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Yuval Moed – Co-Founder and CEO, has over 18 years experience as an Internet and eCommerce entrepreneur and investor.
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1. 4 Ways Tellers Can Use Video Chat to Increase Customer Rapport

Video chat brings the missing personal touch to remote interactions and supports developing of stronger customer relationships with quality customer support.

Tags: Video chat, Banking, Customer Support, Customer Service

2. Co-browsing with Live Chat, Audio, Video and Content-Sharing Officially Released!

Co-browsing powered by Live Video Chat and Content Sharing now available in Portuguese and Danish languages with improved monitoring.

Tags: Co-browsing, Live Chat, Content Sharing, Video chat

3. Append Seamless Transitions in Your Customer Service Operations with Live Video Chat

Virtual real-time engagement tools like live video chat help improve customer experience and drive better business performance.

Tags: Virtual engagement, Customer Service, Live Video Chat, Tool

4. Following The 3 seconds Rule Is Key for Successful Online Businesses - VeriShow

The 3-second online customer rule is used as a differentiator as businesses compete in the highly cluttered and competitive market. Read on to learn more.

Tags: customer support, customer service, business, sales

5. Virtual Banking Support with Video Chat and Co-Browsing Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

The convenience of banking online is resulting in more and more customers exploring its usage for accessing banking services. It’s not surprising thus for banks to have adopted online as a vital part of their omni-banking...

Tags: Video Chat, Banking Support, Cobrowsing, Customer Service

6. Don’t overload with information, help the customers find the right information

Improve customer experience with proactive online co-browsing service and helping customers find the right information. This can help improve trust and sales.

Tags: Cobrowsing, Customer Service, Sales

7. Live Chat on Mobile, Faster Co-browser & More!

Now faster Live Chat and Co Browsing with browser based mobile support with extra features like more room for chat and improved Visitor Monitoring.

Tags: Live Chat, Co-browser, Mobile Live

8. Artificial Intelligence Enhances Customer Service But Needs Human Touch For Right Impact

As in the case of several other industries, Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing in tangible changes to the field of customer...

Tags: cobrowsing, customer support, customer service

9. Do you have the correct tools that enable your team to thrive?

5 technologically advanced sales tools that are easy to integrate in your existing architecture and give your sales and service department instant power

Tags: Tools, Cobrowsing, Video Live Chat, Content Sharing

10. 3 Ways Brands Can Improve Customer Service without a huge expense

3 ways to improve customer service at minimal expenses include usage of powerful technology tools, implementing self-serve, and fast delivery experience.

Tags: Communication, Customer service

11. Omni-channel services: Pushing digital transformation of banking

Omni-channel support through real time communication suite is essential to provide customers a seamless experience across online, mobile and phone banking.

Tags: Banking, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Omni Channel

12. Why Live Help is essential for Mobile Banking solutions?

Live engagement during mobile banking reassures customers that expert help from their bank is never far away, providing reassurance to customers.

Tags: Mobile Banking, Live Help, Customer Support

13. Getting to Perfect Customer Service with Multimedia Chat

Using video chat and multimedia services can help agents deliver attentive and perfect service to customers.

Tags: Customer Service, Multimedia Chat

14. Dealers Understood: Great Things Never Came from Comfort Zones

Real–time engagement like co-browsing, video chat and content sharing is the answer for the changing consumer demands from the automotive industry.

Tags: Real-Time, Video Chat, Cobrowsing, Virtual Engagemnet

15. Companies Can Lose Customers from Poor Service

Leveraging real time communication tools during remote interactions can help avoid or resolve situations causing customers frustration or anxiety, which enhances satisfaction levels.

Tags: Customer Service, Personalized Support, Real-Time Engagement

16. Provide Convenience to Your Banking Customers by Using Video Chat and Co-browsing

Banking customers and companies remain at ease by using software like video chat and co-browsing for completing complex and complicated long transactions.

Tags: Video Chat, Cobrowsing, Banking industry, Customer Service

17. Enter the New Age of Banking with Co-browsing Technology

Have remote access to your customers' browser and help them with your services using co-browsing. Upsell with live screen sharing and real-time services.

Tags: Banking, Technology, Cobrowsing

18. Why Combine Self-Service and Assisted-Service Channels?

6 Reasons on why to combine self-service and assisted-service channels for a better Customer Relationship Management and Experience.

Tags: Customer Service, CRM

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