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Together, with my wife Vanessa, we are the Corps Officers (Pastors) at the Cranbourne Salvation Army, have twins - Rebekah & Adam - and are passionate about leading the local church. We have been in full time ministry for 17 years with appointments at Palmerston Corps in the Northern Territory, Horsham Corps in country Victoria, Noarlunga Corps in South Australia and now Cranbourne Corps in Melbourne.

I have often said that there are not enough Sundays in a year to share all that God has placed on my heart, so my blogging serves as an outlet to express what I am discovering in my faith and leadership journey. Feel free to interact with this blog and share within your circles of influence to unleash a passion for the LORD, the LOST, LIFE and LEADERSHIP in others!
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1. EphesiansFour12

Pursuing a passion for the LORD, the LOST, LIFE and LEADERSHIP!

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2. Leading from the Trenches

Leadership insights from M*A*S*H

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  • Facing Your FearsEpisode 63:  BombedMargaret:       [Standing at the operating table] Major, your hands                 are shaking.Frank:          Well, it has n...
    on Dec 30, 2016
    LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES:  Facing Your FearsFear reveals the true character of a leader and heightens a leaders senses to right size their fears so they can effectively engage that which challenges them.  Read more...
  • Common DenominatorsEpisode 62:  Private Charles LambHawkeye:    Dear Dad.  The wounded keep coming and coming.  The             latest batch were Greek soldiers.  Greece is one of the   &nb...
  • LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES: Common Denominators
    on Dec 27, 2016
    LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES:  Common DenominatorsWhether I am speaking with a colleague in Indonesia or a business leader in my local community, we share a mutual understanding of leadership that transcends the different contexts in which we lead.
  • What Breaks God's Heart?One of the most quoted phrases from contemporary worship in recent times would have to be "Break my heart for what breaks Yours" from Brooke Fraser's well loved song 'Hosanna'.  Every time I sing these words I immediately think of all that is br...
  • Have We Forgotten?Like many Australians, every year I attend and participate in two culturally significant community events - ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.  Both days are a time to honour the memory of those who lost their lives on the battlefield and are a sobe...
  • A Shocking Story!I was shocked to hear about the actions of the emergency services who responded to the evacuation of a public school during a recent fire emergency and appalled by the follow-up actions of the Education Department!  The fire was started by arson...
  • LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES: Paralysed By Failure
    on Oct 21, 2016
    LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES:  Paralysed By FailureYou can choose to allow failure to paralyse you or propel you towards new discoveries. Don’t allow a moment of failure become a lifetime of disability.  Read more...
  • Paralysed By FailureEpisode 61:  Mad Dogs And ServicemenFrank:     That man is a psycho and for some perverted reason these two want to play games with him.Hawkeye:    We are just following Sid Freedman’s advice.Trapper:  &...
  • I'm Offended!!I'm offended that as a new father I was unable to use a public 'parents room' to change my babies nappies without feeling I was intruding on a mother's only space.I'm offended that when I was a father of five year old twins I couldn't take either of...
    on Oct 5, 2016
    LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES:  Loyal To A FaultWhile loyalty to a leader or a team is a highly valued virtue in any organisation, there are times when blind loyalty can distort our view of reality and become a liability.  Read more...
  • Loyal To A FaultEpisode 60:  A Full Rich DayHawkeye:   Smithy, I’m going to have to go serious on you about this thing.  We have a different perspective on the war as a whole than I think is possible for you.  To a line officer with 30-40...
    on Sep 29, 2016
    LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES:  Keep Them EngagedWhether you are a teacher or preacher, coach or mentor, facilitator or consultant, the creative tension between content and delivery is the space that must be managed by all effective communicators. &...
  • Keep Them EngagedEpisode 59:  Adam’s RibHawkeye:    I didn’t hear you say that.  Because it isn’t possible.  It’s inhuman to serve the same food day after day.  The Geneva Convention prohibits the killing of our taste buds.&...
  • LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES: Professional Partnerships
    on Sep 16, 2016
    LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES:  Professional PartnershipsWe need each other.  We need competent people with complementary gifts to partner in pursuing a shared vision and common purpose.  Read more...
  • Professional Partnerships
    on Sep 16, 2016 in leaders leadership MASH partnership teams
    Episode 58:  There Is Nothing Like A NurseTrapper:   [Tension in the OR without the nurses] My kingdom for a  nurse!Radar:     I’m doing my best.Trapper:   Radar, if you don’t start handing me the inst...
  • LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES: Managing Demands Of Leadership
    on Sep 15, 2016
    LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES:  Managing Demands Of LeadershipAlcohol may ‘mask’ the reality but cannot ‘mitigate’ the responsibilities of leadership.  Leaders must build healthy strategies and networks to effectively ‘manage’...
  • Managing Demands Of LeadershipEpisode 57:  Alcoholics UnanimousFrank Burns:   There’s just no question, you’re alcoholics!  You              drink constantly.Hawkeye:       Alright, we drink.  We...
  • Why Australia Needs Pauline Hanson!Love her or hate her, Pauline Hanson is in the political spotlight again after being voted back into the Senate at the last Australian Federal election!  Personally, I don't agree with most of Pauline's views and I am often offended by her publi...
  • The Froome FactorEvery year I spend 21 sleep deprived nights watching the greatest bicycle race on the world pro cycling tour and every year I am left inspired by the extraordinary efforts of elite athletes who push themselves to the limit to achieve their goals. The...

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