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This a new blog of Indian artist named Amar Singha. This blog is related to the history of art, painting and the other creative works of the artist. A very informative art blog and author eager to help art lovers to provide...

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  • How to find out the metaphor?
    on Aug 15, 2016
    The Fifth Aphorism, Saddressam. The basic concept of this aphorism was, artists have to find out the nearest form of a specific object from nature or anywhere as a metaphor that will be able to establish the equivalence and represent that fro...
  • How to bring the luminosity in a painting?
    on Jul 5, 2016
    Labannyayojonam; The fourth aphorism. This chapter of the grammar book I am about to represent is related to the luminosity of the painting. Before starting the discussion, it is necessary to perceive, what is luminosity? Keep it in mind that...
  • How to Press Out the Emotion on Canvas?
    on Jun 14, 2016
    VHAVE; The Third Aphorism This chapter of the oldest grammar book of painting is about the third aphorism out of the six. It describes about how to brings out the feelings or emotion of the painting or sculpture. The meaning of VHAVE is feeli...
  • How to Maintain the Proportional Balance in the Painting.
    on Jun 5, 2016
    Pramanam, the second aphorism. This chapter, I am about to discuss is related to the sense of perspective and proportion as well as, it helps to maintain the balance of a composition. A well-known subject to all artists and an important part...
  • How to Know the Form, A powerful Explanation.
    on May 29, 2016
    Rupvedha. The first aphorism. The primary thought of it was how to learn the technique of observation including an insignificant part of the natural objects and discover the inner form of a specific object. We know that each life or non-...
  • The Grammar Book of Painting
    on May 25, 2016
    Introduction I am now going to hash out some of the important points related to the art from an ancient grammar book of painting, performed as the world's first grammar book.   At first of my life, I read this book when I w...
  • How to select color for your room.
    on May 21, 2016
    When we intend to pick the appropriate color for our living dining or even kid’s room, it seems to be challenging to select the best shade for all of us as well as in most of the instances, we are unable to distinguish from where we have t...
  • An Authentic Denotation..Part - 6
    on May 16, 2016
    About Raag-Nattnarayan Finally, I am about to represent the sixth and last figurative form of Indian classical music named Raag-Nattnarayan. I have found some differences in this musical rhythm and the related figurative form that has grabbed...
  • An Authentic Denotation..Part - 5
    on May 10, 2016
    About Pancham Raag. This article concerning the Raag Pancham, the fifth rhythm of Indian classical music. Prior to starting my discussion, I would like to share an impressive stuff I found, associated with the classical music. During my past...
  • An Authentic Denotation...Part - 4
    on May 2, 2016
    About Megh-Raag There is numerous controversies associated with the Raag-Mala paintings have been running for decades concerning the truth of this figurative concept. The majority of the common people have been believing that it just an...
  • An Authentic Denotation... Part - 3
    on Apr 22, 2016
    About Vairaba Raag In this segment, I am about to represent the third figurative model of the Indian classical music recognized as the Vairaba Raag. At the former episode, I asserted that those miniature artists duly impressed by the myth of...
  • An Authentic Denotation - Part - 2
    on Apr 12, 2016
    About Basant Raag At the earliest episode, I went into detail about the First figurative model of the musical rhythm performed in the role of Sree-Raag. That figurative formation pointed out the season of fall-winter. It’s an incr...
  • An Authentic Denotation of Indian Raag-Mala Paintings.
    on Apr 3, 2016
    About Sree-Raag. By following the backdrop of miniature painting processes in the 16th century, I considered discussing additionally in details about each of my paintings mainly because the Raag-Mala miniature paintings were the ultimate...
  • The interesting and secret method of the Indian miniature art.
    on Mar 14, 2016
    At the past, I described the background of my musical series of paintings which I represented by the inspiration of Mughal miniature artists and also the oldest scripture of Indian musical genre. By following the previous article, here I'd p...
  • About my smallest miniature painting.
    on Mar 7, 2016
    I recently completed my latest painting named The torment of Migration. I really worried to know about one of such type of problems of the refugees started from 2015. According to the blog of World Citizen Artist, “around 1 million refugee...
  • Why Fine Art America Loves My Greeting Cards? 
    on Jan 22, 2016
    Design a greeting card is a fun way to show your creative ability and it likewise an awesome platform to showcase the emotions of the human heart by creating something new innovative design. I have taken it as a little canvas to express several e...
  • Why should you buy a painting?
    on Sep 13, 2015
    According to our primary concept of a painting is just like a luxury item, and if you have to purchase a painting for your home, it is because you want to decorate the specific room wall. It will increase the beauty of your room and that's all, r...
  • My digital painting for T-shirt. 
    on Aug 27, 2015
    As a painter, my creativity is not only confined to painting rather I starve to work with several platforms of art and artistry, although all of these are another outlet as I said in my artist statement, but I enjoy working with those.
  • The background of my series of musical painting.
    on Jun 3, 2015
    In this article, I am just intending to disclose the background concept of the Raag-Mala series. In earlier times, I have composed a book concerning this concept which I contemplated as unique, however regrettably, very few Indian artists have em...
  • My recognition
    on May 6, 2015
    I actually started doing digital painting not more than two or three months. As I supposed earlier that my friend Pete, inspired me about digital painting, and I followed his command. But it’s my nature that I never satisfied with my work.
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