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Revolution: Preview Review

I caught the complete first episode of Revolution last night - set to premiere later this month on NBC - courtesy of NBC putting this up On-Demand. Herewith a review, with soft (non-specific) spoilers. Revolution is J. J. Abrams' latest. Now, I kno...

R.I.P. Playboy Club

One of the most stylish shows of the fall season fell victim to low numbers and a certain special interest group after three episodes this past week. Sadly, many of you never got to see the incredible sets of NBC's The Playboy Club (replicated to a...
by Cinema Style on Oct 7, 2011

NBC Quietly Announces The End Of “The Playboy Club” TV Series

Key advertisers of the show dropped like flies each week because you made your voices loud and clear.... AToast2Wealth- Unveiling Truth Behind Celebrity Life, The Church and Latest News.
by AT2W on Oct 5, 2011


Sometimes I have to stop and really take in how amazing television has gotten. There simply some TV shows that have effected and changed my life, such as The Wire, Six Feet Under, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Shield and so many more. So, look...
by battleroyalewithcheese on Sep 28, 2011