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Infinista Concepts is a boutique digital marketing agency in India with deep expertise in SEO, SMM, SEM, website design and development.

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1. How Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Will Affect the Future of Your Business

Google's Hummingbird algorithm encourages you to identify your target audience and keep their needs in mind when developing a web strategy.

Tags: digital marketing, seo, seo updates, google hummingbird, digital marketing services

2. Incorporating Social Media as Part of the SEO Strategy

With the changed Google algorithms, here are reasons on why it has become important to incorporate social media as part of SEO strategy.

Tags: digital marketing, seo, SMM, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

3. Guest Blogging: Strategies to Build Effective Links

Guest blogging is an effective way of Link Building if done properly. Here are few strategies on how to work it out.

Tags: digital marketing, seo, smo, smm, content marketing

4. 10 Creative Typefaces We Love

Typefaces are great ways to make a design grab your target audience by the eyeballs. Here's our pick of the 10 most creative typefaces in town

Tags: graphic design, creative design, graphic design services, graphic designer, graphic designing company

5. How to find the right Graphic Design Company

Graphic design plays a critical role in digital marketing and social media marketing. Choosing the Graphic design company needs close consideration of its expertise.

Tags: graphic desihn, creative design, digital marketing, seo company in pune, graphic desiger

6. Soup Up Your Google+ Profile in 5 Easy Steps

Here are five efficient and simple ways to deck out your Google+ profile and use it as the powerful social force it is.

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, social media, google+, social media services

7. How to Design a Brochure that Totally Kills It

Here are five ways to create a killer brochure design that will knock the socks off your target audience, lead to conversions and increase in ROI.

Tags: graphic design, graphics, graphic designer, brochure design, brochure

8. What is a Responsive Design?

Responsive design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behavior based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Tags: web design, web designer, web designing services, web designing company, website

9. How Digital Marketing Can Build Credibility for Alternative Medication

Here are a few things on how digital marketing efforts can build credibility for alternative medication, help your customers and thus get you in lime light.

Tags: digital marketing, seo services, social media marketing, digital marketing company, online marketing

10. 3 Ways to Grab Users by the (Eye) balls

Your business won&'t survive if it isn&'t visible. Here are 3 great ways to boost the online presence of your business and grab customers by the (eye) balls.

Tags: digital marketing, socail media marketing, content marketing, seo, smo

11. 5 Social Media Marketing Myths to Bust

It is very important that these myths get cleared and people should come to know what is good for their business, when it comes to Social Media Marketing

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, social media services, social media myths, social media company

12. Have you Considered these Photo-Sharing Sites in your Social Marketing Mix?

Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr are the majors among the photo-sharing sites, here are the reasons why you need to consider them in your social marketing mix.

Tags: DIGITAL MARKETING, social media marketing, PINTEREST, twitter, social media

13. The Importance of Google Analytics

The data offered by Google Analytics gives you a valuable insight into many great aspects of your website. Here are some reasons to consider this free service.

Tags: digital marketing, seo, seo services, google analytics, google analytics services

14. Decoding Pinterest’s Bold New Look

Pinterest's new look is bold, eye-catching and provides tons of value to business owners and online retailers. Here's how.

Tags: digital marketing, social media marketing, pinterest, pinterest marketing, social media services

15. What Makes a Post Go Viral?

Viral content shouts out about innovative customer-focused, brands the world over. Ask yourself these questions to find if your content is viral or not.

Tags: viral marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, facebook

16. Divination of the Digital Domain

Here is how a new-age digital marketing agency can help astrologers take their business to new heights.

Tags: digital marketing, seo, social media, online marketing, internet marketing

17. How to Create Infographics That’ll Knock People’s Sock Off

Infographics are a great way to tell you story in a fun, visual and entertaining manner. Here's how to create infographics that will knock people's socks off!

Tags: design, infographic design, infographic services, infographic design company, graphic design

18. R.I.P – Rest in Parallax

The almost prodigious rise of parallax web design has driven some old web design trends towards near-death. And we are happy it is so. Here's why.

Tags: web design, web designing, web designer, website design, website designing

19. 3 HTML5 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Website Stand Out

Using the local web storage feature and the figure element and banishing the type attribute are three HTML5 tricks to make your website efficient.

Tags: html, html5, css, html development, web development

20. An Insightful Study Reveals How to Get More Retweets on Twitter

An interesting study by HubSpot social media strategist Dan Zarrella has thrown light on the key drivers that increase retweets on Twitter.

