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Travel with Renfre speed train to Toledo

Buying Renfre tickets at the Madrid Atocha Station. On our agenda was a visit to the city of Toledo in Spain. We had no idea how to get there or where to buy the tickets. We were told to go to the Atocha Station in Madrid and buy tickets from Renfre.
by Nelmitravel on Aug 26, 2016

Recoleta Mall in Buenos Aires recently renovated

Recoleta Mall is the only mall in Recoleta Neighbourhood and recently renovated. The Recoleta Mall is situated in one of the most popular tourist spots in Buenos Aires. It is located in the Recoleta neighbourhood and right opposite the famous Recolet...
by Nelmitravel on Aug 18, 2016

Bus tickets in Warsaw and where to buy them

Buying bus tickets in Warsaw. Bus tickets are easy to buy in Warsaw. The city has an extensive public transport system and there are more than 1500 buses that operates in and around the city. They run between 5:00 and 23:00 and after that you have n...
by Nelmitravel on Aug 3, 2016

How to open a bank account in Russia.

Opening a bank account in Russia as a foreigner. Before we travelled to Russia, I inquired about the possibility to open a bank account in Russia – as a foreigner. I battled to find information on Expat forums and some answers were vague, not g...
by Nelmitravel on Jul 20, 2016

Ryanair to fly to South America

Ryanair low cost airline to spread it’s wings to South America. Long bus rides and expensive air tickets in Argentina will soon be a thing of the past if Ryanair has it’s way. The founder , Declan Ryan, has spoken to La Nación recently and s...
by Nelmitravel on Jul 12, 2016

Currency Exchange in Prague

Currency Exchange Tips when in Prague. One of the first things that we noticed when we arrived in Prague, was the warnings not to exchange money in the streets but to do it at official currency exchange offices. Although The Czech Republic is part...
by Nelmitravel on May 21, 2016

Drivers who have empty seats

Connecting with drivers who have empty seats in their cars. We were looking for cheap transport from Kaliningrad to Warsaw and stumbled upon a site called Bla Bla Car. The name had me curious and I decided to have a look and see what this site was ab...
by Nelmitravel on May 2, 2016

Visa Invitation Letter for Russian Visa

Visa Invitation Letter and Requirements when applying for a Russian Business Visa. A Visa Invitation Letter is required to obtain a visa for Russia and is issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Federal Migration Department of Russia...
by Nelmitravel on Mar 5, 2016

Worldwide travel insurance for Expats

Worldwide comprehensive and flexible Travel Insurance for Expats. We were required to submit proof of worldwide travel insurance with our Schengen Visa applications. I started to look in Argentina for a company that could help but the prices were rid...
by Nelmitravel on Feb 25, 2016

Spanish Consulate in Cordoba, Argentina

The Spanish Consulate in Cordoba, Argentina. We are in the process of obtaining a Schengen Visa with Spain as our first port of entry. I was very happy to learn that there is a Spanish Consulate in Cordoba. This saves us a trip to Buenos Aires becaus...
by Nelmitravel on Feb 16, 2016

Madrid Tourist Travel Pass Information

The Madrid Tourist Travel Pass and it’s benefits. The Madrid Tourist Travel Pass is a cost effective way to use the Public Transport System. A day travel pass will cost you 8 Euros. Why do I say it is cost effective? If you take into account that a...
by Nelmitravel on Feb 3, 2016

Holiday Accommodation options in Moscow, Russia

Holiday accommodation to choose from in Russia. Moscow offers a variety of holiday accommodation for travellers of all ages. There are hotels, hostels, homestays, shared apartments and rental apartments. Hotels close to Red Square are very expensive.
by Nelmitravel on Jan 20, 2016

Rent a Car in Colonia del Sacramento – Uruguay

Rent a Car in Colonia del Sacramento and explore this Colonial town in style. On the spur of the moment we decided to rent a car in Colonia del Sacramento to explore the town and surrounding areas. The weather wasn’t that good and the idea was to d...
by Nelmitravel on Dec 1, 2015

Aeroparque Jorge Newberry Airport

Aeroparque Jorge Newberry Airport in Buenos Aires. Aeroparque Jorge Newberry, commonly known as Aeroparque, is situated in the Palermo Neighbourhood,  2 km downtown of Buenos Airs. There are two important airports in Buenos Aires, Ezeiza and Aeropar...
by Nelmitravel on Nov 18, 2015

Tips for Vacation Renting

Tips for Vacation Renting. Why do people take vacations? They want a break from the stress of life. People leave the humdrum, normalcy of life behind in search of fun and fresh energy. Unfortunately, these searches can often be quite expensive. On av...
by Nelmitravel on Nov 10, 2015

How to legalize documents in Argentina

How to legalize and Apostille documents issued in Argentina. Recently I had to legalize a document that was issued in Argentina. First of all let’s have a look at the reason why documents need to be legalized. Organizations or Governments sometimes...
by Nelmitravel on Oct 18, 2015

How to do road trips on a budget

How to do road trips on a budget? Traditionally road trips have been alluring due to their affordability. Competitiveness in the airline market and the availability of cheap airline tickets, put road trips into a different perspective. Then again, ro...
by Nelmitravel on Sep 10, 2015

Getting to Koh Samui by Ferry from Surat Thani

How to get to Koh Samui by ferry from Surat Thani Airport? If you are planning a trip to Koh Samui from Bangkok and are unsure how to get to the island, then this article will point you in the right direction. Our flight arrived from Bangkok at Surat...
by Nelmitravel on Sep 1, 2015

El Calafate 4×4 Off-Road Tour

El Calafate Adventure Tours and excursions. Many tour operators and agencies in El Calafate offer excellent tours to explore this picturesque part of Patagonia. It was very difficult for me to decide which tour to take but I finally settled on the...
by Nelmitravel on Aug 5, 2015

Tablets versus Laptops – gadget review

Tablet or Laptop – Which gadget suits your travelling needs? My laptop has been a loyal travel companion for many years until I recently invested in a tablet. To be honest, I was doing a lot of research before I bought my Lenovo Yoga 10 inch ta...
by Nelmitravel on Jul 7, 2015