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  • Cara agar anak berakhlaq Islami
    on Dec 23, 2015 in Islamic Parenting
    Sebagian besar orang tua pasti ingin anaknya menjadi anak yang sholeh dan sholehah serta berbakti kepada kedua orang tua serta bagi agamanya. Akan tetapi, tidak semua orang tau bagaimana caranya agar anak menjadi sholeh dan menurut pada keinginan ora...
  • Saatnya Orang Tua Berhenti ‘Meracuni’ Anak
    on Jun 5, 2012 in Islamic Parenting
    Seperti biasanya, sebagai seorang dokter kesehatan keluarga di PKPU, sebuah lembaga kemanusiaan nasional yang berlisensi Ecosoc PBB (Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa), saya ditugasi untuk menjalankan program kesehatan anak dan remaja di Penjara A...
  • The Bronx zoo
    on Jun 4, 2012 in Texts
    What to see: Over 4,000 animals How to get there: 2 or 5 train to East Tremont Ave/West farm Square. At street level, walk straight ahead on Boston Road 2  blocks to the Zoo’s Asia gate entranc...
  • For the next trick, i’m going to.....
    on Jun 4, 2012 in Texts
    You are sitting on an outdoor theater. On the stage you see a man selling hot dogs, some children playing, a group of tourists listening to a tour guide, and even a clown with a  sad face. In the background is the statue of liberty. It’s a nor...
  • The banker and the pauper
    on Jun 4, 2012 in Texts
    Once upon a time, there lived a poor pauper and a rich banker. So it was inevitable that the rich man would be happier than the pauper. However, their natures were opposite, for the poor man was happy whereas the banker was not. The banker was annoye...
  • How the beggar boy turned into count Piro
    on Jun 4, 2012 in Texts
    Once upon a time there lived a man who had only one son, a lazy, stupid boy, who would never do anything he was told. His name was Piro. When the father was dying, he sent for his son and told him that he would soon be l...
  • Venice
    on May 29, 2012 in Texts
    Venice is a city in northern Italy. It is the capital of region Veneto. Together with Padua, the city is included in the Padua-Venice Metropolitan Area. Venice has been known as the “Queen of the Adriatic”, “City of Water”, “City of Bridges...
  • Tree
    on May 29, 2012 in Texts
    Tree is the largest plant of all plants. The tallest tree grows over 61 metres in height. Many trees also live longer than other plants. Some trees sometimes live over thousand of years. They are the oldest living things that men know. People think...
  • Report Text - Penjelasan & Contoh
    on May 17, 2012 in Texts English Class
    Secara umum, report text adalah salah satu jenis teks yang masuk kategori  "factual texts." Teks jenis ini sering dikatakan sebagai "saudara kembar"descriptive text sehingga wajar banyak siswa "bingung" cara membedakan kedua...
  • Apple drops '4G' from iPad adverts
    on May 14, 2012 in Hot News
    Apple has stopped using the phrase 4G in adverts for its latest iPad. The description proved controversial because 4G is not widely available in the UK and the iPad will not work with it when it is. The UK's advertising watchdog and others around t...
  • Pirate Pay torrent 'blocker' backed by Microsoft
    on May 14, 2012 in Hot News
    A Russian company has developed software it says can disrupt and prevent people from downloading pirated content. Pirate Pay has been backed by Microsoft and has so far worked with Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures to stop "thousands" of downloa...
  • Anontune: the new social music platform from 'Anonymous'
    on May 10, 2012 in Hot News
    (CNN) -- In a move sure to attract attention from the music industry, a small group of coders claiming to be part of Anonymous is putting together a social music platform. The rather ambitious goal: Create a service that seamlessly pulls up song...
  • Own an iPod? Then you're suing Apple
    on May 10, 2012 in Hot News
    (Mashable) -- If you're one of the millions who purchased an iPod between September 12, 2006, and March 31, 2009, you might be in for a surprising email from RealNetworks. The company, which developed Real Player and the service Harmony, has of...
  • Report: Smartphones, not computers, drive most Facebook use
    on May 9, 2012 in Hot News
    (CNN) -- According to comScore's new Mobile Metrix 2.0 reportreleased Monday, Facebook's mobile usage is on the rise. In fact, the report revealed that Facebook users spent more time accessing the social network on smartphones than on compu...
  • Finding Fact of Conditional Sentences
    on May 9, 2012 in English Class
    Find the facts of these sentences: 1. If Mira had found the cellphone, she would not have bought the new one     Fact:..................................................................................................................... 2. R...
  • Your Facebook 'likes' can get you fired
    on May 9, 2012 in Hot News
    Clicking the "like" button isn't speech protected by the First Amendment, a judge ruled. Some legal experts, however, wonder if the judge understood what liking actually implies. FORTUNE -- Applying old laws to new technology can be tricky. Earlier...
  • Italian nuclear boss shot and wounded in Genoa
    on May 7, 2012 in Hot News
    Roberto Adinolfi, 53, was shot in the leg by a gunman on a motorbike but is said not to be in a serious condition. Ansaldo Nucleare is part of aerospace and defence giant Finmeccanica. No group has said it carried out the attack but investigators q...
  • Kerja sampingan mendulang dollar mudah di Microworkers
    on May 7, 2012 in tips products Hot News
    Buat yang ingin cari tambahan dan dapet penghasilan dari internet dengan cara melakukan tugas-tugas yang anda sukai mungkin anda bisa mencoba situsMicroworkes.Di situs ini anda dapat memilih tugas yang ingin anda lakukan dan mendapatkan pembayaran da...
  • Samsung set to unveil iPhone challenger
    on May 2, 2012 in Hot News
    (Financial Times) -- If Apple were to challenge its smartphone competitors to a contest with its all-conquering iPhone 4S, Samsung's Galaxy S would probably be the model thrown into the arena to compete. A new, third version of the Galaxy S wil...
  • Prominent blogger: 'I'm leaving the Internet for a year'
    on May 2, 2012 in Hot News
    (CNN) -- Maybe it seems like the fastest way for a gadget-and-technology blogger to commit career suicide, but Paul Miller gave up the Internet at midnight Tuesday. Miller, who was and still is a senior editor at a tech news site call...
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