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Amit Prasad is the founder and managing director of SatNav Technologies and has business interests in a wide range of IT products. SatNav Technologies is an IT products company focusing on cloud based map data products and a pioneer in GPS, FMS & LBS Technologies. The product suite includes SatTracx ‘in-the-field’ location based solutions and a-mantra ‘in-the-office’ facilities management solutions. QuickFMS from a-mantra is a cloud based facility management system which enhances organization’s efficiency.
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1. Top 5 Benefits of Using Property Management Software

The real-estate is one such industry, which has immensely benefited from computing and software technologies. Let’s have a look at the top 5 benefits of using an advanced property management software.

Tags: Advantages of Real Estate Managemen, Benefits of Property Management Sof, Property Management Software

2. 10 Simple Ways to Have an Eco Friendly Office

Contribute in saving our planet earth from global warming using 10 simple tips in order to make your office and commercial place Eco friendly.

Tags: Eco-Friendly Commercial Place, Green Office, Nature Friendly Office

3. 7 Exciting Ideas to Host an Office Christmas Party

Are you looking for company party ideas for christmas celebration? Read this story to get christmas celebration ideas at office.

Tags: Christmas Party Ideas for Office, Company Party Ideas, Corporate Party Ideas, Office Christmas Party Ideas, Office Party Themes

4. Top 6 Benefits of Implementing Help Desk Management Solution

Benefits of implementation of help desk management software in business is to provide better customer service in less time and also manage customers.

Tags: Facility Management Software, Help Desk Support Software, Help Desk Management

6. Role of Facility Management Software in Your Business

Facility Management software is the IT supported facility management system. It helps Facility Managers at the organizations to optimally utilize their assets and time.

Tags: Facility Management Software, Business management

7. Commercial Space Optimization with Facility Management Software

Every office or commercial space is in the need of more and more operational space within their limited space available. Space optimization software can help your business to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase...

Tags: Office Space Planning, Space Allocation Software, Space Management at Office, Space Optimization Software

8. Significant Benefits of Implementing an Office Automation System

Office automation makes it possible for business organizations improve their productivity and recognize easier ways to do business in profits. Check out this blog to know more about office automation system and its benefits.

Tags: Benefits of Office Automation Syste, Business Automation Software, Office Automation System, Business Management & Automation

9. 3 Revolutionary Small Business Trends in America: 2016

Small business trends in USA that is going to help business owners to increase efficiency and productivity of their businesses.

Tags: Small Business, Small Business Trends, Business Trends in America

10. Combining the Power of SaaS and Facility Management

QuickFMS is an innovative facility management software, which leverages SaaS deployment model to offer a highly-advanced and all-in-one facility management solution. Read how businesses can get advantages of QuickFMS's...

Tags: Cloud FMS, Facility Managment Software, SaaS and Facility Management, SaaS Model for Business Management

11. 6 Maintenance Cost Reduction Strategies You Must Follow

Maintenance costs can quickly affect your income reports if not taken care at the first step. Learn now effective strategy that starts from the base.

Tags: Cost Reduction Maintenance Tips, Cost Reduction Management, Maintenance Management Strategies, Maintenance Management Tips

12. 5 Efficient Ways to Improve Customer Communication

Train employees to improve and provide quality customer services that makes company brand image more reliable and social. Provide your business a new level with 5 customer communication tips.

Tags: Communication Strategy, Communication Tips, Customer Communication, Customer Management, Customer Relationship Management

13. Facility Management Software: Secret Key to Startup Success

Facility management software is a complete suite of tools for your business startup. It allows you to manage a business from one centralized location.

Tags: Company startup, Business management, Facility management software

14. An Innovative Reservation & Resource Management Solution

QuickFMS’s SaaS automates facility management processes for your business company, allowing your employees to increase productivity significantly. Read the main key features of QuickFMS's Reservation and Resource...

