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Everyone wants to be fit, active, slim and in best of pink health.

It is very simple to remember fitness and health tips. At the same time, it is really very difficult to incorporate healthy habits in the daily routine. People start with drastic changes but face difficulty and lack of motivation to continue for long and just give up after some time.

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1. Human Digestive System

Digestion is the process in which ingested food is broken down into simpler compounds that are later absorbed by the body in the form of nutrients.

Tags: Human Digestive System, what is digestive system, function of liver in digestive sys, digestive system organs, digestive system information

2. Constipation: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Constipation is the difficulty in expelling the hard stools from the body and causes of Constipation is the problem of the digestive system which is quite painful.

Tags: symptoms of constipation, constipation causes, constipation cure, constipation solutions, constipation problems

3. Low Blood Pressure – Treatments & Causes

Blood pressure is defined as the pressure that the circulating blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels. Keeping blood pressure to normal is desirable to push nutrients and oxygen to all body tissues

Tags: Low Blood Pressure, Treatments, Causes, Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure, Types of Low Blood Pressure:

4. Best 11 Health Tips for Women

The woman is the most beautiful creation of God. Tips for the women health and fitness : #1: Overcome your stress and anxiety #2: Healthy eating for women #3: Take adequate sleep for 6-8 hours

Tags: Women Health Tips, health tips for pregnant women, womens health fitness, healthy women, healthy diet for women

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