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Stories of the wandering camera. A blog about travel, budget trips, and fun-filled activities.

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  • PressReader: Reading Newspapers & Magazines, Anytime, Anywhere
    on Feb 25, 2013 in Review PressReader
    One of the daily routines that I have been doing every morning using my phone is to check the latest news using an application of a Philippine-based news agency. However, there are also times that I would usually kill boredom by reading fea...
  • Davao Food Scene: Hog's Breath Cafe
    on Jan 30, 2013 in Review Davao Food
    Davao food scene is continuously evolving through the years. Numerous food establishments, local or international, are gearing up to serve Davaoenos with the best gastronomic experience they can offer. Hog's Breath Cafe, an Australian-based steakhous...
  • Davao Food Scene: Korean Seoul Ga Restaurant
    on Jan 15, 2013 in Review Davao Food
    Food scene in Davao offers not just local flavors but as well as international cuisine. If you want an experience while consuming your food, try Korean cuisine. Check below the photos of what we experienced at Korean Seoul Ga Restaurant. Don't forget...
  • Davao's Pasko Fiesta
    on Dec 28, 2012 in Photography Pasko Fiesta Davao
    The City Government of Davao is continuously looking for something to offer to the public especially during the holiday season, and that is, the Pasko Fiesta sa Davao. Annually every December, there are activities organized to feel even mor...
  • Island Hopping - Samal, Davao
    on Dec 26, 2012 in Photography Davao Samal Travel
    December! Almost everyone is busy this holiday season, and so am I (Hahaha). It's been a while since my last post here, thus I thought of sharing some of my experiences this holiday season. Last week, I was invited to join the Christmas&nbs...
  • Chinese Garden Singapore: The Nature+Culture ExperienceCommonly, great skyscrapers, shopping, Sentosa, are just some of the first few things that would pop-up to someone's mind if we talk about Singapore. Well, this city-state can offer also an experience with nature+culture, and that is, a visit to the...
  • Go Swiss. Try Marché RestaurantDuring my couple of visits in Singapore, my cousin who is based there, would always treat me to one of her favorite food places in the city-state, Marché Restaurant.Marché is Swiss restaurant with one-of-a-kind concept. They managed to replica...
  • Updates: Tune Hotel Ermita
    on Nov 22, 2012 in Review Tune Hotel
    This post is an update to my review of Tune Hotel, Ermita. You can read my review here. Few days ago, I need to go to Manila to present my thesis proposal, and as I was browsing hotel accommodations in Agoda (check post about Agoda here), I...
  • J. Co Donuts: Sharing Sweetness to Filipinos
    on Nov 21, 2012 in Food
    The first time I tried J. Co Donuts was when I was in Singapore last year. As of that time, the Indonesian company just opened its doors in Manila.During my travels to Manila this year, I always find time to buy some donuts at J. Co for my family bac...
  • Booking with Agoda
    on Nov 21, 2012 in Review Agoda Travel
    I know that Agoda is known globally because of the discounted deals they have for hotel accommodations. But I have that skepticism to book with them because the rates are really lower than hotel published rates (that you may think it's a scam).When B...
  • Video: An Inspiration
    on Oct 31, 2012 in Video Travel
    It's been a while since I last updated my blog due to the demanding tasks to finish my research proposal as part of my postgraduate studies. Now you know one of the reasons why I wasn't able to wander a lot due to some things, and that is, to finish...
  • Night Photography: A Rewarding Experience
    on Sep 29, 2012 in Photography
    Taking pictures during night time seems to be a challenging experience, but being able to produce great photos will make night photography rewarding and fulfilling.I am not a professional photographer nor received any formal training on photography.
  • Travel Destinations: Philippines
    on Sep 15, 2012 in Philippines Travel List
    Where to next? Travelling seems to be an addictive medicine to busy and stressful people. After all, leisure means spending away from taxing and routinely-done activities. The common question is: “where to next?”. If you love to travel and always...
  • Video: Get Out More!
    on Sep 12, 2012 in Video
    I stumbled upon this video in an online article and I thought it would be great to share it here. Since our Cambodia-Vietnam trip has been cancelled due to schedule constraints, this video rekindled my desire to travel again, and I hope it will be so...
  • Review: Tune Hotel Ermita, Manila
    on Sep 9, 2012 in Review Tune Hotel
    Courtesy: Tune Hotels.comTwo months ago, I went to Manila for some important transactions. Travelling with me was my older sister.Read the updates about my recent stay at Tune Hotel, Ermita here. As I searched over Agoda, I found out that Tune H...
  • Panglao Island Tour
    on Sep 9, 2012 in Panglao Travel
    After spending more than half of our 3rd day for the dolphin watching & island hopping, we're all set to explore some of the attractions in Panglao.Here are the places we visited:Dauis Church Bohol Bee FarmHinagdanan Cave Panglao Church...
  • Panglao: Dolphin Watching, Balicasag Island, Virgin Island
    on Sep 9, 2012 in Panglao Travel
    Our 3rd day's itinerary was very exciting. To know more about the itinerary of the entire trip, click here. We woke up early, and spent some time on the beach to witness an exceptional view of the dawn and sunrise in Panglao.We then had our brea...
  • Bohol Countryside Tour
    on Sep 9, 2012 in Bohol Travel
    We left early from Cebu and traveled one hour and 40 minutes to Bohol (via Oceajet; fare (two-way): Php 920). We availed a package (offered by Ms. Annalyn Rule) of Php 3,200 each, inclusive of hotel accommodation with breakfast (Whites &...
  • Cebu City Tour
    on Sep 9, 2012 in Cebu Travel
    The group decided to continue with our trip despite that we would be arriving at Cebu a week after the grand parade. Check out my previous post for our Cebu-Bohol-Panglao on a Budget itinerary.We allotted 1 day for the Cebu city tour. If you're...
  • Cebu-Bohol-Panglao on a Budget
    on Sep 9, 2012 in Cebu Budget Trip Panglao Bohol Travel
    My friends and I have been planning for another unforgettable trip, and experiencing Cebu's Sinulog Festival is part of the list.When Cebu Pacific announced a seat sale with travel period covering Sinulog Festival dates (January 2012), we r...
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