Tags: Conference Room Booking Software, Features of Reservation Management, Reservation Management Solution, Reservation Schedule Manager, Scheduling Management Solution

15. How to Select the Right Workplace Management Solution

Be wise, select best IWMS for your business. QuickFMS shares the guide on how to select the right workplace management solution read now.

Tags: Integrated Workplace Management Sys, IWMS, Workplace Management Software, Workspace Management Software

16. On-Cloud vs. On-Premise: Why Choose SaaS?

Saas is a software distribution model for business. SaaS applications offer enhanced security against all potential threats with your data on the cloud. Read here to get more info and saves a lot now.

17. 6 Tips to Get the Ideal Asset Management Software

Know your business requirements as well as user level and technical requirements well before selecting your asset management software. This will help you to have an ideal facility asset management software for your business.

Tags: Facility Asset Management Software, Asset Management Software Features, Cloud Based Asset Management, Tips for Asset Management Software, Asset Management Company

18. Rental Property Software: How It Helps in Asset Management

Rental property management software helps organizations in better property listings and stores lease information and documents as well. Read the complete story to find out more benefits of rental property software in asset...

Tags: Asset Management, Property Management Software, Rental Property Management, Rental Property Managers

19. 5 Business Values That Small Enterprises Derive From SaaS

Cloud-based facility management software helps small and medium enterprises to improve and grow constantly so that they can compete with evolving business conditions.

Tags: SaaS, Small Business

20. Top 5 Reasons to Implement Web Based Facility Management Software

Do you know why every business owner need to implement web based facility management software? Explore the top 5 reasons for implementing a web based facility management software.

Tags: Business and Management, Facilities Management Software, Web Based Facility Management

21. Improving Operational Efficiency with Bank Facility Management Software

Facility management software reduce operational and maintenance costs, as well as the shrinking profits are making it hard for banking organizations to mark a constant growth.

Tags: Facility Management Software, Banks Facility Management Software, Asset Management Software for Banks

22. Top 7 Ways to Ensure Fire Prevention and Safety in Offices

An early preparation and prevention is always better to minimize the loss of life and property in the case of a fire accident. Keep safe your work place with these 7 fire safety tips.

Tags: Commercial Safety Tips, Fire Fighting Tips, Fire Prevention Tips, Tips for Minimizing Accidental Fire, Top Fire Safety Tips

23. Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Business Facility

Making a New Year resolution is one the best ways to stay focused and follow a strict path towards an improvement. Read the complete story to get 6 new year resolutions for business owners.

Tags: New Year Resolution Ideas, New Year Resolutions, New Year's Resolutions for Business

24. How to Benefit from Asset Management Software?

The implementation of an asset management software ensures that all your machinery, equipment and assets are utilized in the best possible and profitable way.

Tags: Advantages of Asset Management, Asset Management Software, Benefits of Asset Management, Enterprise Asset Management

25. Top 15 Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Facilities

There are various ways through which you can save energy at your office and other commercial facilities. Top 15 energy saving tips for your office and commercial facilities.

Tags: Energy Saving Tips, Top 15 Energy Saving Tips

26. 7 Benefits of IWMS for Corporate Real Estate

Are you looking for high quality, reliable management information to reduce real estate costs and to increase productivity and efficiency. Before using IWMS learn benefits now.

Tags: Asset Management, Facilities Management, Integrated Workplace Management Sys, Maintenance Management, Space Management

27. 3 Essential Qualities of a Good Facility Manager

Efficient facility management of your organization directly provides an impact to your business productivity. Know about essential qualities needed in a facility manager to have a perfect management for your organization.

Tags: Facility Manager, Facility Manager Software, Facility Management and Maintenance

28. Essential Qualities of a Business Manager in This Digital Era

It’s must to have a business manager aware of business technologies in order to be ahead of business competitors in this digital era.

Tags: Business Management, Business Digitalization

29. Highly Effective Ways for Good Business Management

Are you planning to start a small business then you must need some expert and effective business management tips. Read this complete guide to get business management tips.

Tags: Business Management Tips, Effective Business Management Tips, Facilities Management Software for

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