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1. 2E Child

A description of a successful ABA therapy graduate. Initially diagnosed as Autistic, he is a 2E child. A brief description of his path to enrichment and excellence as laid out by the therapists and by, mostly, his Mother - his...

Tags: Profoundly Gifted, Asperger's, Autistic, Parenting, Twice Exceptional Children

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  • Alex's First Snow Drive
    on Jan 12, 2017
    Song:  Lazy CalmArtist:  Cocteau Twins (single artist)I had been waiting for a day such as this for Alex to experiencehis first day of driving in the snow.On this day...although there was snow on the ground...the roads were not completely i...
  • Alex's ACT And SAT Essay Scores - Perfect
    on Jan 6, 2017
    Song:  In The MirrorArtist:  YanniAlex just received the results of his SAT and ACT essays.Essays often prove the most difficult to get perfect scores in for most students.As you will see...both, the SAT, and ACT essays, have multiple categ...
  • A Day At Lake Tahoe / Heavenly Valley
    on Dec 30, 2016
    Song:  The Paris MatchGroup:  The Style Council (Tracey Thorn Version)My wife had told me that there was to be an ice festival at Heavenly Valley at Lake Tahoe.As we were to go on the first day of a 5 day festival...and as the day was suppo...
  • My 2016 Birthday Card From Alex
    on Dec 26, 2016
    Song:  Bridge Over Troubled WaterArtists:  Simon and GarfunkelAlthough I have said this needs to be said every once in a while.Having children is not your right (morally).When you decide to have children...their rights supersede...
  • Alex's ACT Target Zone Achieved / Last Final Taken
    on Dec 21, 2016
    Song:  TogetherFrom The Theme To:  The Partridge FamilyAlex had just gotten his latest ACT results today(One of two major college entrance exams in the US).(The essay results have not yet been released).Alex, in short, has been taking care...
  • Alex's Final In Macro Economics
    on Dec 17, 2016
    Song:  StormArtists - Yoshida Brothers Alex completed his final in Macro Economics yesterday.Next semester...he will be taking Micro Economics.His final was a three hour compilation of all he had learned throughout the semester.On the eve o...
  • II - Alex's Progress In Analysis I / Test Prep
    on Dec 13, 2016
    Song:  HauntedArtist:  Gary NumanThe following is the remainder of Alex's quizzes and his last homeworkfor his Analysis I class at the University of Nevada Reno.Alex had his last class today for Analysis I and his final is next week.Alex to...
  • Alex's AP Human Geography Essay - Religion's Impact On The Environment
    on Nov 26, 2016
    Song:  Theme from the 'Valley of the Dolls'Artist:  Newell OlerAlex completed this essay for one of his classes.As no one in our family is religious...and many of religions' concepts are foreign to had taken him about 2 hours to r...
  • I - Alex Turns 16 Years Old - A Year In Retrospect
    on Nov 17, 2016
    Song:  Chevalier de SangrealComposer:  Hans ZimmerAs Alex just turned 16 years old...this is my look back at the year.I have put in some of Alex's main adventures and achievements as a 15 year old.Underneath each photo...I have included a l...
  • II - Alex Turns 16 Years Old - A Year In Retrospect
    on Nov 17, 2016
    Song:  Chevalier de SangrealComposer:  Hans ZimmerThis a continuation of my previous article on Alex's 15th year of life in retrospect(Alex just turned 16 years old).Just as in the first article...I have supplied a link underneath each...
  • May The Force (Of Reason) Be With You
    on Nov 15, 2016
    Song:  Star Wars Main ThemeI had just typed out a response to a comment in my previous article...when I thought that it was just too good an opportunity to not just go and run with it.Instead of having you go to the comment section of my last ar...
  • Good 'Trumped' Evil - My Talk With Alex - Election Results
    on Nov 15, 2016
    Song:  Look Into The FutureGroup:  JourneyFor all those who feign offense at anything which goes against your unfounded beliefs...this article is NON PC.You may want to run to your 'safe space'  :)-----------------It was quite a n...
  • II - Alex's 34 Page Essay - AP Eng. Lit. And Comp.
    on Nov 7, 2016
    A Tribute To Pink Floyd From Mongolian Band:  Shar Airag Mongolia(Continued from the previous article)And so...ends Alex's latest essay for his online high school.For parents fearing that homeschooling will deprive your children's education...
  • I - Alex's 34 Page Essay - AP Eng. Lit. And Comp.
    on Nov 7, 2016
    Tribute To Pink Floyd By Mongolian Group :  Shar Airag MongoliaAlex had just completed his essay assignment yesterday from hisAP Literature and Composition A course through his online high school.This essay is just an example of one of many such...
  • Alex Submitted His 'Voice Of Democracy' Essay
    on Oct 29, 2016
    Song:  Comfortably NumbArtist:  Jamie DupuisA couple of days before Alex had written and submitted his 'Voice of Democracy' mother had treated Alex and I to supper at the Atlantis.Alex had eaten a pound of crab...while my mother...
  • Alex's Parallel Parking
    on Oct 23, 2016
    Song:  Poker FaceArtist:  Lady GaGaAlex had done so well on his parallel parking practice that we will be moving onto other skills.I had first had Alex practice on a couple of cars in our neighborhood at night...and I then set up a couple o...
  • Alex's 100th Hour Of Driving Lessons - Rain
    on Oct 15, 2016
    Song:  PipelineGroup:  The ChantaysAlex has been doing very well with his driving lessons.For the past week...I have been having him concentrate on city driving...highway merging...parallel parking.Since a storm blew in today...and to celeb...
  • Alex's Help With His Grandmother's Library
    on Oct 14, 2016
    Song:  Take The Long Way HomeGroup:  SupertrampAlex had helped me take the fish tanks to his grandmother's house...and he helped me take in a heavy massage chair.Now my mother's library is almost completely set up.My mother loves to sit in...
  • Alex's Second Place / First Day Of NNV Math Club
    on Oct 9, 2016
    Song:  The Logical SongGroup:  SupertrampAlex participated in another high school math competition on Saturday.Although Alex had really placed second...for whatever reason, the third placer was given second place.After the award ceremony...
  • Alex's Intermountain Math Competition Practice
    on Oct 6, 2016
    Song:  Zero To Sixty In FiveGroup:  Pablo CruiseLast week...Alex had received an email which had been sent out by a UNR professor of advanced and graduate level mathematics to all students of higher level mathematics at the univer...

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