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CaterNinja is known in offering excellent Catering Services. We have established ourselves in the local market of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Gurgaon. We have a team of members qualified in health and safety who all take great pride in their work and keeping the customer happy.
CaterNinja offers catering services to various events like receptions, corporate parties, birthday parties, seminars, engagements, house warming ceremonies, weddings, and other events.
All in all, our superb quality management system has established our organization as one of the most recognized one in the competitive market of food order & catering.
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1. House party for teenagers in Delhi

Every restaurant in Delhi has their unique flavor and palate. Ordering from diverse restaurant with diverse menu at the same time can leave you jumbled up. Hence it is recommended to let the professional work for you.

Tags: House Party Caterers, Birthday Party Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Wedding Caterers, Office Catering Services

2. Get Your Favorite Food Catered For Kids Party

We, adults, are so immersed in our world that we forget that kids too need a break just like us and enjoy a party with just their friends.

Tags: Online Caterers, Birthday Party Catering, Corporate Caterers, Wedding Caterers, Home Caterers

3. Plan a healthy yet fill of flavors business meeting-conference platter

CaterNinja provides Corporate Catering Service in Bangalore. We are Best Party Caterers in Bangalore.

Tags: Party Caterers in Bangalore, Birthday Party Caterers, wedding caterers, Home Caterers, Food Catering Service Bangalore

4. A Lip-Smacking Masala Pasta Recipe

Macaroni pasta an Indian variation of dry pasta. This macaroni formula is a scrumptious pasta made Indian style with onions, tomatoes, and Indian flavors. Children relish eating Indian style macaroni made with desi flavors and...

Tags: Online Caterers, Non Veg Catering Services Bangalore, Birthday Party Catering, Corporate Catering Services, Wedding Caterers Services

5. Famous Foods from the Corners of India

The cooking style differs from locale to district and is to a great extent isolated into south Indian and north Indian food. India is very renowned for its various multicuisine accessible in an enormous number of eateries and...

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Marriage Catering Services, Home Caterers, Party Caterers, Birthday Caterers

6. Hosting an Memorable Holiday Party at Home with a Professional Catering

It is time for celebrations again there is enthusiasm heralding the festivities that calls for a party and a sense of excitement as everyone is in a jubilant mood of the approaching holidays.

Tags: Home Caterers, Home Party Catering, Home Catering Services, Party Caterers, Caterers For Small Parties

7. Bangalore catering Service: Food ideas for the Silicon Valley of India

The blooming IT setup in tech-hub Bangalore is rising day by day. Due to corporate IT rising here, there are also events and functions bound to be planned. Owning to this reason, corporate catering in Bangalore is bound to be...

Tags: Corporate Caterers in Bangalore, Catering Service in Bangalore, Outdoor Caterers, Wedding CAterers, Birthday Caterers

8. Corporate Catering - A Complete Meal Plan For Your Office

Mouthwatering cuisines of veg and non-veg office meal bring employees together to share delicious well balanced meal. CaterNinja bring you quality corporate catering service plan with international quality standards.

Tags: Online Caterers, Marriage Catering Services, Corporate Caterers, Birthday Caterers, Party Caterers

9. 6 Best Popular Cuisines To Choose For Catering Any Event In India

Choose from vast number of cuisines from rich gravies, spicy vegetables, and sinful desserts, there are number of vegetables, grains, fruits, and spices that make the cuisine vibrant and flavorful.

Tags: Online Caterers, Event Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Wedding Caterers, Party Caterers

10. How to choose the right menu? Here are a few tips to choose the right menu

Arranging a function at home but confused while choosing menu for function... Here, You will get some of the tips to choose right menu for your function. CaterNinja is one of Best Catering Service provider in India.

Tags: Food Catering Services, Food Caterers in India, Home Caterers, Party Caterers, Corporate Caterers

11. Simple Guidance for you in BBQ Catering for all Events

Thinking to arrange BBQ recipes for a function. Here is the Simple Guidance for you in BBQ Catering for all Events like Corporate Events, Small Parties.

Tags: Barbeques Catering, Food Caterers, Party Caterers, Wedding Caterers, Event Caterers

12. Catering Service For Corporate Event & Office Parties

The modern business demands celebrating the success of every achievement by hosting parties, fairly quite often as these celebrations motivates the staff. The ideal way is to hire professional catering services that can...

