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6 Foods to Avoid or Overweight Remedy

Being overweight is one of the most dangerous diseases in our time, it is a silent murderer deteriorating every organ of the body and also greatly affects our self-esteem. So you do not have... Read the full article about 6 Foods to Avoid...
by Pro Diet Guide on Feb 12, 2015

Iraya Vanilla Whole Milk Lip Balm And Bamboo Nail care cream Review

 IRAYA Vanilla and whole Milk Lip balmComes in a glass bottle.The package has a very homemade look to it.The quantity is a lot and has two years expiry date.It will last me a long time.The only con in package would be that it is bulky and not ve...
by Dr.Poison Ivy's Beauty Blog on Dec 27, 2013

Iraya Vanilla and Whole Milk Lip balm Review

Review by Riya I love taking care of my lips; so obviously I am totally a lip balm addict. :D Come on it’s not my fault they are so tempting in different flavors and packaging :P  I always have a lip balm with me wherever...
by Everything That Matters... on Jul 14, 2012

March 26, 2012: Whole Milk

Today I'm thankful for whole milk.  I used to me a strictly non-fat girl. Lattes, in my cereal, etc. I'm totally a convert.  I read a study that non-fat milk contained more of the "bad stuff" in milk. I don't remember the details, but...
by 365 Days of Gratitude on Mar 26, 2012