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1. Programmatic Ads and Creativity

Creativity in the times of Programmatic: Is the digitalization of ads going to rob the digital ad space of creativity? Read on to know more...

Tags: programmatic, mobileads, mobileadvertising, mobilemarketing

2. Cohort Analysis – Zero down on your most valuable users

Try to look through data, make data driven smarter decisions to boost your performance campaigns. Read on

Tags: technology, technology, analytics, marketing, mobile marketing

3. Social Media : One click share

With the increasing captivation towards social media, sharing has become the godfather of all actions.

Tags: technology, mobileapp, apps, ios, android

4. 4 Ways To Avoid Making Dud Apps That Don’t Sell

There’s a Zombie App-o-calypse on the App stores. . If you aren’t familiar with the term Zombie Apps then let us tell you what we intend to say. As an development company we are aware of the challenges most applications face.

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

5. Simplifying the attribution game for m-commerce apps

The boom in global m-commerce continues to bring in good news every year. According to a Business Insider Intelligence report, m-commerce is estimated to reach $284 billion (in sales) by 2020.

Tags: advertising, mobileapp, analytics, mobile marketing, mobile app

6. Audience Segmentation in Advertising -From Sociology to Data Analytics

Building Audience Segments | Data Approach & Data. Read our latest blog on Audience Segmentation in Advertising.

Tags: mobile marketing, mobile advertising, technology, marketer

7. Mobile App Security : Threats and Solutions

Mobile App Security have transformed drastically users are now more concerned about the threats and solutions

Tags: technology, mobileapp, security, ios, android

8. Fashion & Lifestyle Apps – How to pick the most relevant in-app events?

In continuation to our last blog-post about a step-by-step approach for monitoring relevant in-app events for retail e-commerce apps, let’s take the case of retail apps from the fashion & lifestyle genre.

Tags: mobile marketing, data analytics, fashion

9. Enhance user-engagement with mTraction’s Segment Builder

Gone are the days of ‘One size fits all’ marketing. Today, mobile marketing is all about creating personalised experiences for users. Learn about mTraction's Segment Builder today.

Tags: advertising, analytics, analytics, mobile marketing, user engagement

10. How Wearables are Revolutionizing Wearable Apps

Is it a fad? Is it a trend or Is it a revolution? is what the Wearable and Wearable Apps industry has got us asking !

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

11. How to Design Wearable Apps for Your Users

Wearable apps are transforming the way people use to use mobile apps.

Tags: technology, wearable, apps

12. 4 Highly Recommended Ad Formats For Lifestyle & Travel Brands

Third in the order of our festive series is the Lifestyle & Travel space, which comprises of a huge variety of premium brands.

Tags: mobile marketing, mobile advertising, technology, marketer, android

13. mTraction Verticals – Everything that your business needs.

Nowadays, every business has its specific requirements. So, it has become very important for mobile marketers to pay attention to every minute details when it comes to the planning and execution of their marketing campaigns.

Tags: advertising, analytics, campaigns, cohort analysis, in-app analytics

14. The Month That Was : Google I/O 2016

The Google I/O 2016 came and made some smashing keynote announcements. Here’s a rounding up on all things that got us excited as a mobile app development firm.

Tags: UX, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

15. The Rise and the Rise of Media Apps

Streaming is the new way to go with respect to entertainment. The Millennials are glued to a different kind of screen, their mobile screens to consume all the audio visual content.

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

16. Ansible and Affle launch mTraction TVSync in Indonesia

mTraction TVSync was launched by Affle today in partnership with the newly launched full-service mobile marketing and technology agency IPG Mediabrands Ansible in Indonesia.

Tags: affle, mtraction, ansible, indonesia

17. How to increase your App Store ratings using In -App Analytics

Social proof ( in this case user’s feedback) is a major factor in the psychological game of influencing people to buy your product, idea or apps.

Tags: advertising, technology, analytics, mobile marketing, user engagement

18. Native Ads | 4 Ways To Stay Relevant In 2017

At a time when users are made to watch an ad every time before they actually watch a YouTube video or read any news content, mobile advertising is unfortunately turning out to be a forceful experience in a way.

Tags: mobile marketing, mobile advertising, native ads, marketer

19. BIG DATA & CRM | Woo your Customers with the Right Analytics Tool

When we say CRM, people immediately think of customer services and support, a random executive making calls, earning brownie points with the customers, selling them sweet deals or loyalty discounts.

Tags: CRM, big data, mobile marketing, marketer

20. Mobile ERP – Ensure Enterprise Mobility With Data Security

In the recent times, we’ve seen several big enterprises take the alleyway towards the app economy. This has caused a paradigm shift in how large corporations look at their business models today.

