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MicroWorld's products cover the entire security spectrum, making it a one-stop solution for protecting all your information security assets. Over the years, MicroWorld has been redefining the Information Security landscape by developing innovative technologies and solutions. Our continued endeavor is to provide Futuristic Security Intelligence to computers; be it in an Enterprise, SMB, or Home.
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1. Are you hit by the Ransomware that demands ‘Paypal My Cash Cards’?

Video Gamers are targeted by TelsaCrypt Ransomware, a variant of CryptoLocker Ransomware which prohibits users accessing their photos,personal documents and most importantly game files, making it unique when in comparison with...

Tags: Video Games, Call of Duty, Paypal My Cash Cards, Ransomware, Star Craft 2

2. Are Google search results biased?

Google does not actually use its normal organic search algorithm to deliver the answers for our question that we see on the first screen.

Tags: Google, Google search, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Chrome browser

3. Spearphishing Attacks Targeting Government Organizations – Security Advisory By NCSC

National Cyber Security Centre has released Security Advisory regarding Spear-phishing campaign that is targeting various government departments.

Tags: NCSC, Phishing, Security, Spearphishing, phishing email

4. Gift Card Scam

It is always advisable to be careful while selecting gift cards for your friends and loved ones. Cyber crooks have expertized in exploiting this popular form of gifting through tampering, deception and utter theft.

5. Russians Beware: You could be next target of CRYPVAULT Ransomware

Russians are targeted by CrypVault Ransomware, a variant of CryptoLocker Ransomware, which prohibits the users from accessing their personal document files, zip files and a host of other files.

Tags: Russians, Browser Password Dump, CrypVault, Ransomware

6. Are The Free Web-Based Email Services Actually Free?

In this multi-channel, multi-device world, getting access to user’s data has become really simple. Companies collect data from different sources and use it for various purposes.

Tags: Amazon, Gmail, Security, web- based email, YouTube

7. Get Control Over The Permissions Required By Your App With Mozilla's FirefoxOS 2.1

When we install Android apps from the Google Play Store we are presented with a list of permissions required by each app. Seeing this, most of us chose not to download these apps.

Tags: Mozilla's Firefox, FirefoxOS, Android apps, Google Play Store, Data Security

8. Yahoo Servers Hacked Due To Shellshock Vulnerability

Apparently, Yahoo servers have been compromised by Romanian hackers over the weekend. This is up till now the first confirmed case of a major firm being hit with Shellshock Vulnerability.

Tags: Yahoo Servers Hacked, Data theft, data breach, Shellshock vulnerability, Yahoo Games

9. Corporate Espionage through Social Engineering

Process of spying business competitor or intelligence agency or internal organisation for vested interests is called Corporate Espionage or Economic Espionage.

Tags: Corporate Espionage, Social Engineering, Endpoint Security

10. Malicious Malware

eScan, one of the leading Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution providers, has studied on a recent poll that says 32% of the top IT professionals agreed that data breaches and malware are the top threats that any...

Tags: Malware, Cyber security, IT security, Malware attack

11. Security Risks On Social Networking Sites

There are many advantages of social media sites which include connecting with friends and family, searching jobs, and much more. However, along with so many benefits there are also information security and privacy concerns...

Tags: social media, Security issues, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

12. Do We Need To Worry About Security When Using Public Wi-Fi Networks?

There are basically two types of WiFi networks that can be accessed. Traditional Access Point networks connect devices directly to a central router, that is; every device connects to a router.

Tags: Public Wi-Fi Networks, Security, VPN, unsecured network, Wi-Fi hotspots

13. Theft Of Digital Personal Data – A Rising Issue

Many users do not even realize how conveniently hackers get their sensitive personal information without breaking into their homes. It seems that user’s data is more vulnerable than anyone.

Tags: data, digital information, login details, bank account, hackers

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