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Hack Android Dengan Chrome Vulnerability

Sebuah vulnerability pada aplikasi web browser chrome untuk perangkat Android mengancam kamu, Para hacker bisa memanfaatkan vulnerability tersebut untuk me – hijack Android kamu, memberi kamu aplikasi  virus .APK untuk di download tanpa konfir...
by retas news on Nov 12, 2016

Rescue: Training the Things We Take for Granted

I thought all corgis slept belly up and snored like your weird uncle.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Jul 22, 2016


The end of a year is always a good place to reflect upon where one’s life is at and where it is heading. My problem is that being a thinker is an intrinsic and essential part of who I am … Continue reading →...
by BELIEVE on Dec 29, 2015

Celebrity Culture is the most inexcusable form of ignorance

In an age where Social Media is King, personal interaction and family values have become the next casualty in a long line of species which have and are becoming extinct. Celebrities have become our God. As long as the distance … Continue readin...
by BELIEVE on Dec 12, 2015

USB Killer V2.0 Hancurkan Komputer Lebih Cepat

Ingat USB killer ?? Pada bulan Maret, seorang peneliti keamanan Rusia merancang USB drive aneh yang mampu menghancurkan komponen sensitif dari komputer ketika dicolokkan. Sekarang, peneliti yang sama, yang dijuluki Dark Purple, telah meluncurkan USB...
by retas news on Oct 18, 2015


Just wanted to leave an update here on how I am getting on with my Dryathlon to raise funds for Cancer Research. This is my first ever fundraiser. Please don’t think I am in the habit of asking people for donations. … Continue reading &#...
by BELIEVE on Sep 9, 2015


When you are a nervous flyer, you need all the help you can get: moral support, emotional reassurance, the odd reminder of how to breathe properly and even the more effective reminder that whether we fret or not, it is … Continue reading →...
by BELIEVE on Sep 6, 2015

On Leadership and Vulnerability

For some reason, people in leadership roles have this idea that they have to be impervious – that showing emotion, vulnerability, or weakness of any kind somehow devalues their status. […] The post On Leadership and Vulnerability appeared fir...
by Linked 2 Leadership on Sep 4, 2015

Hacker dapat hack fans page fb dengan mudah

Pemburu hadiah Facebook Laxman Muthiyah dari India baru-baru ini menemukan bug ketiganya tahun ini di situs jaringan sosial populer yang membuat rekor baru dengan menyentuh 1 Miliar pengguna dalam satu hari. Pada awal tahun, Laxman menemukan cacat se...
by retas news on Sep 2, 2015

Vulnerability in Samsung Galaxy phones

by Beer and Joysticks on Jun 16, 2015

Cara Hack Akun WhatsApp Dengan Mudah

Layanan pesan smartphone Yang sangat populer WhatsApp Messenger, dilaporkan telah ditemukan vulnerability terhadap pembajakan tanpa membuka atau mengetahui kata sandi perangkat Anda. Trik ini memungkinkan siapa saja untuk mengontrol dan mendapatkan a...
by retas news on Jun 6, 2015

On Leadership, Fear and Weakness

A leader who is afraid is not weak! Fear is not a word that is associated with leadership. More often it is its antonym, fearless, that anoints a list of […] The post On Leadership, Fear and Weakness appeared first on Linked 2 Leadership.
by Linked 2 Leadership on May 20, 2015

Hack Website WordPress Hanya Dengan Komentar

Sebelumnya telah dilaporkan tentang vulnerability plugin pada WordPress, tapi kali ini seorang peneliti keamanan Finlandia telah menemukan vulnerability zero-day penting dalam mesin inti dari content management system WordPress. WordPress CMS yang di...
by retas news on May 7, 2015

Raw [A to Z Challenge, BFMH2015]

Originally written by Cat R is for Raw. I have read in different articles about BPD that there is a problem with how the person regulates their emotions. I have heard it described as “People with Borderline Personality Disorder are like people...
by You Won't Tame this Sassy Cat on Apr 27, 2015

All Sites Protected Against Zero Day Vulnerability

Akismet is protecting all sites against the Zero Day XSS vulnerability.
by Bargnhtress Reviews on Apr 27, 2015

THE DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD Being passionate is a double-edged sword It is a formidable and invaluable weapon if we wish to finish the race Of pursuing those dreams that burn up inside us The quests that drives us In our feeble … Continue reading &#...
by BELIEVE on Apr 11, 2015


MY DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD Being passionate is a double-edged sword It is a formidable and invaluable weapon if we wish to finish the race Of pursuing those dreams that burn up inside us The quests that drives us In our feeble … Continue reading ...
by BELIEVE on Apr 11, 2015

FBI Beritahukan ISIS Sedang Serang Website WP

Apakah situs Anda menggunakan WordPress? Jika ya, maka Anda harus berhati-hati mulai dari sekarang karena kabarnya ISIS sedang melakukan serangan secara membabibuta pada situs yang menggunakan wordpress. ISIS Membayangi Anda Federal Bureau of Investi...
by retas news on Apr 10, 2015

Bug YouTube Dapat Hapus Video Dalam Sekejap

Seorang peneliti keamanan telah menemukan vulnerability sederhana namun penting pada situs YouTube yang bisa dimanfaatkan oleh siapa saja untuk merobohkan seluruh bisnis situs berbagi video populer. Penemu Vulnerability Kamil Hismatullin, peneliti ke...
by retas news on Apr 6, 2015

Correspondences for the Direction South

South   The Wheel of the South– Faith and Trust, Elusiveness, Innocence, Physical and Personal Vulnerability, Strength, Protection, Relationships with others, with self. with nature, Renewal, Self-Healing, Stress, Love, Courage ElementR...
by Witches Of The Craft on Apr 5, 2015