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How To Win The Game Of Wealth: The War of The Three Lords Story

This is a story of three land lords in the land of Wealtheros who were born on the same year. Their names are Lord Invest Now, Lord Catch Up and Lord Invest Later. On their 30th birthday, they celebrated drinking wine in a tavern. Towards the end of...
by Wealthy Mindset Works on Jun 18, 2016

Time Value of Money

During the Financial Advisors Program which I attended a couple of weeks ago, we were taught about the Time Value of Money.Investopedia defines Time Value of Money or TVM as the idea that money available at the present time is worth more than the sam...
by Financial Planning For Pinoys on May 10, 2016

The Story Of Pedro Maagap and Juan Masipag

“Daig ng maagap ang masipag” – Filipino Proverb True enough. When it comes to stock market investing, time is a key factor to win. To understand this fully, let me tell you a story of two friends, Pedro Maagap and Juan Masipag. They...
by Wealthy Mindset Works on Feb 25, 2016

Time value of Money

Nilai waktu dari uangBiasanya dapat anda gunakan untuk menghitung nilai investasi. Cara menghitung nilai investasi, adalah sebagai berikut:Present Value (nilai sekarang) : dari jumlah total serangkaian pembayaran di masa mendatang. Cara menghitung kl...
by Masterpendidikan on Jun 16, 2014