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Beautiful Flower Wall Stencils for Artwork

Flower wall stencils’ use produce and to color styles that are distinctive to decorate your house’s surfaces is a superb concept. Here is just how you should use these, and a check out the type of wall stencils accessible and provide your...
by Home Design Ideas on Jul 31, 2014

Enliven Your Room with Classic Beauty Damask Wall Stencil Designs

Create the next design task place with large, stunning Damask Wall Stencil that is daring patterns. Your space can come alive with classic beauty. Many people often shy from utilizing Damask Wall Stencil patterns. They’re regarded as a daring a...
by Home Design Ideas on Jul 27, 2014

Anticipating Spring

Despite a complete lack of a snowfall, it’s been a long winter with a series of craziness happening in other categories.  I’ll spare you the details but perhaps that’s why I’m feeling so drawn to the refreshing colors of spri...
by The View from 17th and Riggs on Feb 20, 2012