Tags: Catering companies in Bangalore, Corporate Caterers Mumbai, Best Caterers Bangalore, Corporate Caterers Delhi, Catering Services Gurgaon

13. Hot & Spicy Dinners For Spicy Food Lovers

Love of spicy food is intrinsic in one’s personality, so to say. Love for spicy and peppery hot food does not just display your cultural upbringing as it can be partaken occasionally for the excitement!

Tags: South Indian Caterers, Caterers for Small Parties, Best Catering Services, Wedding Caterers, Online Caterers

14. Corporate Catering Services in Delhi NCR

There are no stopping to the popularity of the professionalism connected with the corporate catering services for official events in and around NCR particularly New Delhi. Basically, these services are a miniscule of a broader...

Tags: Corporate Caterers Delhi, Corporate Caterers in Delhi, Party Caterers in Delhi, Caterers For Small Parties Delhi, Top 10 Caterers in Delhi NCR

15. How to throw a party within mini budget and max entertainment

Party time is a great time to re-bond with family and friends. Great food, incredible management and a ton of comradeship. Entertainment does not come easy to us. To earn the plaudits from your guests, entertainment is a skill...

Tags: Party Caterers, Home Caterers, Birthday Catering Services

16. Know How Catering Is Worthwhile From Personal To Professional Event

Want to Make Any Meal a Celebration? Catering is more than just the provision of food and drink for a gathering of social events or marking special occasions.

Tags: Corporate Caterers, Birthday Party Catering, Office Party Caterers, Corporate Lunch Caterers, Corporate Catering Services

17. Ingenious ways to Indulge in the Spirit of World Food Day

This month is indeed full of festivals and celebrations. And, being an Indian celebration food is ought to be special. Some might be worried about putting weight this month and are already hitting gyms,

Tags: Birthday Caterers, Event Caterers, Catering Services near me, Industrial Caterers in Bangalore, Good Caterers in Bangalore

18. Best Corporate Catering in Bangalore

What makes Best Corporate Catering in Bangalore? Is it. • Delicious Food? • Professional Staff? • Service Standards? • Practices? • Accomplishments? • Number of clients served? • Hospitality? • Presentation

Tags: Office Catering Bangalore, Corporate Caterers Bangalore, Corporate Caterers in Bangalore, Corporate Food Catering Bangalore, Bangalore Corporate Caterers

19. Online Catering Myths

There are some of the myths in Online Catering Service.In this you will know what are the myths in Online Catering Services?

Tags: Food Catering Service, Online Caterers in Mumbai, Home Catering Services in Mumbai, Party Caterers, Corporate Caterers

20. When East Meet West, No One Resists To Taste- Fruit Custard!

Who doesn’t love a bowl of custard? Whether served chilled or hot, one cannot resist the aroma, flavor and texture custard brings.

Tags: Online Caterers, Birthday Party Catering, Home Caterers, Corporate Catering Services, Wedding Caterers Bangalore

21. Catering for Corporate Events and Menu Ideas

If you want to provide your guests exceptional experience to remember then you need to give your visitors something more than only a "take a seat and eat" involvement, set up a few all through the venue.

Tags: Corporate Caterers in Delhi NCR, Office Catering Services, Corporate Caterers, Home Caterers

22. How To Identify Top Caterers For Bulk Food Delivery in Bangalore?

Cater Ninja, has evaluated more than 1,000+ caterers in Bangalore and picked the Top 50 Caterers in Bangalore who would do be the right catering services partner for any kind of catering requirement in Bangalore.

Tags: Best Caterers in Bangalore, Good Caterers in Mumbai, Top Catering Services in Bangalore, Industrial Caterers in Bangalore, Catering Orders in Bangalore

23. Choose the Right Kind of Corporate Catering Services Style

On the off chance that you didn’t hire the best corporate caterer for the occasion you were advised to have there is no end to the grumblings. It is a general guideline of each occasion – great food and service mean...

Tags: Corporate Caterers in Delhi NCR, Office Catering Services, Home Caterers, Wedding Caterers, Birthday Party Catering

24. Best Wedding Catering Styles

A wedding is not complete without good food. What you need most is a board dedicated to catering your needs to send off your guests with smiles and stomach full.

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Best Marriage Caterers, Party Caterers, Home Caterers, Corporate Caterers

25. Christmas Special House Party

Christmas is the special festival and a special meal completes the special celebration. And why not, it’s the special time of year!