Tags: mobile app, mobile app development, technology, ios, android

21. Do music apps have a story beyond being a medium of listening to music?

Music is with us more than any of our friends, be it while travelling, working or any other sport. Are music apps becoming our all time resolute? With the level of satisfaction music serves, the demand for the same grows manifold.

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

22. The Coming Together Of VAS & Mobile Apps

VAS & Mobile Apps | Can they be friends? Read our blog to explore this new partnership.

Tags: VAS, mobile app, mobile app development, android, ios

23. Native , Web or Hybrid? What’s your App Type?

Affle AppStudioz outlines a comparison between Native, Web or Hybrid? What’s your App Type?

Tags: hybrid, native, web, technology, mobile app

24. User data management becomes simpler with mTraction

In our previous blog-post, we did a detailed take on how mTraction’s Cohort Analysis feature helps marketers and app owners with their user data.

Tags: advertising, analytics, analytics, mobile marketing, user engagement


The countdown for Mobile World Congress has begun and team Affle is headed to Barcelona!

Tags: mobile world congress, mobile advertising, mobile marketing, mwc

26. Gujarat Lions App: Making A Roaring Entry into IPL!

With IPL just around the corner, the cricket fever is spreading far and wide. Our Apps caught a whiff of the same air. We present out first IPL entertainment app; The Gujarat Lions App.

Tags: android, mobileapp, mobile app development

27. Mobile App Attribution gets better with mTraction

At a time when marketers need to constantly assess the effectiveness of their mobile ad campaigns, mobile app attribution has become the starting point for intelligent decision-making.

Tags: affle, attribution, analytics, in-app analytics, mobile app

28. AI for Marketing & Sales: Your Friendly Sales Guy is a ChatBot

Know how chat bots will help your sales and revenue in the years to come and how to make a start…

Tags: chatbots, technology, appstudioz, affle, blog

29. Remote Project Management and Collaboration in App Development

Remote project management and telecommunication were once novel ideas that were rarely put into practice, but this is no longer true today.

Tags: app development, ios, android, mobility, technology

30. mHealth: A Game-Changer In Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is rapidly recognizing the benefits of mobility in health and fitness.

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

31. Performance Marketing: 5 Wrong Turns To Campaign Failure

Not sure what's going wrong with your #marketingcampaigns? Maybe you're making these 5 rookie mistakes.

Tags: mobile marketing, performance marketing, technology, marketer

32. Internet Of Things and Healthcare

With iOT gaining its momentum Healthcare, one of the first industries to benefit from this surge and is touted to be a $117 Billion industry

Tags: iot, healthcare, wearbale

33. 5 Reasons You Should Use A Unified SDK for Mobile App Analytics

Still using multiple tools for mobile app analytics? Switch to a unified SDK platform. Read 'Why?'

Tags: advertising, analytics, campaigns, ios, android

34. The 5 Must Have Features : How To Make Retail Apps That Actually Sell

Building a retail app? Do you have the feature checklist ready? Here are the 5 must have features, check them out:

Tags: ios, mobileapp, mobile app development, android, tech

35. iOS 10 : Updates for Attribution and App Analytics Platform

iOS 10 came with some major changes and some minor tweaks. The rich media push notifications and a new way for users to interact with them are a whooping plus for CRM push notification platforms.

Tags: advertising, analytics, campaigns, mobile marketing, user engagement

36. Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

In the digital era, presence in mobile world is critical for businesses to attract, retain and communicate with their audience.

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

37. Detect Ad Fraud with mTraction’s Fraud Analytics

With the ever increasing significance of mobile advertising, marketers are placing this medium at the top slot of their budget.

Tags: advertising, analytics, mTraction, mobile marketing, tech

38. Why Entertainment Brands would prefer to go Mobile first?

The mobile apps have become the one stop shop for any kind of entertainment.

Tags: technology, entertainment, apps

39. UX Matters: Five Ways UX Influences Your Mobile App’s Success

UX tips that can make or break your app, read on to know how!

Tags: UX, technology, mobile app development, ios, android

40. Introducing mTraction – One platform for Mobile App Attribution, Analytics &...

With the increasing affinity of marketers towards mobile, it has become extremely important to track and measure the performance of marketing campaigns.

Tags: attribution, analytics, crm, mobile marketing, user engagement

41. Is Your Mobile App Not Making Any Money?

In the tech world, every app developer dream to build a mobile app that will transform their idea into enormous riches.

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

42. Advantage of using the Facebook SDK & a Unified SDK Solution for your App.

When it comes to reaching out to a wide variety of audiences for promoting an App, most performance marketers turn towards Facebook without second thoughts.

Tags: marketing, mobileapp, analytics, mobile marketing, tech

43. iOS 10| The Developer’s Perspective: The Sirikit

Apple made waves yet again with the launch of the iPhone 7 , the AppleWatch 2 and the all pervasive iOS 10.

