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ATS Techmedia is a Manhattan & New York based company that specializes in all web-based services. We have specialized teams of professionals for every division of our services; that is SEO, PPC, designing, development, reputation management, and IOS development

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1. What factors contributes to slow loading speed of a site?

Many factors play an important role in overall impression of a site on visitors. Loading time speed of a site is one amongst those important factors that play an essential role in leaving impression of a site on visitors.

Tags: web development services in NYC

2. 4 ways businesses can use social media for online reputation management

For the success of any business, be it a large-scale business or a small-scale business, the trust of the customers is highly important. Every business needs customer support and brand recognition in the market.

Tags: reputation management company in M

3. Points that will help you shortlist the best iPhone app development company

Developing of an iOS app is not an easy job. It is a complex process because of the multiple functionalities like multi-touch screen, virtual keyboard, gyro meter, mapping, and accelerometer.

Tags: apps developmentcompany

4. Do you know the difference between SEO and reputation management? Here’s the guide!

Many IT companies provide wide range of digital marketing techniques. The prime ones that are applied to increase online visibility are SEO and onlinereputation management in Manhattan.

Tags: onlinereputation management

5. Stay ahead from your competitors by implementing an effective SEO campaign

find a reputed New York City Seo Company that make use of ethical as well as effective seo techniques in order to take your website up in the search results.

Tags: New York City Seo Company

6. 5 things that professionals keep in mind when developing a mobile app

there are many things that are taken into consideration by professional app developers. Let us look on few of mobile apps development aspects-

Tags: mobile apps development

7. 5 Proven Techniques to Protect Your Online Reputation

You must consider techniques given below to manage your campaign with the help of a professional online reputation management firm in Manhattan.

Tags: online reputation Manhattan

8. Stay ahead from your competitors by implementing an effective SEO campaign

Search engine optimization is a way by which the websites improve their ranking in search indexes.

Tags: New York City SEO Company

9. How good or bad reputation can influence your business?

Online reputation management (ORM) as the name indicates means all about reputation. In other words, ORM is the process of preserving one’s image in a positive manner on the internet.

Tags: Reputation Management company

10. Why PHP Has Evolved As The Number One Language for Developing Sites?

A professionally developed website attracts customer’s attention, which in turn increases sales of business. PHP developed website is preferred by developers these days.

Tags: Manhattan website development

11. Online Reputation Management-All about maintenance of business image!

This is where online reputation Management Company in Manhattan or elsewhere proves to be of great help for those companies and individuals who always want to stay in good books of audiences.

Tags: Reputation Management Manhattan

12. 5 factors that control your online reputation

Online reputation management is a way to control how a business appears online. There are various factors that can influence your image over internet.

Tags: Reputation Management Manhattan

13. Consider these Tips while designing a Website

The website designers have a big job to do in today’s time. The designers need to ensure that they put their excellent efforts in the designing of the website.

Tags: website designers in Manhattan

14. What wonders can professional web developers do to your businesses?

New York professional web developers are the ones who can make website looks professional that will do wonders for the business.

Tags: New York professional web developer

15. Don’t have a business app? You are missing out on some lucrative benefits!

Are you running a business without making a market presence? Well, then surely you are missing out some great benefits.

Tags: iPhone app development company

16. Major mistakes to avoid when running PPC ad campaign

Following are few mistakes avoided and best practice followed by PPC Management Company in Manhattan, or elsewhere when running a PPC campaign-

Tags: PPC Management Company

17. What are the Must-have Features of a Business iPhone App?

Getting an iPhone app for your business can be a lucrative investment, as it opens the doors to sea of opportunities for you.

Tags: Manhattan iPhone apps developers

18. The recent development in the world of Apple

As customers, we see this as a mere small change but only a iPhone App DevelopmentCompany can tell you about the efforts go in, while developing the above.

Tags: iPhone App DevelopmentCompany

19. Why you need online reputation management for your business?

Online reputation management (ORM) is the process of identifying and observing the reputation of your business online. It also provides you with new opportunities and increases your brand awareness.

Tags: online reputation management

20. Facts you might not know about CSS

CSS (cascading style sheets) is developed by W3C. This language is used by designers while creating XHTML or HTML websites.

Tags: custom website development in NYC

21. Top 5 Mobile Application Development Trends in 2015

The mobile applications have attracted developers like a magnet. The year, 2014 saw market of mobile application evolving in a big way. The actual seeding of mobile applications started from that year itself.

Tags: iPhone apps Development Company

22. 5 Incredible Benefits of an iPhone Business Application

If you are running a business, or company, then it is essential for you to ensure superior market presence. Hence, you must make use of the latest available technology to enhance your brand reputation and enjoy more profits.