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Party Caterers, Home Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Birthday Party Catering

26. Wedding Inspired Food Dishes

The colorful Indian wedding season is here! So begins the preparation of planning the food menus for guests. And the one ingredient that takes you to the state of euphoria with every bite is- “Paneer”.

Tags: Online Caterers, Catering Services, Best Caterers, Birthday Party Catering, Birthday Caterers

27. Give some twist to the traditional deserts- DIY Plum cake fusion

What is Christmas without cakes? Cakes are the most favorite desserts of all time. Especially on Christmas, where there is the vibe of rich flavors in every home.

Tags: corporate catering, caterers for small parties, wedding caterers, online caterers, catering services

28. Catering For Rakhi Festival and Independence Day House Party

Teasing your little sister has always been fun. And best of all is being able to steal her food! Make up for all the childhood mischief’s you have done and throw out a party with a delicious dinner this Rakhabandhan.

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Event Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Online Caterers, Birthday Caterers

29. What Do You Eat Every Morning

What do you eat every morning? Is it Medu Vada, vada pav, Puri Bhaji, Toast butter or Misal Pav? You are probably eating one these items every day as your breakfast meal. It’s good to eat once in a while, so you don’t miss...

Tags: corporate catering, Event Caterers, Birthday Party Caterers, Best Caterers in Bangalore, Wedding Caterers

30. Indian Flatbreads Types for Every Occasion

A dish rarely gets noticed which is indeed the gem of traditionally Indian home-cooked meal is freshly made flatbreads. Indian flatbreads and puffed bread are usually tawa cooked, tandoori made, baked or deep fried.

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Small Party Caterers, Birthday Party Caterers, Home Caterers

31. Exclusive Iftar Party Meal Menus to Cater Online

Ramadan is the month best known for the spiritual awakening. After a day long fast, it is great to have friends and family for the fast-breaking get-together, known as Iftar party.

Tags: Party Caterers, Home Caterers, Event Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Outdoor Caterers

32. Seven Perfect Party Appetizers to Try for next Event

Appetizers are the heart of every party and if you don’t serve it well, your guests won’t come again. To start a party appetizers are the best ideas to go with. Once a wise man said appetizers can win hearts.

Tags: corporate catering, Home Caterers, Birthday Catering Services, Party Caterers, Wedding Caterers

33. Serve the Traditional Dessert with Family Meal Catered from CaterNinja

This Eid savors the delightful dessert with a complete family meal fully catered from your favorite restaurant in town by CaterNinja.

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Event Caterers, Party Caterers, Birthday Caterers, Home Caterers

34. Get Your Favorite Food Catered for Diwali Special House Party

From north to south and from east to west, Diwali fervor & flavor has a unique taste in each region. After a tedious process oh house cleaning it is time to enjoy delicious delicacies with family and friends.

Tags: CaterNinja Online Catering Services, Home Catering Services in Bangalore, Home Party Caterers in Mum, Home Party Catering Delhi, Catering for House Parties Delhi

35. Refresh With the Summer Special - Raw Mango Mint Cooler

Summer is here and so is the soaring heat of sun. Even simply doing nothing causes exhaustion in these days. The mercury doesn’t show any sign of relenting and what comes to our rescue is the king of fruits.

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Best Marriage Caterers, Home Caterers, birthday party catering, Event Caterers

36. Catering For Fundraising Event in ‘Foodie Culture’

Choosing a menu for your charity event is more than just-food. The food you serve can leave a lasting impression – whether it’s good or bad – and can have a powerful effect on the success of your next fundraiser.

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Birthday Party Catering, Home Caterers, Corporate Catering Services, Party Caterers

37. Enjoy Veggie Platter This World Vegetarian Day

“Let’s Take All Things Veggies” This world vegetarian day, even if you are not interested in becoming vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of reasons to take your plant-based intake.

Tags: Online Catering Services in Mumbai, Biryani Caterers in Bangalore, Birthday Party Catering, Corporate Catering Services, Home Caterers Services

38. Simple Dinner Menu Fits To All Occasion

There is a steady thought that goes behind what will cook today to how to make it quickly. Be that as it may, who has sufficient energy to prepare dinner for more than a few persons in the wake of working 8-12 hours?!...

