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I'm 55, have a teenage son with OCD, like cats.

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1. OCD Mom Support

Support and sharing from a mom dealing with an OCD teenager.

Tags: OCD, Moms, Obsessive, Compulsive

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  • on Nov 1, 2012
        My mother was a very creative person.  She came by it naturally through her father and her mother’s father, who were both inventors.  This creativity flows through many of the members of my family in many different ways...
  • on Oct 22, 2012
    I'm sorry it's been awhile since I posted anything.  I have no excuse.  I can't say I got busy.  I can say I forgot.  The days blend together in a miasma of all the same until I can't tell if it's a week day or the weekend, but th...
  • on Oct 10, 2012
        The rages are the hardest to deal with.  It’s like living with the Incredible Hulk.  It happens so fast and usually for the stupidest reasons, like he missed a move in a game, or there isn’t anything to drink except w...
  • on Oct 3, 2012
    As of today I am “elderly,” a “senior citizen.”  I get to order from the senior menu at the IHOP, and qualify for discounts every where.  I’m wondering how this happened.  Did I pass through an invisible gate or doorway into...
  • on Sep 12, 2012
        I have had way too much excitement for one person to take.  On the other hand I know that three fireman, two EMT’s and four police officers can stand in my living room.  It’s crowded, but it can be done.  I also...
  • on Sep 5, 2012
    Ha!  I remembered this time!  This post comes before the letter in the post before it. It's about what came before A's hospital stay and leading up to it.
  • on Sep 5, 2012
        I have seen some pretty horrifying things in my life, but there is nothing more horrifying than having your child try to kill himself in front of you other than that he was successful.  Mine has tried it twice.  Both time...
  • on Sep 1, 2012
    I was looking through some of my old files and I found this letter I wrote to A's father in 2008.   This was three months after A tried to kill himself because he could not stand to set foot in his school one more time.  I have another...
  • on Aug 30, 2012
    I admit it.  I've been lax this week too.  Somehow the week has been getting away from me and before I know it the sun is setting on Thursday and I haven't posted my blog entry.  Things have been going rather smoothly lately and I'm wa...
  • on Aug 23, 2012
    The week got away from me and I missed last night's post.  I'm sorry.  Things have been so crazy for the last week and I was completely focused on a doctor's appointment tomorrow because I missed one a couple of weeks ago.  We were in...
  • on Aug 15, 2012
     LONG POST ALERT!!!!    I’ve started this post over in my mind at least three times.  I started out “I’ve lived in fear for most of A’s life.”  Then I realized “I’ve lived in fear most of my adult life.”&...
  • on Aug 8, 2012
        His underwear doesn’t fit.  I spent $15 I didn’t really have to buy new underwear two weeks ago.  He insisted he needed mediums and I thought he needed large.  I bought large.  I washed them.  I had to...
  • on Aug 1, 2012
        “Why do you let him get away with that?”  That’s what I constantly hear from my family.  What they don’t, or can’t, grasp is that he’s the driver on this run away bus careening down the interstate highway of o...
  • on Jul 25, 2012
        For someone who was born so easily A has been a real pain in the keester since then.  Actually the lead up to his birth wasn’t all that easy.  In fact it was anything but.    My husband and I had been mar...
  • on Jul 21, 2012
    I've been told I'm very prolific and that nobody posts as often as every other day. (who knew?!)  so from now on I will post new posts on Wednesdays.  Why Wednesdays?  I don't know.  It seemed like a good idea.  Check back of...
  • on Jul 20, 2012
     Before I get to today's post I want to thank everybody for stopping by!  I'd like to hear some comments though.  Am I reaching anybody?  Am I making any sense?  Anybody have anything helpful to say?    I alway...
  • on Jul 18, 2012
        This is one of the old essays I mentioned in the Welcome post.  I-43 runs from Beloit, in south central Wisconsin near the Illinois border roughly 200 miles through Delavan, East Troy, Milwaukee and Sheboygan, ending near Gree...
  • on Jul 15, 2012
        I hate feeling like I’m in a pressure cooker all the time.  I like to trick myself into thinking I’m independent, but I’m really not.  Sometimes I feel like Scarlett O’Hara, always depending on the kindness of str...
  • on Jul 13, 2012
  • on Jul 11, 2012
        I have a dear friend whom I’ve come to think of as the younger sister that nature didn’t give me.  We met through our sons, as many close friendships start.  They were a match from the start.   They met in p...
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