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

44. What Your Potential Users Think About Mobile App Security and Data Privacy

People who build mobile technology and mobile applications have discovered that data management and security is one of the largest roadblocks regarding in using mobile apps as channel for business

Tags: technology, mobileapp, apps, ios, android

45. CRM & Re-engagement – Create personalised experiences for your users

During a normal day, every mobile user comes across five to six push notifications or advertisements on their phone.

Tags: advertising, technology, mobile app development, mobile marketing, user engagement

46. We were Featured by AppFutura !

At Affle AppStudioz we are always glad to lead from the front when it comes to mobile application development trends

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

47. Next Big What in Satellite TV: Big Data Analysis for STB Connections

Big Data applied with TRPs is the new growth hack for Sat TV users. Know how to capitalize on data. Read more.

Tags: Big Data, data analytics, DTH

48. Connecting not just people but lives with Social apps

Social media is our go to connector for communication across the globe. But can we see social media? No. Can we see it’s impact?

Tags: technology, mobileapp, apps, ios, android

49. 5 Quick ways to identify Mobile Ad Fraud

How sure are you about the quality of your mobile ad traffic source?

Tags: advertising, analytics, analytics, mobile marketing, user engagement

50. The IOT & AI Revolution with iOS 10, The watchOS 3 and Siri

A large scale revolution has quietly begun with Apple trying to fast forward the present to the future.

Tags: ios, ios10, apple, appstudioz, apps

51. Productivity Boosters : ERP Solutions Powered by Mobility Apps

Mobility layers to ERPs in 2016 is what ERPs were to the industry in the year 2000. ERPs gained popularity in the mid 90s after the Gartner group presented

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

52. The Internet of Things “IOT” – Digging Deeper into the New Technology

Mostly everyone has heard of the Internet of Things, or IOT, but do we really know what this new technology and phenomenon is capable of?

Tags: iot, technology, wearable, ios, android

53. Are dating apps redefining relationships?

Dating apps are a unique technosexual path of resoluting isolation from your life. Not just connections, relationships are built within these apps. How do these apps function?

Tags: mobileapps, ios, android

54. mTraction TVSync : In Sync with the Futuristic Ad Campaigns

Affle launches mTraction TVSync with Ansible : For all your futuristic Ad campaigns synced across TVs and the digital space!

Tags: mtraction, ansible, tvsync

55. 5 things that make Swift the next-gen Programming Language

5 things that make Swift the next-gen Programming Language

Tags: ios, swift, apple, USA

56. Marketplace Apps: Dissecting the ‘add-to-cart’ event & more!

For marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, tracking in-app events like ‘add-to-cart’, ‘checkout initiated’, ‘unfinished payments’ matter a lot

Tags: mobile marketing, mobile advertising, technology

57. 6 Must-do Ad Formats For Automobile Brands This Festive Season

As a part of our festive and holiday season mobile advertising series, we’ve covered the top niche brand segments such as FMCG, Electronics and Lifestyle & Travel.

Tags: mobile marketing, performance marketing, technology

58. Our Mobile App Of the Month : JoGo

JoGo is not just a fitness app. It is an app that motivates you to stay fit, a concept that originated at NewU Health and Fitness Platform Pvt Ltd. We were pretty excited on hearing the app’s concept and the idea .

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

59. 5 Must Haves To Build MOOCs And M-Learning Apps

In 2012, two professors from Stanford, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig decided to offer ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ for free online.

Tags: moocs, education, mlearning

60. Let’s talk App Retention – 6 Metrics You Can’t Ignore

This time we're talking about user retention. Here are 6 metrics we highly recommend!

Tags: analytics, advertiser, user engagement, ios, android

61. Internet of Things and Everyday Mobility

We have all been hearing that Internet of Things will take the world by storm. When the real and virtual world will combine,we will inhabit a super world.

Tags: iot, technology, mobile app development, mobility, tech

62. Retail | The evolution path of shopping experience

Ever given a thought if you shop for necessity or luxury? Ever thought what measures, if it is at all your necessity or luxury?

Tags: technology, mobileapp, apps, ios, android

63. Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry with Mobile Apps

In this fast paced era of modern life and stressful work culture, there has been a steady rise in the number of lifestyle diseases like, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc.

Tags: technology, mobileapp, mobile app development, ios, android

64. 5 Rookie Mistakes that You’re Making in Your Push Notifications

Are your push-notifications shoved off by your users? Make sure you are not making these rookie mistakes.

Tags: app analytics, attribution, push notification, app installs, user engagement

65. MOOCs & Online Courses: Features of the Future

In the first episode of MOOCs and online courses we discussed the advent of online courses.

Tags: moocs, mlearning, education, technology

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