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Hard Riddle - How Many Planes?

The main resemblance of all the hardest hard riddles is that they all seem very difficult and unsolvable, but when you read the solution, you'll feel sorry and think that you should be able to find the answer at the first place.This time hardest ridd...
by Best and Hard Riddles on Jan 13, 2012

The Missing Dollar

I don't know whether this riddle can be categorized as hard or tricky. Heck, I don't even know if it's even a riddle. The reason why I putted in the hardest hard riddles section is merely because this one managed to drive me crazy for sometimes. So,...
by Best and Hard Riddles on Sep 2, 2011

Moral Dilemma Riddle

I don't know if this one can be called as hard riddle or not, but it's obviously one of the best riddles in my opinion. It's a puzzle that once asked during a job interview, because it can show how someone manage when he has to face a moral dilemma s...
by Best and Hard Riddles on Aug 31, 2011

Detective Puzzle: Who's The Killer and Victim?

Well, this one is not really a detective puzzle or riddle, because the victim is still unknown too. Actually, this is probably just a simpler version of Einstein's Riddle that I posted before. Although not as difficult, this one still can be consider...
by Best and Hard Riddles on Aug 30, 2011

Albert Einstein's Riddle

Albert Einstein's riddle, also known as zebra puzzle, is a well-known logic puzzle. It is said that Einstein invented this puzzle when he was a boy, although there's no evidence or confirmation about his authorship. This riddle was first published by...
by Best and Hard Riddles on Aug 29, 2011