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  • Signal Tracer and Injector Circuit
    on Sep 23, 2013 in Audio Video Audio Projects Tester
    Description: A simple test circuit to fault find audio and radio equipment. Can be used to inject a square wave signal, rich in harmonics, or used with headphones as an audio tracer. a single pole double throw sitch is used to switch between inject a...
  • Electromagnetic Field Probe with Meter Output Circuit
    on Sep 23, 2013 in Tools Measurement
    This tester is designed to locate stray electromagnetic (EM) fields. It will easily detect both audio and RF signals up to frequencies of around 100kHz. Note, however that this circuit is NOT a metal detector, but will detect metal wiring if it condu...
  • Voltage Comparator Switch CircuitThis circuit will provide an indication whenever the input voltage differs from two defined limits, V1 and V2. The supply voltage, Vcc must be higher than the highest input voltage by at least 2 volts. One application here is to monitor a 12V car bat...
  • Two Simple Crystal Test Circuit
    on Sep 23, 2013 in Tester
    Description. Two simple test circuits to check operation of quartz crystals.In the first circuit, above the BC548 is wired as a colpitts oscillator, the frequency tuned by insertion of a crystal. A good crystal will create high frequency oscillations...
  • PBS Switch Debouncing CircuitDescription: This circuit will remove the transient spikes and contact bounces from a non-latching push button switch.Using a 555 timer as a monostable circuit, it is easy to build a good switch debouncer circuit. There are many circuits for SPDT deb...
  • 2 Transistor FM Voice Transmitter Circuit
    on Sep 23, 2013 in Radio (RF)
    Take care with transmitter circuits. It is illegal in most countries to operate radio transmitters without a license. Although only low power this circuit may be tuned to operate over the range 87-108MHz with a range of 20 or 30 metres. Circuit Diag...
  • Multi Wire Cable Tester Circuit
    on Sep 23, 2013 in Tester
    Description A multi wire cable tester with a separate LED for each wire. Will show open circuits, short circuits, reversals, earth faults, continuity and all with four IC's. Designed initially for my intercom, but can be used with alarm wiring, CAT 5...
  • DC Motor Reversing Circuit
    on Sep 23, 2013 in motor
    Description: A DC motor reversing circuit using non latching push button switches. Relays control forward, stop and reverse action, and the motor cannot be switched from forward to reverse unless the stop switch is pressed first. Except for the back...
  • Water Activated Relay CircuitThis circuit Marin has used two transistors wired as a high gain compound pair. Transistor T1 may be a 2N2222A and T2 a BC108. The current gain will be the product of each transistors beta, which will be a minimum of 140 x 110 or 15400. The power sup...
  • Bench Amplifier Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in Radio (RF) Audio Audio Projects
    Description: A small 325mW amplifier with a voltage gain of 200 that can be used as a bench amplifier, signal tracer or used to amplify the output from personal radios, etc. the circuit is based on the National Semiconductor LM386 amplifier. In the d...
  • Laser Communication System Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in Audio Audio Projects Laser Projects
    Description: This is a simple Laser communication system. It can transmit and receive signal from any audio device.Communication distance is few meters. All components are not critical. Transistor 2N2222 may be on the coolrib. Laser diode is from las...
  • Hot Water Level Indicator Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in Home Indicators Home Made projects
    Description: A simple device to indicate various levels of hot water in a tank, save fuel bills and the economy of the planet with this circuit. SW1 is a normally open press button switch which allows you to view the level of hot water in a hot water...
  • Audio Perimeter Monitor Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in Radio (RF) Audio Audio Projects
    Using a single cable such as speaker wire or doorbell cable, this circuit can be remotely positioned, for example, at the bottom of a garden or garage, and used to detect all sound in that area. The cable can be buried in a hosepipe or duct and is co...
  • Infrared Light Controled Switch CircuitDescription This circuit is simple remote controlled relay. It is able to switch lamps or other devices. D1 can be a phototransistor or LDR or an infrared transistor. circuit is controlled with an IR remote like a TV remote control (when IR transisto...
  • Triac Light Dimmer Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in lights Light Projects
    This little circuit can be used to dim lights up to about 350 watts. It uses a simple, standard TRIAC circuit that, in my expirience, generates very little heat. Please note that this circuit cannot be used with fluorescent lights. Circuit Diagram...
  • Economical Pump Controller Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in Home Home Made projects Hobby
    The automatic pump controller eliminates the need for any manual switching of pumps installed for the purpose of pumping water from a reservoir to an overhead tank (refer Fig. 1). It automatically switches on the pump when the water level in the tank...
  • Electronic Door Release Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in Alarm Alarm and Security
    Description The IC is a quad 2 input “AND” gate, a CMOS 4081. These gates only produce a HIGH output, when BOTH the inputs are HIGH. When the key wired to ‘E’ is pressed, current through R1 and D1 switchs Q5 on.The relay energises; and Q5 is...
  • 12Volt from USB Port Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in Computer Computer Related Topics
    Description Using this circuit we can convert 5V DC from the computer USB port to 12V DC and a circuit like this will find a lot of application in USB powered systems. The heart of this circuit is IC LT1618 which is a constant current, constant volta...
  • 10 Minute Timer Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in Clocks and Timers
    Description. When ever you need to get an alarm or intimation after ten minutes ,the circuit shown below can be used.The circuit is nothing but  a monostable multivibrator based on IC NE 555.When ever you press the reset push button the green LED D1...
  • Wireless Headphones Transmitter Circuit
    on Sep 21, 2013 in Audio Audio Projects
    This wireless headphones transmitter assures a quality reception over 2 meters. The oscillator frequency is between 1750KHz and 3500KHz and for antenna we use a ferrite bar. IC1 amplifies the audio signal and TC1 is a buffer. D1 signals that the tran...
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