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1. Mommy Play House

The trials and tribulations of raising a sensitive, spirited, hilariously challenging child.

Tags: parenting, funny, spirited, sensitive, daughter

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  • The Art of Enjoyment
    on Jan 3, 2017
    To the annoyance of parents everywhere, Christmas fell on day 2 of a long two-week holiday this year, leaving a vast, gaping cavern of time with little to fill it. We decided to tackle it with Art Camps, partly because this i...
  • The Office Party
    on Dec 8, 2016
    Tomorrow is Husband's annual work Christmas Party and I have every hope of not having to attend. You see, we have gone to said party every single year since Small was a year old, and I can honestly say she almost never enjoys it. I think she may have...
  • Work with Me
    on Nov 17, 2016
    The times have changed. My generation was one of the first, if not the first to commonly grow up in a home with working parents, and at this point having a mom who stays at home is quite rare. It is so rare that it has apparently become embarrassing.
  • What Did We Do Last Time?
    on Oct 12, 2016
    It's that time of year again; Small's semi-annual visit to the dentist. I used to really dread taking her to these appointments, but they have gotten somewhat more bearable over the years. They're predictable, if nothing else. In fact, Small's v...
  • Should she Stay or Should she Go?
    on Sep 28, 2016
    It started as any other school day. I dragged my sorry self out of bed, trudged into Small's room, threw open the curtain to let in the pithy filament of available sunrise and muttered "rise and shine" without much conviction. The odd thing was that...
  • Third Time is the Harm
    on Sep 19, 2016
    It always starts the same way: Husband and I having a quiet, sedate moment, maybe a little uninterrupted conversation in the living room, when the door bursts open with an alarming crash and the refrain of a bawling child fills the house. This almost...
  • Family Games
    on Jan 19, 2015
    This year we decided to institute a Family Games Night in the interest of spending quality time together outside of some sort of computerized device. It quickly morphed into Family Games Afternoon seeing as I, for one, have zero energy for ...
  • All that Ends Unwell
    on Jan 1, 2015
    Another year has passed into the books and a new one begins. Some people get really into New Year's Eve, partying, making resolutions, having great expectations for the future and all that crud. Husband and I are usually asleep by midnight. I asked S...
  • Sales Pitch
    on Oct 28, 2014
    Small certainly has many talents and we often wonder what avenue she'll pursue when she's older. Of course, it's always possible that she'll be like her mother and possess many skills and abilities, yet somehow employ very few of them consistently, l...
  • That Great Day
    on Oct 14, 2014
    There is one important day that I had awaited and longed for during every tantrum-filled and trying time spent up to my eyeballs in power struggles and it finally arrived this September. Small started full-time school. Yes, this may sound callou...
  • Music Wars
    on Dec 11, 2013
    Most of the music wars in our house take place in the car. Small wants to listen to her CD's and Husband or I want to listen to ours. We used to take turns, but when Small began listening to VBS (bible camp) music, we were so anxious to encourage thi...
  • For the Love of Snow
    on Dec 2, 2013
    Winter has come early and strong this year; a fact that appeals greatly to Small and not at all to her parents. It's bad enough that we unwittingly moved into the Snow Belt and that the frosty season hangs around like a bad neighbour w...
  • The Apple Doesn't fall far from the Christmas Tree
    on Nov 26, 2013
    This past weekend Small and I put up the Christmas tree - a tad early perhaps, but there was a major snowstorm happening and there was nothing else to do. Usually I don't care for her help, as I am rather particular about my decorating and don't want...
  • In with the New
    on Nov 20, 2013
    For those loyal readers who are still with me, you have likely noticed my narratives are becoming increasingly sparse. In a way this is good news. As life with Small becomes ever so slightly less crushing, I have been able to steal back bits and...
  • School Uniform
    on Oct 2, 2013
    For some time now Small has worn nothing but her soccer uniform to church. I can't even remember when it started. Of course I fought it at first, but quickly realized that her presence at church in any sort of clothing was really the important p...
  • The Cares of this World
    on Sep 6, 2013
    Children progress through certain phases in their lives, one of which is the period where it is considered great fun to be scared. In fact, many people never leave this phase, hence the popularity of horror flicks and Stephen King novels. Small...
  • Dinner Conversation
    on Aug 15, 2013
    The other day Small invited the Friend over for dinner. This seems commonplace enough, but we actually hadn't had her for a meal in some time. Normally she says little and eats nothing, so we weren't expecting much, although we were having hot dogs w...
  • Party Animals
    on Jul 26, 2013
    After last year's somewhat failed attempt at a children's party, I was willing to forego the entire scene for Small's fifth birthday this summer. Yet the urge to help her keep her social momentum over the summer proved too strong for me and so I enco...
  • Yard Sale
    on Jul 6, 2013
    Recently our townhouse complex had a collective yard sale. I liked the idea, since we never seem to have a shortage of useless items blocking up our storage room, but didn't think we could participate due to Small having both soccer and t-ball that m...
  • Kids These Days
    on Jun 17, 2013
    For the past two years I have been complaining about the Friend;  Small's sometime companion who lives in our complex, who is bossy and egocentric and an overall sub-standard example of what a 'friend' should be. I have occasionally&...
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