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Finally, A Way To Get More With What You Already Have

 “I love it. Home sweet home.” That quote was from superstar LeBron James, while looking at the snow covered Cleveland Clinic courts in Independence, Ohio. The Cleveland Cavaliers held their pre-game shootaround there – instead of...
by What Is The Meaning Of Life? on Jan 24, 2015

Yes, God Wants You To Be Happy

Do you think God wants you to be happy? Many people, when you talk to them, make it sound like their life is full of chores or monotony and God doesn’t want them to be happy. A God is pictured just waiting to punish you for all that you have d...
by What Is The Meaning Of Life? on Jan 21, 2015

Do You Think You Are Handsome Or Beautiful ??

You are rich?You are strong?You are INDEPENDENT?You don't NEED any one?Okay Now, What About When You Die ??You NEED someone to clean your body.You NEED someone to cover your body with Kaffan..You NEED someone to burry your body AND,The most IMPORTANT...