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World’s Greatest Places Mosaics

I have certainly heard of mosaics but I did not know that it is a type of computer games as well. More specifically the World’s Greatest Places Mosaics is an interesting combination of a sudoku -type numbers game and “drawing” with...
by Gamesunday on Jul 17, 2016

Enjoy Sudoku

Download Enjoy Sudoku apk for free! >>Install Enjoy Sudoku Android Game >>Install the Crack File inside the Application Enjoy playing Enjoy Sudoku! The post Enjoy Sudoku APK appeared first on Android Games.
by APK Games Cracked on Nov 17, 2015

Ticket To Nostalgia

Ticket To Nostalgia I dream myself programming & working and then something goes wrong and I wake up with a THUD!?! This very nightmare gets me every time. All I wish is to dream something colorful, but my computer stares at me even in my dream.
by Thitherwards on Oct 1, 2015

Risolvi il sudoku online

Conoscete il Sudoku? Sapete riempire le caselle vuote rispettando le sue semplici regole? La griglia del Sudoku è formata da 9×9 caselle e da 9 regioni quadrate. Lo scopo del gioco è quello di riempire, senza ripetizioni, le caselle bianche co...
by L'Osmosi delle Idee on Mar 29, 2015

Su-Do-Ku ! : Sudoku Puzzle Games on your Terminal

Who doesn’t know Sudoku ? Sudoku is a puzzle game, it was popularized in 1986 by Japanese puzzle Company Nikoli and Sudoku became an international hit in 2005. Sudoku is a number-placement puzzle, combinatorial, and a logic-based game. Today y...

Zine #82 – Road Expansion Party

  It’s been too long since my last entry so I better do one.  I don’t really have much information written down, but a couple of them are just short notes, so I’ll probably be able to expand on those to explain them a little f...
by Texan in the Philippines on Jun 25, 2014

How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles – Sudoku Video Tutorials – Sudoku Solving Techniques

Learn How to Solve any Sudoku puzzles with amazing high quality Video Tutorials. Obtain Guru status by learning these advanced sudoku solving techniques such as X Wing, XY Wing, XYZ Wing, Jelly Fish, Sword Fish and more. Continue reading →...
by AutoBlog business on Jan 16, 2014

Cat + sudoku = sleeping

Cat + sudoku = sleeping...
by Cute and Funny Cat Pictures on Jul 21, 2012

Is This The World’s Hardest Sudoku Challenge?

Dare to challenge yourself with the world’s most difficult puzzle? Can you finish faster than your friends. In the last 10 years, Sudoku… more »...
by RZ RULE - News and Cool Stuff on Jun 30, 2012

Hardest Math Sudoku

Game Description:Hardest Math Sudoku is a classical sudoku game, which has simple arithmetics instead of numbers.It contains 24 unique puzzles.
by brainteaser1 on May 5, 2012

Kung Foo Sudoku

Unless it happens to be your weekend, there’s not much to look forward to about Mondays. The best thing I find about the day is the end of it, when I sit down to the newspaper, toss the sports section … Continue reading →...
by Middle Aged Plague on Mar 14, 2012


No beautiful appearance, just SUDOKU. Have fun! Arrow Keys – select tile Left Mouse Key – select tile Number Keys – fill selected tile Del Key – clear selected tile Shift Key – switch Pen and Pencil...
by on Feb 18, 2012


You have to complete the table with the pieces. You have to choose the place for each piece in a way that each one of the 19 interior hexagons of the big hexagon has inside six colors – or six numbers – with no recurrence. You have to com...
by on Feb 18, 2012

Pure Sudoku

Streamlining the ultimate Sudoku game. Without a cumbersome system, only focused on playing. Simple interface to only one game of the game as a whole, simply set the game parameters, and start to enjoy the fun of the game, feel the charm of Sudoku! W...
by on Feb 14, 2012


Classic Sudoku game. Use your mouse to click to place numbers in the correct order.
by on Jan 31, 2012