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Welcome to FacilitatorU, where we believe that Self-Awareness and Presence are the foundations upon which effective group leadership rests. Honing your inner game or your ability to facilitate yourself allows you to leverage your personal presence as a catalyst for healthy group collaboration and innovation.
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1. Facilitation Skills Training & Guide | FacilitatorU

A large selection of self-guided e learning teleclasses, articles, ebooks, and other resources on a host of facilitation topics.

Tags: Facilitation Skills, Facilitation Training, Facilitation Training & Guide

2. Communication Skills Training : Facilitator U

Effective communication skills training offered by Facilitator U. Course is the only organizational communication training program that is proven to make you more effective.

Tags: facilitation skills training, communication skills training, facilitators employ

3. Emotional Intelligence Workshop License : FacilitatorU

Emotional Intelligence refers to the complex mix of social and interpersonal behaviors that incorporate intuition, character, integrity, motivation, communication ability, and relationship skills.

Tags: leadership development, presentation skills training

4. Facilitation Training & Resources for Group Facilitators

There are certain attitudes and beliefs we hold about groups in general and certain behaviors that reflect them, that we believe impact the unfolding of a highly functioning group.

Tags: Facilitation Training, Facilitation Self-Awareness, Self-Facilitation Training

5. Running Effective Meetings | FacilitatorU

Meetings are where most decisions are made and complex problems solved. Yet most of them are poorly run and tend to waste a lot of people’s time.

Tags: Facilitation Meeting, Facilitation Meeting Training, Facilitation Effective Meetings

6. About Facilitative Leadership Development

Over the past decade or so, facilitative styles of leadership are rapidly gaining ground for a number of reasons.

Tags: facilitated communication, communication skills training

7. Facilitative Leadership Development

Up until recently, leadership development focused on the Heroic Leader.That is we developed and look to leaders that would paint a vivid and compelling vision then inspire, persuade, and energize their team to carry out this...

Tags: facilitated communication, communication skills training

8. Effective Presentation Skills Training Program | Facilitator U

Articles, training, tools and resources to support building of presentation skills Online.

Tags: project managers, facilitation skills, leadership skills, project manager, group facilitation skills

9. Leadership Coaching, Leadership Courses | Facilitator U

Polish you quality & behavior of a leader with best leadership coaching, courses, training. We will help you throughout the course & after.

Tags: Leadership Coaching, Leadership Courses, Leadership Training

10. Integral Facilitation Primer & Self-Assessment

Introduces a comprehensive model of facilitation and a self-assessment instrument used to rank your skills relative to 20 Archetypes of the Integral Facilitator, and an Action Planning guide to support your growth.

Tags: Integral Facilitation Primer, Self-Assessment Facilitation

11. Meeting Facilitation Workshop License | FacilitatorU

Workshop delivery kit is a proven, out of the box, highly interactive four-hour workshop designed to develop more effective meeting leaders.

Tags: Meeting Facilitation Workshop, Best Meeting Facilitation Workshop, Effective Meeting Facilitation Work

12. Facilitation ebooks and paperbacks | FacilitatrorU

There's Lots of Effective group Ebooks and paperbacks for facilitators and group leaders.

Tags: Effective group leaders, Ebooks paperbacks, facilitators and group leaders

13. Facilitator Expert Interviews | FacilitatorU

This page contains a collection of one-hour pre-recorded interviews with experts on a variety of facilitation and related topics. Each program comes complete with written notes and other bonuses.

Tags: Facilitator Interviews, Facilitator Expert, Expert Interviews

14. Soft Skills Training : Facilitator U

Personal Development and Professional Development skills in corporate terminology is called as Soft Skills. Facilitator U offers best Soft Skills Training Online.

Tags: Soft Skills Training, Online Soft Skills Training

15. Training & Development Skills : Facilitator U

Skills development and training are key components in hiring and retaining employees. We are offering Training & Development Skills tarining online.

Tags: Training & Development Skills, Training & Development Skills Onlin

16. Training Licenses | FacilitatorU

Virtual university offering just in time facilitation training, tools, and resources facilitators and group leaders.

Tags: training licenses, facilitation training

17. Training Workshop : 12 Acts of Courage to Change Meetings for Good

Live workshop to develop effective meeting leadership skills even if you are not the designated leader.

Tags: Facilitator Training Workshop, Meeting leadership skills

18. How a Facilitator Can Help | FacilitatorU

Group facilitation involves the understanding and management of group dynamics. Facilitators engage in facilitating groups help them to make their work easier and more effective.

Tags: Acilitator definition, facilitation, facilitator, facilitated communication, communication skills training

19. Training and Development | FacilitatorU

Faciliation skills, courses, articles, and other resources to support adult training and development.

Tags: facilitate communication, human communication, staff facilitated communication, basic training

20. Know What is Facilitation | Facilitator U

Facilitation is the act of helping groups to focus their energies in a common direction, helping them to make better decisions in cooperation with one another.

Tags: facilitation skills, facilitator definition, facilitators, facilitator

21. What is Facilitation? | Facilitator U

Facilitation is important because groups are typically more complex than we think. It’s common practice to think that groups are simply a collection of individuals.

Tags: facilitation skills, facilitator definition, facilitators, facilitator

22. Facilitated Communication | FacilitatorU

Del had been talking, for what seemed like an eternity and I wasn’t completely sure what the hell he was talking about and why he was so adamant about it.

Tags: Presentation skills training, soft skills training

23. An Example of Facilitated Communication

Del was the lead engineer on the guidance software module I was working on. He’s a bright guy from a technical standpoint but he can be really hard headed when he’s trying to make a point.

Tags: facilitated communication, communication skills training

24. Ten Steps for Making a Major Life Change | FacilitatorU

These tips were mined from my own experience, most of which surfaced while moving out of a long-term relationship and a long-term career in mid-life.

Tags: skills required, same broken, work together, appointed project

25. 10 Steps for Making a Major Life Change | FacilitatorU

Much of what we do as group leadership coaching is help our clients make some kind of change. Whether we’re talking about a change to a huge system or a change in a single person’s life..

Tags: project managers myopically, group processes, project managers need, group wings, facilitative leadership skills

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