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Medical Doctor and Blogger.
I write on Politics.
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1. The Arab World 360°

Political Analysis, Comments, Articles and Opinions on Palestine and the Arab World

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  • Dramatic Change
    on Mar 31, 2014
    Five years ago, Palestinian factions oppose the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) announced what so called  'Damascus Alliance', and decreed announcement against the PLO policy regarding negociation with Israel and what so called 'peace...
  • Exploiting Nietzche's political views
    on Dec 22, 2013
    The great german philosopher, Friedrich Nietzche introduced political views alongside morals, religions and existance. However, many different, even contradictory ideologists exerted efforts to engage Nietzche's writings within their ideology.Nazis e...
  • Behind Morsi Ousting
    on Dec 15, 2013 in Egypt jan25 Morsi
    Muslim Brothers reached the power through free elections in Egypt, despite strong opposition. In percentile language, The Islamist president had 51.7 % while the other Mubarakist candidate had 48.3%.The other secular parties supported Morsi in electi...
  • Update: The Conflict in Syria
    on Dec 15, 2013 in Syria
    Undoubtedly, the conflict in Syria has internal and external elements, however, it is no longer an uprising against tyrant regime. The Syrian social texture has been profoundly 'de facto' teared in which Sunni majority maintains support for the vario...
  • Launching Arab World 360 [dot] Com
    on Jul 14, 2013
    Dear readers/friends,Henceforth, I will start blogging at, and this blog will be secondary to the website.For as long I preferred to blog on an independent website to bypass (google) blogspot  banning, or whatsoever.This is...
  • Israel to apply racist 'Prawer Plan' in Naqab
    on Jul 13, 2013
    Prawer is pronounced as 'Praver' (German W)"In September 2011, the Israeli government approved the Prawer Plan for mass expulsion of the Arab Bedouin community in the Naqab (Negev) desert. If fully implemented this plan will result in the f...
  • Was Morsi's Outser a Conspiracy?
    on Jul 12, 2013 in Egypt
    "In the days and weeks before the protests, Waleed al-Masry, a central organizer, was in regular contact with a group of retired military officers. These retired officers, Masry says, promised to protect the protesters who turned out on June 30. They...
  • Inside Israel : New Plans toward Egypt's updates
    on Jul 12, 2013 in Israel
    "Regional players, in particular the Sunni monarchies – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Gulf emirates – which prayed for the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt because they feared for their own rule, can help stabilize Egypt and...
  • Ideas for bloggers
    on Jul 12, 2013 in Blogging
    Blogging Corner | Every blogger wants to increase his/her blog rank. There is no strict rules for bloggers, but there are basic considerations that enhance blogging skills and increase blog ranks.Blog Concept:Blog must have special concept based...
  • Enlightening on Syrian Crisis
    on Jul 11, 2013
    Russia has officially addressed UN Secretary General with a  scientific-based report about usage of Sarin Gas by NATO-backed Syria's opposition.The Russian report is based on direct soil study, which is the only method to prove or exclude usage...
  • The youngest detainee in the World
    on Jul 11, 2013
    Today | Israeli forces captured 5-years-old child in Hebron (near Tomb of Patriarchs).
  • Saudi princess accused for human trafficking
    on Jul 11, 2013
    Authorities are investigating whether four other women from the Phillippines found living with a woman described as a Saudi princess in Irvine were forced to work as slaves.The Saudi woman, 42-year-old Meshael Alayban, was charged Wednesday with one...
  • Cash money expose Political map
    on Jul 10, 2013
    Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait pumped $ 12 billion to Egypt after the army banned Islamist president Morsi, while Qatar has pumped $ 2 billion during Morsi's mandate. Apparently, Qatar strongly supports Muslim Brotherhood, wherea...
  • Israeli deals in GCC
    on Jul 10, 2013
    Isaac Levi and his wife Orna, owners of Israeli (YVEL) Company for Jewelry are offering the most expensive pearl's necklace in the World ($1.3 million). They have received suggestion from Qatari official to sell the necklace for Saudi rich man in Bah...
  • Palestinians and Syrians are not allowed to enter Egypt.
    on Jul 9, 2013
  • What if Egypt's hyper-polarization persists?
    on Jul 8, 2013
    About 45 pro-Morsi protesters were killed today morning amid clashes between them and army. Both sides (Army and pro-MBs) launched contradicted stories about the bloody act. Clasheswere happened in front of Republic guard's headquarter, a branch of E...
  • How to spread democracy?
    on Jul 7, 2013
  • Corporatocracy in US
    on Jul 6, 2013
    Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Company (HOWCO), and then became vice-president of George W. Bush, one of wealthy Bush dynasty who invests in oil field. Moreover, Cheney's wife, Lynnne Cheney served...
  • Israeli minister calls for building 'Third Temple' in Jerusalem
    on Jul 5, 2013
    Israeli minister of Housing and Construction, Uri Ariel calls for building 'Third Jewish Temple' on the ruins of Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, Muslims' third holiest mosque.Source:
  • Sheeple and Democracy
    on Jul 5, 2013

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