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LovingFit.com is a modern and creative approach to fitness, working out and nutrition. Our goal is to create positive and life loving community to support the passion of being fit in every aspect of our life.

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  • Total Fat Loss Mania WorkoutToday's workout was very short only 17 minutes ( so don't forget to get some extra cardio burn right after this routine, to make it to the magic 30 minutes number ). This workout completely killed my legs, they were on fire after I was done. The inte...
  • Bounce On It WorkoutThe workout I did today was a circuit training done for time. I took all of your requests for consideration and created one great routine! This workout is for abs, upper body, butt, legs and a great overall resistance training. The only thing I was u...
  • My Story – How I Moved To US
    on Oct 19, 2011 in Life My Diary
    I did a video on YouTube as a request from my Russian subscribers ( in Russian ), so I didn't want to leave my English speaking readers out and decided to tell my story as well. Until now I haven't shared my story with a lot of people but It will pr...
  • Russian Recipe – Salad Enchantement
    on Oct 18, 2011 in Love UR Food Recipes Nutrition
    I wanted to start sharing some Russian recipes. The food in Russia is very rich, so I always have to change the recipe to make it healthier. Most of the salads we make in Russia are very different from the salads people make in US. Here in US when we...
  • Hot Morning Burn WorkoutI put this routine together specifically to be done in the morning before breakfast, it is only 18 minutes long and it will start up your day with some fat burn. If you do this workout before you had breakfast, your body will use fat as energy fuel...
  • My Top List Of Healthiest Foods
    on Oct 13, 2011 in Nutrition Nutrition Facts
    I had so many people ask me what I usually buy in a grocerie store that I decided to make a post about it. This is all of my favorite foods to buy on a regular basis, there are of course other good healthy foods but these made my top list.
  • Goodbye Fat! Hello Sexy Body WorkoutThis week I am doing a themed week " Fat Loss & Abs Toning ", so you can strengthen your core, lean out your abs and loose some fat in the process. I am very happy that the cooler season had already started here in FL, but some days I just feel...
  • Meet Me On Monday 5
    on Oct 10, 2011 in Life My Diary
    Meet me on Monday is back! Every Monday Java from Never Growing Old blog host a fun meet up so we can all get to know each other a little better. She asks 5 usually fun and simple questions. I haven't done the meet up in a while so I am really exited...
  • Killer Six Pack WorkoutToday's workout was focused on all of the abs muscles. I added a great amount of cardio into it and overall this was a very challenging workout. I originally set out to do 5 rounds of this routine, but by the forth round I was done and my body was ac...
  • Surfer Booty Lift WorkoutToday's workout was a complete torture. When I was done, the back of my back side was in shock! I combined 4 exercises to target the same muscle groups. In this routine I mainly focused on booty and thighs, the legs also got a great burn. I found thi...
  • Show Your Abs WorkoutToday's workout left my abs extremely sore, and it's very rare I get my abs sore, so get ready for this one! This workout also incorporates great cardio which uses full body movements ( and cardio is a must if you want your abs to show ).
  • Russian Recipe Pumpkin Dessert
    on Oct 2, 2011 in Love UR Food Recipes Nutrition
    The other day I was talking to my friend and she recommended I try her grandmother's recipe. There is only a few ingredients and you won't be slaving by the stove all day ( my kind of recipe ;), it is very simple to make and it's wont spoil your heal...
  • Tip Top Booty WorkoutToday's workout was a mix of Interval Training which focused on the booty, and little time challenge at the end which focused on the abs. It was a very short workout, a little under 20 minutes. I try to workout every other day instead of every day, t...
  • 400 Reps Let’s Go!Today's workout was a lot of fun and I went through it without taking any breaks between rounds. This type of workout I call " The Sneak Upon You Later Workout ", it seems fairly easy to do cause I kept the reps pretty low ( this way you don't hit fa...
  • More Beauty Secrets – Oatmeal
    on Sep 28, 2011 in Beauty Beauty Blog
    As I promised you in one of my earlier My Beauty Secrets post, I was going to share more of my beauty secrets with you over time ( and I have a lot ). In Russia most women still use only natural face masks because they work! Today I wanted to share s...
  • Bam Bomber WorkoutI am back with a new workout! Since it's bee a week since I've worked out, I thought a great butt kicking cardio as well as some mix of resistance is exactly what I needed for my first workout back. This workout is a circuit and there is only 2 round...
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