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I was born in Italy, where I studied classic literature until I married at the age of twenty-three, and then moved to the United States. I lived in places like Hawaii, Germany, Italy and Spain. I visited the French Riviera and I also travelled extensively thoroughout the U.S. Two of my children were born at the Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, CO, one in Wiesbaden, GE, and one in Madrid. I speak five languages (two fluently, and three enough to get by).

I got around quite a bit throughout my husband’s military and civilian careers, although many of our travels were purely recreational. I had four children and my home has always been the place where I hung my parka, or Mumu, depending on the latitude.

During my travels abroad I had the opportunity to attend an authentic Hawaiian wedding on the island of Oahu, (see "Hawaii"), a fabulous wedding reception in the Seute Deern museum ship in Bremerhaven, Germany, a bull fight in Madrid, Spain, and a very fun and entertaining party with a group of traveling Russian stage performers in Bayern, Germany.

I am a Christian, and Faith and life for me are both an arduous and private journey that requires commitment and, above all, the kind of spirituality that leads to a personal relationship with God.

I am compelled to share some of my ideas with other like-minded individuals, because without people who give an idea credibility there would never be any great concept to think about. It’s always a hit or miss kind of thing, but that’s how we learn.

If I had to choose between entertainment and education I’d choose the latter, because I’m a learner.

I love Sunday dinner parties with family and friends, and I love to cook. Since I lived in so many nice places, I've been exposed to a variety of authentic world cuisine and I use them all when I cook for my family and friends. My youngest daughter is way ahead of me in her talent of the culinary arts, so whenever she visits I put her to work. She introduced me to the spices of Thai and Indian cuisine, as well as to some Nicaraguan specialties. Yum!

As you can see, my life is fun, intellectually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling, in part because I haven’t forgotten how to play. My grandkids make sure of that.

Thank you for stopping by and if you are interested in my writings, you can also visit me at my other blog sites:

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1. Divine Thunder

Like the Psalmists of old, my purpose in this blog is to bear witness to the many extraordinary ways in which God the Father revealed His Love to me during a particular period of my life that spanned over several years.

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