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, tweet, twitter, retweet

21. 5 Cardinal Rules of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most commonly used method to acquire customers. Here are five cardinal email marketing rules to boost leads, traffic and conversions.

Tags: digital marketing, email marketing, email marketing tips, email marketing strategy, social media

22. 4 Reasons Why Flat Design Is Here to Stay

Flat design seems to be taking over the web, mobile and even print. Here are 4 reasons why flat design is here to stay.

Tags: graphic design, designs, graphics, creative design, flat designs

23. Social Media and the Indian Market - 4 Trends that are here to stay

Social Media Marketing has played a vital role in the Indian market and so here's looking the major trends that have surfaced in the moths gone by.

Tags: digital marketing, social media marketing, social media, smo, smm

24. SEO and SEM – Similarities & Differences

They have similar sounding names creating confusion that these two are one and the same. But they are different, giving your business a holistic digital edge.

Tags: digital marketing, SEO service, SEM, SEO company pune, SEO agency pune

25. How Important is it for Your Brand to be on Myspace?

Should your brand or business jump on the bandwagon of the new and improved Myspace?

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, branding, social media marketing, content marketing

26. How to Use Hashtags Without Going Overboard

You would use a hashtag to be located in a vast ocean of social media postings. Therefore, what your hashtag needs to have to be related to the conversations you want to participate in.

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, social media, hasgtags, social media services

27. SEO may be an Investment, But It’s a Great One

An investment into an SEO can help to giving your business the visibility and success that it deserves.

Tags: digital marketing, seo company, seo services, seo, social media

28. 5 Most Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Here are the five most effective tactics to use to drive traffic to your website and to help it achieve its goals.

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, smm, social media marketing, website traffic

29. Enjoy Better SEO with Simple Websites

A simple website speaks to your consumers in a concise manner and has many SEO benefits that will propel in to the next level.

Tags: digital marketing, seo, seo updates, seo services, digital marketing services

30. Clearstring’s Web Content Management Tool and How it Caters to Small Business

Here is an overview of clearString's web content management tool and how it has been specially designed to cater to small businesses.

Tags: digital marketing, content marketing, content writing, content writer, creative content

31. Why Tencent's Mobile Messaging App WeChat is Poised to Take Over Facebook

Here is an insight into why Tencent's mobile messaging app WeChat is poised to take over Facebook with 1 billion users.

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, wechat, social media marketing, facebbok

32. 5 Major Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing refers to creating and sharing content to attract potential prospects. Here are the five major benefits of inbound marketing.

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, digital marketing services

33. Why Digital Marketing is Crucial to a Business’s Success

Digital marketing is crucial for the success of your business as it is the future of marketing and it is a rapidly growing force to contend with.

Tags: digital marketing, SEO, social media, digital marketing sevices, digital marketing agency

34. Top Tips for Digital Marketing that Business Owners Should Know

Digital marketing strategies will impact your business 10X times. Earn brand name, develop credibility amongst users, engage with them with these helpful tips.

Tags: digital marketing, seo, digital marketing company, online marketing, internet marketing

35. What will Change for SEO Post Google's Latest Algorithm Update

There are many things influencing changes in SEO, and it is good practice to know what could change in the near future, to form an effective strategy.

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, seo updates, seo services, google algorithm

36. 7 Free Sales Tools That Will Help You Close More Deals

Here are seven free sales tools that allow you to establish an informative and effective relationship with your prospects.

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, social media, sales tools, social media tools

37. Why is Yii Fast and Furious

Yii is one of the most in demand open source web application framework today. Here are some outstanding features of Yii to make things easier for developers.

Tags: web design, web designing, web development, web developer, web designing company

38. Reasons To Choose Professional Press Release Writing Services

Press release writing is an efficient way to communicate a message to consumers. Here are some reasons to choose a professional agency to fulfill your needs.

Tags: digital marketing, content writing, content marketing, press release, digital marketing services

39. Link Between your Web Design and Customer Engagement

Some web design tips that may help you find the X factor to wow your visitors and enhance your customer engagement.

Tags: web design, website designing, web designer, web design company, web designing

40. Writing SEO-Friendly Content can be Piece of Cake If You Know-how

Your guide to creating SEO friendly content that is useful, relevant and engaging and will nudge your marketing strategies in the right direction.

Tags: digital marketing, content writing, content marketing, content writing services, seo

41. Does Your Speciality Clinic have an Online Presence?

Here are reasons on why your specialty clinic needs an online presence and how an intelligent digital marketing strategy can make this possible.

Tags: digital marketing, social marketing, social media services, social media marketing, digital marketing services

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