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eatBANGKOK: Sweet Cravings @ Petite Audrey, Mango Tango & Mr Jones, Siam Central

While I am no sweet tooth, it is finally time to kick back and relax after a fill of savoury courses.  3 places frequently mentioned are Petite Audrey, Mr Jones Orphanage & Mango Tango.  All of which are in Siam Central area.  Here...
by WenY Wonders Why on Jan 26, 2015

eatBANGKOK: Crunchy Oyster Omelettes @ Nai Mong Hoy Tod, Chinatown Bangkok

Seafood is a big hit in Thailand and the oyster omelette (more like a pancake) or Hoy Tod is one of the most recognisable form where seafood is presented in a basic but extremely tasty form.  From the starchy Taiwanese version topped with pink s...
by WenY Wonders Why on Jan 24, 2015

eatBANGKOK: Delicious Boat Noodles @ Doy Kuay Teow Reau & the "best" Pad Thai @ Thip Samai

There are simply too many places to eat in Bangkok and this trip I dined at some really delicious places in town, some popular while others are hidden treasures! Writing this post has got me drooling again!Doy Kuay Teow Reau at Victory MonumentLookin...
by WenY Wonders Why on Jan 22, 2015

eatBANGKOK: Sensational Fried Chicken @ Som Tam Nua, Siam Square

Coming to Bangkok as a foreigner no matter how prepared, you might feel that cleanliness can be quite an issue (even if you country is no better). In saying that, I can guarantee you that looks are deceiving.  But if you insist, here is a place...
by WenY Wonders Why on Jan 20, 2015

eatBANGKOK: A Foodie's Guide to Bangkok Street Food

From the hotdogs stands to Gryo Platters at Halal Bros. in NYC, the spicy Tteobokki in Seoul, and the Smelly Tofu & Curry Fish ball vendors in Hong Kong, street food is an interesting dining scene where spare change can make your buds tingle. &nb...
by WenY Wonders Why on Jan 19, 2015

eatBANGKOK: WHAT, WHERE and HOW to eat in Bangkok

I am no expert in eating, but I have no hesitation in claiming Bangkok as one of the top cities for eating and in this mini series called eatBANGKOK, I bring you what my homeboys Yobi, ZS and I ate through this bustling city.  Everyone boasts to...
by WenY Wonders Why on Jan 18, 2015

Melbourne: Modern Thai @ Longrain, Little Bourke Street

While the highly rated Chin Chin seems to be all the rave in Melbourne, my trip to the modern Longrain on Little Bourke Street still shows that the top spot for Modern Asian is still up for grabs.  Modern Thai food has come a long way from the a...
by WenY Wonders Why on Jan 6, 2015

Delicious Thailand Foods

Thai foods is one of the foreigners love most why they travel Thailand. Thai foods is famous all over the world because it is very unique foods and very delicious.In Thailand especially in Bangkok, Thai foods is very affordable and so delicious. Ther...
by Travel Hotspot In Thailand on Nov 23, 2014

Thai Palace: A Review

I miss the immigrant communities of America and the many different ethnic restaurants that populate the mini malls, side streets and ground floor retail space of American cities.  Some are authentic and some are an Americanized copy of a cuisine. ...
by Cup of Zhou on Jun 11, 2014

Back for more @ Bali Thai

Visit my website @ Return for more Thai food @ Bali Thai. I have tried many Thai restaurant and Bali Thai is definitely one of my favourite ones so far. I have been to their outlet @ Suntec and very...
by PrincessMic's diary on Apr 28, 2014

Thai Prawn and Lemongrass Soup – Ken Hom recipe

Today I’m sharing a very simple but tasty soup I usually make at home,using one of my favourite recipe books. Simple Thai Cookery from Ken Hom (BBC Books) was my first Thai recipe book and I have been cooking with it … Continue reading &...
by Around the Bowl on Feb 25, 2014

食記░【高雄】泰國料理,鑫泰式料理館 I like Thai food !!


Bites: Galangal Thai Cuisine @ East Victoria Park

Located just minutes from the main café strip in Victoria Park, lies another hidden gem in town.  Galangal Thai Cuisine has been around for years but its hidden location among the East Victoria Park’s suburb shops means it gets little exposur...
by WenY Wonders Why on Dec 11, 2013

Dried Banana Roll

by Thai Food Delicasies on Nov 3, 2013

Khanom krok

Khanom krok...
by Thai Food Delicasies on Oct 8, 2013

Bites: Red Opium @ Perth (revisited)

by WenY Wonders Why on Oct 6, 2013

Bites: Red Opium @ Perth (revisited)

by WenY Wonders Why on Oct 6, 2013

The Amazing Tastes Of Thailand Fest 2013 Is Here Once Again

Truly Amazing Thailand The moment I stepped in on Al Wasl Ballroom’s lobby in Dusit Thani Dubai, I immediately noticed the amazement. Thai dignitaries along with the invited guests, media, and bloggers alike enjoyed listening to the welcoming T...

of Bali-Thai

Visit my website @ down to the newly renovated Suntec for dinner the other day. Decided to have Thai food for the night and we settled for Bali Thai.The food is quite nice but the price is slightly steeper...
by PrincessMic's diary on Oct 1, 2013

Steam Fish With Lemon (ปลากระพงนึ่งมะนาว)

by Thai Food Delicasies on Sep 18, 2013