital artist from Indonesia, here you can see some of his photomanips.
by Digital art gallery on Nov 12, 2015

Beautiful Women Portraits by Moonzaphire

Her name is Katarina she live in Sweden. Katarina love to create art, explore new things. Every her artwork have own secret story from her. Here you can se some of her many digital arts and photo-manipulation of beautiful female portraits.
by Digital art gallery on Nov 8, 2015

Portrait Innovations ~ Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored campaign written in conjunction with Portrait Innovations. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. Kids grow up. That’s a fact of life. But almost 6 years later, the hubby still has a picture of my...
by Jenns Blah Blah Blog on Nov 5, 2015

Funny Portraits Of Cats Shaking Themselves Dry By Carli Davidson

October 27, 2015 at 11:53PM | Carli Davidson is a 34-year-old animal rights activist and photographer from Portland, Oregon. Her latest project, “Shake Cats,” captures more than 60 felines, most of them rescues, as they shake their heads after gr...
by viralpx on Oct 27, 2015

Art by Masumeh Tavakoli

If you need Book cover or CD cover she can do it for you. Today I wish to introduce photomanipulation art from DigitalDreams-Art.
by Digital art gallery on Oct 15, 2015

Digital Cat Portraits

Persian cat digital portrait on a framed ceramic tile. These digital pet portraits are an inexpensive alternative to commissioning an original painting and they make fantastic keepsakes of a beloved pet. For more information and examples please go to...
by Dog and Wildlife Art on Sep 14, 2015

Digital Dog Portraits

Commission dog portraits on framed ceramic tiles. Digital portraits are made from your photo to look like a real painted portrait. To have a digital pet portrait made of your dog or cat go to www.pets.styleartc.com/digital-pet-portraits.html for more...
by Dog and Wildlife Art on Aug 7, 2015

A Black Rose [WW156]

Originally written by Cat Memories of you, fill my mind like a thousands of bright stars in the sky. Sometimes my mind wanders. And I get lost in the thoughts of you. The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to … Continue read...
by You Won't Tame this Sassy Cat on May 25, 2015