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Tiffany Matthews is Live Better Boomer's owner. She wanted to find a way to combine her passions for good health care for all and for writing about it. Tiffany holds a dual BA in Psychology/Health & Human services from the University at Buffalo, and a Masters in Journalism from Temple University.

She has been a published freelance writer since 2006, and has been a social worker since 1995. She has seen the frustration and pain people have gone through, not just because of our nation's broken healthcare system, but because people simply do not know what to do when a healthcare crisis occured.

She has not only seen how health care works through helping hundreds of clients, families, caregivers and chronically ill professionally, but through helping family and friends personally. Her beloved grandmother, who passed away in 2008, serves as an inspiration for her to help others through their healthcare crises.

Seeing the injustices that occur in hospitals and nursing homes caused Tiffany to pen her all of the books of her healthcare/patient advocacy information line. ExSo services will expand into coaching/consulting for companies and other avenues to reach Boomers and assist them with their healthcare.

Let Tiffany, and ExSo help you get the health care you deserve. Get the knowledge and confidence that you need to manage your healthcare correctly. ExSo's Live Better Boomer! Health & Wellness Toolkit is guaranteed to help Boomers in their quest for the best care.
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Live Better Boomer!'s mission is to educate and empower Baby Boomers to get their best health care. Visit to get details. Get the healthcare advocacy information you need here!

Latest Blog Posts

  • Accountable Healthcare/Accountable Patients
    on May 13, 2013
    AMy friend Mike Bearce, CEO of Fall Prevention Clinics, wrote this great blog about the changes that will take place for older adults and how some things will affect them. Falls are not sexy, but they can be devastating and need to be a topic in heal...
  • Lying to Your Healthcare Provider Can Have Dire Results, So Fess Up!
    on May 7, 2013
    For the sake of this article, we will define lying as telling and on truth, or more appropriately, and omission of what is truthful in your situation.In dealing with healthcare providers, I always stress to patient/consumers that they should not hold...
  • Are Trusting Healthcare Consumers Just "Collateral Damage?"
    on Apr 24, 2013
    The story below should frighten you, and if it does not, check your pulse. These are the stories in healthcare that I want people to avoid, and more and more of these kinds of things happen everyday. I emplore you all to take charge of your healthcar...
  • The Objective is to Stay at Home
    on Apr 10, 2013
    I do not know any Boomer or older adult that wants to leave their home to get any kind of formal healthcare. I have never run into anyone that wants to go to a hospital or nursing home to stay. I am almost positive that no one woke up one morning and...
  • I'm in Love with My Orthopedic Surgeon
    on Mar 19, 2013
    When one thinks of love, they think of wondrous times – maybe dressed to the nines for a candlelit dinner, a trip abroad, or kissing their significant other on a moonlit beach. Ahhh, love. It’s not really like that for me and my orthopedic surgeo...
  • Happy Social Worker's Month
    on Mar 15, 2013
    I know it is halfway over, but I had to make sure that I acknowledged my fellow social workers out there. The month of March stands as a dedication to the hard work and dedication of some true heroes, social workers. Am I biased? Sure I am. Having b...
  • Conveniently Sick
    on Mar 5, 2013
    A new friend of mine named Mike Bearce, Executive Director of Fall Prevention Clinics gave me a blog post that was just great. In order to get the best healthcare, you should know where to go for it. Below is his post.Over the past several years, whi...
  • My Healthcare Providers Are Fighting - Part 2
    on Feb 25, 2013
    Last week, I posted a blog talking about what you can do when your healthcare providers are disagreeing about the route to take for your treatment. Here are some practical tips to use with your providers to get everyone on the same page. Bu...
  • My Healthcare Providers Are Fighting
    on Feb 20, 2013
    Well, not fighting, but they are having major disagreements. And the disagreement is about which direction to take in my plan of care.So where does that leave me?As you already know if you know me, I took a nasty spill really injured my knee. Now, it...
  • Do Doctors Want Smart Patients?
    on Feb 6, 2013
    The good ones do.I tried to inform my audience regularly that times have changed in our healthcare system. Doctors no longer handle every aspect of our care. Patients have access to information about healthcare like never before. Health insurance has...
  • Choosing a Healthcare Proxy
    on Jan 30, 2013
    When you need someone to speak for you during a medical crisis, you have the right to choose a healthcare advocate or healthcare proxy. In choosing a proxy, there are many things to think about.You want to choose someone that will have your best inte...
  • Battling the Flu
    on Jan 28, 2013
    The flu is running rampant through our nation this winter. So many people, myself included, have been knocked down by coughing, fever, eking this and the plethora of other symptoms that come along with a nasty flu bug.Your next phone call should be t...
  • Advocating for Your Best Care - It Doesn't Just Affect You
    on Jan 7, 2013
    As we have seen with the recent school shooting in Connecticut, the need for health care — whether it be for physical or emotional reasons — and getting your best care is critical. The shooter’s parents had an obligation to him, and as we can s...
  • Did Adam Lanza's Parents Advocate for His Best Healthcare?
    on Dec 17, 2012
    It is hard to write this post. My hands are shaking as I do it. I am deeply saddened by the events that occurred in Newtown, CT last Friday. I wanted to get my child and hold her as soon as I heard the news about the 20 children that were lost.As soo...
  • We Have Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs - Waste Not, Want Not
    on Dec 11, 2012
    Mom always said, "Waste not, want not." In other words, if you did something to waste it, don't cry when you don't have it later. That phrase rings in my ears from my childhood.In our nation's healthcare system, waste is a massive problem that is mak...
  • Do You Have A Second Opinion Benefit? The Tale of Two "Doctors"
    on Dec 5, 2012
    One thing I advocate for people to do is to get familiar with their benefits. You should know them enough to know what services and facilities your health plan covers and which they do not. That is part of getting your best healthcare.One thing...
  • A Funny Thing Happened to Me at the Eye Doctor...Know Your Insurance Before Your Appointment
    on Dec 3, 2012
    There is nothing more frustrating in my life than wasted time, which usually means wasted money and a sharp increase of my aggravation quotient. As far as your healthcare is concerned, you can eliminate the wasted time factor at a healthcare provider...
  • Insurance Claims and Fixing the Craziness
    on Sep 18, 2012
    Ok, just because I am a healthcare advocate and I know a lot of things about healthcare, insurance claims and other things, does not mean that I am immune to the craziness of incorrect claims. Take the dental bill I just got in the mail a few days ag...
  • Copays Are a Pain - Can We Save Some Money on Our Healthcare?
    on Sep 16, 2012
    Having injured my knee recently, I have had to visit a plethora of doctors to diagnose and treat me. I have had to get several diagnostic tests (x-rays, MRI, blood tests), medications for pain (and their refills), and other medical treatments.An...
  • Nursing Homes Want More Money
    on Sep 8, 2010
    I find nursing homes the last, most miserable stop on the way to Glory. I have been in quite a few of them, and they all function the same way. Now, nursing homes in Utah are claiming that they need more money. Read about it here: http://www.sltrib.c...
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