Tags: Home Caterers, Marriage Catering Services, Corporate Caterers, Birthday Caterers, Party Caterers

39. Get Mughlai Cuisine Catered For A Royal-Themed Party

The famous Mughlai cuisine evolved in India during the Mughal Empire. The cuisine that portrays a mix of culinary styles and recipes highly influenced by the cuisines of Mongol Mughal empires. The Mughlai food is commonly very...

Tags: Biryani Caterers in Bangalore, Non Veg Catering Services Bangalore, Online Catering Bangalore, Top Catering Services in Bangalore, Catering Companies in Mumbai

41. What Food Menu to Select for Punjabi Weddings

Weddings are fun loving and when it comes to Punjabi weddings they are interesting because of the long list of rituals. They are full of colors, delicious food and especially “The Patiala Peg”.

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Marriage Catering Services, Corporate Caterers, Home Caterers, Party Caterers

42. 10 Best Tips For Choosing The Best Caterer For Your Event

First and foremost one must consider while planning a small event or a grand celebration is to select the right catering company; regardless of the dimension of the event. Even for a small birthday party or wedding party or a...

Tags: Birthday Caterers, Caterers For Small Parties, Wedding Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Best Caterers in Bangalore

43. Why Catered Event Is Beneficial For You?

Be it is a birthday celebration or anniversary, delicious food is the one that makes your party memorable. Food is the core of every party and when you have something fascinating for your guests the party is definitely...

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Event Caterers, Home Caterers, Birthday Caterers, Corporate Catering

44. Indo-Chinese Cuisine Catering For ‘Big Fat’ Weddings and Grand Events

Taste of Indo-Chinese Cuisine Perhaps, due to the Asian lineage, both Indians and Chinese love each other’s culinary. Undoubtedly both the culinary arts are popular across the globe.

Tags: Wedding Caterers Bangalore, Marriage Catering Services, Birthday Party Catering, Industrial Caterers in Bangalore, CaterNinja Online Caterers

45. Appetizers And Welcome Drinks For A Winter Wedding

It’s no secret that the spring and summer months are among the most coveted times of year to tie the knot, but what you likely haven’t realized is that a cozy winter Christmas wedding can be as magical as an open-air...

Tags: Food Catering Services in Bangalore, Wedding Services in Bangalore, Marriage Caterers in Mumbai, Wedding Caterers Gurgaon, Catering orders in Bangalore

46. A Healthy Choice Of Menu For Every Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Party

For health-conscious party animals here are the best flatbread menus dishes. Enjoy this authentic desi meal from a quality rich online catering service for every occasion.

Tags: Online Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Wedding Catering, Birthday Caterers, Party Caterers

47. OMG! The Best Kids Birthday Party Menu Ever!

There is nothing comparable to the feeling of arranging your child's birthday party at home; at that point you without a doubt have a ton to do. Choosing of children Birthday party menu is one of the hardest things you...

Tags: Birthday Party Caterers, Home Party Caterers, Caterers in Mumbai, Catering Services Mumbai

48. Winter Reception Catering- Fusion Dessert!

No, it’s almost here and monsoon is ready to bid farewell to us. Whether it is the rainy season, winter or summer, sweet delightful desserts play a prominent spirit in every celebration. One such occasion is the wedding...

Tags: Marriage Caterers in Bangalore, Wedding Caterers in Delhi, Wedding Caterers Gurgaon, Top 10 Wedding Caterers Bangalore, Wedding Caterers Mumbai with Price

49. Indian Wedding & Catering Budget

Strange but true…catering occupies just about 25% of the total wedding budget in India. The accomplishment of a wedding celebration is decisive by the quality of the catering service. More so, the cost of catering service

Tags: Top 10 Wedding Caterers Bangalore, Marriage Catering Services, Wedding Caterers Mumbai with Price, Wedding Caterers Gurgaon, Party Caterers in Bangalore

50. Why do you need in-office corporate catering?

No two catered events are going to like. And it is going to be that way. The guest preferences and menu combination vary from event-to-event. When you think of a wedding, parties, conventions or fundraisers with wait-staff...

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Event Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Birthday Caterers, Home Caterers

51. In-house catering suitable for every occasion

Planning & arranging an occasion can be at some point chaotic task. That’s the reason why we bring an assortment of food menu for any event & occasion necessities. When you are considering throwing an in-house party,...

Tags: Wedding Caterers, Event Caterers, Corporate Caterers, Birthday Caterers, Party Caterers

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