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Help dogs in Detroit get a Thanksgiving Dinner!

Until December 24, the "likes" The Da Vinci Foundation gets on this Facebook post equal an Iams Woof Delights dinner for a homeless dog in Detroit. I'm actually a little unclear whether you have to "like" the bulldog picture specifically, or just li...
by The Elka Almanac on Nov 10, 2013

How will you grow your garden this year?

  If I ever dreamed of any aspect of gardening, I’d dream up an outdoor greenhouse. That yen for a plant house undoubtedly dates back to the time we looked at buying an old house that came with its own brick greenhouse: slanted windows ext...
by The Organic Pantry on Apr 18, 2012


FURTHER ADVENTURES IN PERMACULTUREGood morning folks. Just when you think you have figured out sustainability, a whole new layer of information unfolds before and throws everything you think you knew before to the curb. This is how I feel when I rese...
by Source Designs on Dec 23, 2011

Do you eat dog?

Well why not? In many cultures it's totally acceptable. A family story, which I remember quite indistinctly, goes something like this. Our family was living in Austria (I think, maybe it was Finland, it's hard to remember when you are a childhood jet...
by Midwest Multisport Life on Sep 21, 2011