Tags: iPhone appdevelopment company

23. What benefits you can miss out, if you do not have an iPhone business app?

Brand visibility is essential to create in order, to ensure market presence of a brand. Latest technologies are required to be implemented in order enhance brand reputation in market.

Tags: iPhone app Development Company

24. Impact of duplicate content on SEO rankings

“Content that appears on more than one URL is duplicate content,” said Google’s Matt Cutts. Using thin and duplicate content on sites proves to be fatal for SE rankings because Google disapproves this practice.

Tags: SEO company in Manhattan

25. Get your business website optimized to enhance sales and revenue!

Search engine optimization is one of the effective techniques used for grabbing attention of audience for websites. Websites play a crucial role of businesses as they act as a medium by which businesses and customers...

Tags: web designing services

26. How an iPhone app is beneficial for your business?

if you are a business owner, then you must own an iPhone app for your business. There are number of benefits and some of them are-

Tags: iPhoneapps development company.

27. Mistakes to avoid when developing an iPhone app

With the consistently evolving technology, smartphones (especially iPhone) have become an indispensable part of our lives. This is the reason why business owners are increasingly adopting iOS apps to further expand their...

Tags: iPhone developer in New York

28. What are the different techniques used by online reputation management companies?

If you want to repair your image online or gain visibility for your brand, you must find a company, which provides services of reputation management in NYC or any big city.

Tags: reputation management in NYC

29. 5 Ultimate Reputation Management Tips for Impeccable Business Image

We are living in an era, where the reputation of a business is more valuable than anything else is. This is because sales and revenue of a business heavily depends on its image among its existing and targeted customers.

Tags: reputation management company

30. Why PHP is the most preferred language for developing websites?

PHP developed websites has plethora of benefits. It is an open-source language, which is enriched with great features and functionality.

Tags: Manhattan website development Comp

31. What are the common mistakes that professionals usually make in iPhone Apps?

With rapidly developing new trends in IT industry, IPhone apps have played a big role in bringing new advancements.

Tags: Manhattan,iPhone apps developers

32. How is SEO different from reputation management?

There are many IT companies that provide both SEO and reputation management services in Manhattan.

Tags: SEO and reputation management servi

33. What online reputation management can achieve for your business?

Every business owner understands the importance of reputation in context of sales and revenue. It is an aspect that directly affects sales and customer base.

Tags: online reputation management

34. What customers and business owners want in an iPhone app?

If you are a business owner, then you need to understand what your clients want in your application. After determining that, you need to hire an iPhone appsdevelopment company to develop a complete and top notch application for...

Tags: iPhone appsdevelopment company

35. What kind of flaws can online reputation management fix?

It is very essential to maintain good reputation in the market no matter what your business is.

Tags: Online reputation management

36. Common Mistakes That Must Be Avoided by Mobile App Development Companies

Many aspects are required to be taken care of by the professionals of iPhone apps Development Company.Following are the common pitfalls that are to be avoided-

Tags: iPhone apps Development Company

37. Which aspects are needed to build an iPhone app for a business?

iPhone app can do wonders for your business with its easy accessibility to products, marketing, and regular updates regarding company. But, building these applications is not easy. It requires lots of essential aspects, factors...

Tags: iPhone developer

38. Is it right to say “designing a website is not always complicated”?

When it comes to designing a website for your business, there are a variety of factors that need to be taken into consideration before starting with it.

Tags: custom website designing services.

39. Why PHP is Developer’s Favorite?

PHP has flared its dominance over other languages because of its wide advantages. Development has become a lot more easy and flexible because of PHP, which is why it has become most preferred scripting languages by the developers.

Tags: Manhattan, website development

40. Has Google Hummingbird update affected your website ranking? Here’s the solution for it!

Hiring a professional SEO firm, expertise in this area is must. With the optimal solutions, you can definitely overcome from the negative impact caused by the Hummingbird update.

Tags: SEO firm

41. Common iPhone App Mistakes to Avoid!

IPhone apps world is a big market with millions of people as employees and customers. In the cities like Manhattan iPhone apps developers are continuously working on new applications or updating old ones.

Tags: Manhattan iPhone apps developers

42. Why you must hire a digital agency that offers all services?

Today, majority of businesses have their website to accomplish their business targets.

Tags: SEO Company in Manhattan

43. What are the major web designing trends of 2015?

In comparison to 2014, website trends of 2015 have brought a drastic change in the web-designing world. The new trends have received more positive and warm responses from the user side.

Tags: Website Designers in Manhattan

44. PHP vs. ASP.NET- Which One Is Better

Answer to this has been a hot debate for a long time now. While a large number of people advocate PHP, ASP.NET also have ardent fans all over the world.

Tags: Web Development service i

45. Did you know how mobile apps could decide the fate of your business?

If you have made your mind that you must use this available technology to ensure the safe future of your business, you must get in touch with a professional mobile apps development company.

Tags: mobile apps development

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