Prevention Of Breast Cancer Blog Posts

Lifestyle-related factors and breast cancer risk

Having childrenWomen who have had no children or who had their first child after age 30 have a slightly higher breast cancer risk. Having many pregnancies and becoming pregnant at a young age reduce breast cancer risk. Pregnancy reduces a woman's tot...
by Breast Cancer on Jun 20, 2013

Are Fears That Deodorant Causes Breast Cancer Unfounded?

Study Shows Suspect Chemical Found in Breast Tissue of Women Who Don’t Use Underarm ProductsJan. 12, 2012 -- Have you ever gotten one of those scary chain emails telling you that your deodorant may cause breast cancer? If so, you are not alone. The...
by Breast Cancer on Jun 19, 2013

Top Cancer-Fighting Foods

Fighting Cancer by the PlatefulNo single food can reduce your risk of cancer, but the right combination of foods may help make a difference. At mealtimes, strike a balance of at least two-thirds plant-based foods and no more than one-third animal pro...
by Breast Cancer on Jun 19, 2013