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Maxis Are Beloved

Maxis Are Beloved!! Unlike minis, maxis are beloved for their easy, breezy silhouettes and floor-grazing hems that swish with every step. Plus, they inadvertently resolve the issue of risking too much skin exposure. Needless to say, they’re per...
by cloud9miles on Jan 8, 2017

Blueberry Graham

Ingredients: 2 cups blueberry pie toppings 300 grams graham crackers 2 cans (300ml) condensed milk 2 cans (300ml) all purpose cream Procedures: Part 1 1. In bowl, combine all purpose cream and condensed milk. Mix well. Part 2 1. Prepare… Contin...
by Filipino Style Recipe on Jan 7, 2017

Kendall Jenner This is Her Crazy Diet Secret

Kendall Jenner Diet:   Kendall Jenner must of course watch her figure as a top model. With this whimsical method, it curbs its appetite.   The celebs are getting crazier diets around the corner. But model...
by Sizling People on Jan 7, 2017

Living In Style 4649R-2PC Kodak Sectional Orientation

Read more at Compare your best Living In Style Kodak Sectional Orientation 4649R-2PC. Everything just works! Read Reviews and Find Deals on Living In Style Right Hand Facing Sectionals 4649R-2PC. Highly recommend this...
by on Jan 7, 2017

This Vintage Top Is About to Replace Your Basic White T-Shirt

One thing we can't deny is the rise of Gucci. Right now, it seems like every girl is coveting one of the brand's ubiquitous items, be it the fur-lined loafers, a logo belt, or an embellished bag. But don't knock the Trophy tee, a design that hails fr...
by The Style Clash on Jan 6, 2017

9 Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Style For the Beginning of 2017

It's 2017, which means all your New Year's style resolutions are now in play. No pressure. Whether you've committed to trying a new trend or finally tossed that item from your closet, they are all steps to becoming the fashion girl you aspire to be.
by The Style Clash on Jan 6, 2017

How to Channel the '80s Without Looking Too Hard Core

If you keep track of fashion, then you know we saw '80s influence on both the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 runways. Bold shoulders, wrapped leather miniskirts, flashy metallic shoes, and wide belts that cinched the waist all confirmed these decade-speci...
by The Style Clash on Jan 6, 2017

How to Wear Your Skinny Jeans — and Still Be a Trendsetter — in 2017

While some predicted 2016 would mean the death of skinny jeans, if you look around, you'll see that's just not the case. Sure, we love the fact that the past few seasons have brought new styles. The flare silhouette is back and booming, mom jeans hav...
by The Style Clash on Jan 6, 2017

The Supermodels Were So Matchy-Matchy on New Year's Eve, It's Like They Planned It

They might not have celebrated at the same party, but it seems like all the supermodels got the same dress code memo for New Year's Eve: dress in silver only.From It girls like Alexa Chung and Harley Viera-Newton (who veer on the preppy side) to Bell...
by The Style Clash on Jan 6, 2017

10 Outfits Beyoncé Wore That the World Will Never Forget

When we think of Beyoncé's style, we think of everything from leggy little minidresses she's worn to perform to sheer dramatic dresses that have swept the red carpet. That's because Queen Bey will try everything once, and then again if it works —...
by The Style Clash on Jan 6, 2017

Coffee Table Round White

The post Coffee Table Round White appeared first on Modern Wood Interior - Home Design - Kitchen Cabinets.
by Modern Home Interior Design on Jan 6, 2017

Irina Shayk It Can Barely Hide Her Baby Bump

Irina Shayk :   It should be ready in a few months: Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are expecting their first baby. Now the baby ball is too hard   An official confirmation of the...
by Sizling People on Jan 5, 2017

Cut for Success… What Your Hairstyle Says About You?

You get just one chance to make a good first impression — and your haircut needs to be an asset, not a liability. Here are the signals your hair’s sending and why. Interview suit dry-cleaned? Check. Shoes shined? Check. Mohawk perfectly sculp...

7668-S Living In Style Sofas

Balance of Price and Performance Living In Style Castrol Sofa Set 7668-S. Compare best value! Buy online Here and Save Living In Style Sofas 7668-S. Get the Great!
by on Jan 3, 2017

Harga Mito A550 Kelebihan dan Kekurangan, HP Android Murah 1 Juta RAM 2 GB

Harga Mito A550 Kelebihan dan Kekurangan, HP Android Murah 1 Juta RAM 2 GB – Bersama dengan Advan dan Evercoss, Mito menjadi salah satu pabrikan smartphone lokal yang punya peminat cukup tinggi. Alasannya sederhana, ketiga brand smartphone ters...
by tekno soul on Jan 3, 2017

Kashmiri dal tadka recipe, how to make dal kashmiri at home

Kashmiri dal tadka recipe with step by step photos :- Kashmiri dal tadka is another version of classic indian dal recipe. This delicious dal kashmiri has very aromatic and unique flavors. Very unique combination of garlic and coriander powder is the...
by Priya's Curry Nation on Jan 3, 2017

Sofa Kursi Tamu Mewah Prodotti Classic Style

Sofa Kursi Tamu Mewah Prodotti Classic Style,Kursi Sofa Tamu Mewah Jepara Jati Terbaru,Sofa Tamu Mewah Kayu Jati Jepara Luxury Italian Terbaru,Sofa Tamu Jepara,Sofa Tamu Kayu Jati,Sofa Tamu Murah,Kursi Tamu Mewah,Sofa Tamu Jati Ukir,Harga Sofa Tamu M...
by Furniture Jepara on Jan 3, 2017

Calamari Salad

Ingredients: 500 grams squid, clean and cut into rings 3/4 cup flour 1/2 teaspoon paprika(optional) salt and pepper to taste 1 egg, beaten cooking oil for frying 1 pack romaine lettuce (greens) 4 pieces cherry tomatoes, halved 6 pieces pineapple̷...
by Filipino Style Recipe on Jan 2, 2017

Handcrafted Shaker Style Mantel Clock

Click here for more infoShaker style mantel clock made of red oak, with quartz movement. Finished in hand rubbed polyurethane. Handcrafted by l davis of Lexington,SC in June 2004. The Mantle Clock features a drawer and simple styling making it per...
by on Jan 1, 2017

Karlie Kloss So Well She Eats

Karlie Kloss :   Karlie Kloss shows how a real supermodel diet looks like. And there‘s a surprise – because even cookies are allowed!   Looks like a supermodel? The first step is proper nutrition....
by Sizling People on Jan 1, 2017