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Hello lovelies,this is Soap and Glory UPTONED GIRL™ BODY LOTION.-*- 3-in-1 FIRMING-TONING-CONDITIONING body lotion UP-TONED GIRL™ is a daily conditioning body lotion in a class of its own.Not j...
by While You On Earth on Dec 30, 2016

Soap and Glory Foam Call

Hello lovelies,shower and bath are our daily routine and we shall forbid it for being so boring and dull. Blessed with so many options of products in the market, we can choose one according to our needs, budget and even moods accordingly. One brand t...
by While You On Earth on Dec 23, 2016

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Satin Lipstick in Perfect Day review, swatches

Ever bought a lipstick on an impulse, got complimented for it and then tried to repurchase only to find it out of stock? Yep, that's me. I saw the Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lipstick in Boots and loved the shade Perfect Day - other shades...
by My Beauty Junction on Aug 27, 2015

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lacquer in Whatchamacoral

Hello all,welcome to a high shine world with Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap and Glory. This lip lacquer gives the lips like a leather to a vinyl. -*-
by While You On Earth on Dec 23, 2014

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer (light)

Hello all,this is a kick ass concealer from Soap & Glory that's known as ... Kick Ass Concealer ^^Mine is in light and  they have two other on the market. This item is from Thailand, purchased at Boots. -*-Details from
by While You On Earth on Nov 27, 2014

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick 3D Volume Lip Shine in Fuchsia-ristic

Hello everybody,when hubby went to Bangkok last week, I immediately ask him to get me some goodies from boots. One of my favorite brand is Soap and Glory, all over the world the products are carried in Sephora as well, I wonder whether Sephora Indone...
by While You On Earth on Nov 24, 2014

Soap & Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter

Hello all,it's been quite tense lately in Jakarta, I hope everyone is okay and well, regarding tomorrow, let's just pray to God that no matter what, we are kept safe and sound because I do believe that God is with us, Indonesia. Now, to smooth things...
by While You On Earth on Jul 21, 2014

soap & Glory Girligo Body Moisturizing Mist

Hi everybody,it's been quite a week, I went through vertigo and for the rest of us there's a lot of drama regarding the presidential election process and what happen between Palestine and Israel. Well, let's just keep of praying and hope for the best...
by While You On Earth on Jul 14, 2014

September 2013 empties

I managed to use up a full-sized body butter for the first time ever, thanks to full-body moisturising! Here are the products I finished in September 2013:1. Butter Yourself Body Butter from Soap & Glory 300ml - Loved this! It has helped make my...
by My Beauty Junction on Oct 1, 2013

Soap & Glory Scrub Em' and Leave Em' Body Buff

Hello everyone!!!This item was a gift from Stephanie Nangoi, thanks babe! And she said she doesn't like the scent, hence instead of throwing it away, she gave it to me which I received it, gladly haha! I love Soap & Glory, I think their stuffs ar...
by While You On Earth on May 15, 2013

Todays Haul

I went a little overboard in boots this afternoon but bought a lot of the products that I've been wanting to try for a while. Including;Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream - £5.50Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 - £10.99Natural Collection...
by Those Moments of Serendipity on Apr 1, 2013

My Soap & Glory Collection and How I Rate Them

A blogger friend of mine Leigh posted about her Soap & Glory collection a while back, so I thought I'd share mine. I'm taking mine a step further and giving each product a rating and pros and cons.My Soap & Glory Collection contains:- Clean G...
by Those Moments of Serendipity on Mar 23, 2013

Soap & Glory Scrub Comparison

Today I'd going to compare two of Soap & Glorys best loved scrubs, the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub and the Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub. For a long time I was very unsure of Sugar Crush and Flake Away remained my favorite all time scr...
by Those Moments of Serendipity on Mar 17, 2013

Stomp Out Bullying With Soap and Glory!

  Soap & Glory and  STOMP Out Bullying™  are teaming up to put a stop to bullying!    Words can be powerful things – especially when they’re used to inspire, encourage, and speak out against prejudice. Soap & Glory –...
by Prime Beauty on Sep 1, 2012

Soap & Glory 'Motherpucker Lipgloss' Review!

Ta Dah!!! It's here! Yes the review is finally here!! Weeks of my camera playing up and being busy with the skincare range I have finally managed to take the photos (from my phone) and re-write the review! Before I start I would just like to sa...
by Layla's Make-up on Jul 15, 2012

Soap and Glory Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel: My First Fancy Body Wash

When it comes to bath and body stuff, and even my hair for that matter, I like to keep it frugal so I can splurge on makeup from time to time.  But I got the mini Soap and Glory Righteous body butter around the holidays last year and fell in lov...
by Amber Likes Beauty on Jul 6, 2012

Sexy Mother Pucker Review

If I had to choose just three brands to use for the rest of my life, Soap and Glory would be one of them. I absolutely adore their products, and I am so excited about their new make up range (reviews on some of those products coming soon). One make u...
by Ditzy Glamour on Apr 15, 2012

Glad Hair Day Shampoo by Soap & Glory

Details from HAIRDAY™ SHAMPOOUltra-shinedaily super shampooNo build-upformula with raspberry fruit vinegar, panthenol, glycerin and phytantriol togloss, smooth, repair and strengthen. For all hair types including highlightedan...
by While You On Earth on Apr 3, 2012

Glad Pits by Soap & Glory

Hi all,I've been using Glad Pits for a couple of months now, on and off. Before getting to my review, let's see the details given on the packaging:Glad Pits 24 hourAnti-PerspirantFantastically-fragrant & with soothing aloe extractLow-whitening fo...
by While You On Earth on Mar 20, 2012

Soap and Glory Glow All Out

When Soap and Glory launched their cosmetics range, I was so excited. As one of Soap and Glory's biggest fans (although I'm sure some of you may fight me to that title) I couldn't wait to try some of their new products. It's such a shame that for wee...
by Ditzy Glamour on Mar 15, 2012