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Cool Tools For Your Blog!

I thought I'd throw this post together, giving you all a peek into my proverbial blog closet of Cool Tools I use to put together a cohesive blog post. Some of these tools I just couldn't live without, others are totally fun and add style and panache...
by Just Add Water Silly on Jun 21, 2012

How to Create a Word Cloud for Your Website You Can Even Stick on a Coffee Cup

Would you like to find out what your website is saying in a visual way?  This is really cool and I wanted to quickly share it with you.  I went to a Hootup the other day in Los Angeles and found out about it. By the way, a Hootup is a Meetup for fa...
by Sharp Biz Image on Mar 9, 2012

A Mixed Bag Of Tricks

I finally finished that macro flower. It's bold and kind of daring in coloration. I darkened the shadows and brightened the highlights until it matched what was in my head. In other words, I used my artistic eye to flesh out the details instead of ju...
by Just Add Water Silly on Feb 29, 2012