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Amprti is a premier provider of PCB assembly services, SMT assembly, Through hole assembly, Electronic manufacturing services, Printed circuit board design, Surface mount components, Smd assembly, Circuit board manufacturing and Smt pc boards.

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1. Principles of quality assembling and delivering best electronic product!

This can be done via third party PCB assembly services that can help you improve design schematics and the course of assembling process to make the product function more efficiently.

Tags: PCB assembly services

2. Some processes that fall under PCB testing!

Before shipping out the final printed circuit board to the consumers, electronic companies conduct a number of processes to ensure the product's suitability and safety aspects.

Tags: PCB manufacturing process

3. Why customized PCB boards are preferred over readymade ones?

In the efficient functioning of electronic equipment, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) has a major role to play. The board comprise of electronic components that are etched on conductive pathways and tracks with a copper sheet.

Tags: PCB layout services

4. Has SMT become the best method for printed circuit board assembly?

Printed circuit boards are an important invention and they have definitely changed the face of the electronic industry. They are used in different types of gadgets for their smooth functioning and efficient connecting and...

Tags: SMT assembly

5. Varieties and applications of printed circuit board

There are numerous electronic manufacturing services are available that are working on the well-formation of printed circuit boards used in various application areas.

Tags: electronic manufacturing services

6. An overview of what SMT assembly has done for the electronics industry?

There are many ways and techniques that manufactures use to mount devices and components on a printed circuit board. Through-hole was the traditional method that remained prevalent for quite long in the past.

Tags: SMT assembly

7. Fundamentals of the PCB design – An overview

A PCB or printed circuit board is a copper, non-conductive, and rugged structure based on substrate meant for connecting electrical components.

Tags: electronic product design

8. Did you know these benefits of outsourcing PCB assembly services?

Assembling of PCB is complex procedure comprising numerous electronic components which are mounted over a circuit in order to enable the functionality of a particular device or gadget.

Tags: PCB assembly services

9. Variant methods followed for constructing PCB boards

When engineers finalize printed circuit board design, type of board, and the material required is first finalized; and later the process of mounting of equipment on board is started.

Tags: printed circuit board design

10. Know the core differences between through-hole and SMT techniques

In this section, we will learn why this new technique has gained so much popularity and what those applications are, where through-hole mounting is still applicable.

Tags: Through hole assembly

11. 6 Most Valuable Benefits of a Reliable PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Make a list of the authentic organizations you find and request them for an online PCB assembly quote, as it will give you an opportunity to compare the prices with other manufacturers.

Tags: PCB assembly quote

12. PCB assembly and the popular assembling techniques!

The term PCB assembly implies the procedure in which different types of electronic parts and components are attached on a printed circuit board to create a functional product.

Tags: through hole assembly

13. Why is outsourcing a wise idea for electronics?

No matter what trade you are in, it is important to outsource services. When it comes to electronic supplies, it is essential for almost every company to get the electronic supplies outsourced, to meet the needs timely.

Tags: electronic assembly manufacturing

14. PCB manufacturing mode needs to be chosen widely

Choosing a printed circuit board manufacturer needs to be done with the help of a lot of research and caution, so that the results can be monitored well.

Tags: circuit board manufacturer

15. PCB layout- The integral part of designing any product!

PCB layout design is made carefully, while comprehensively taking care of all the industry standards and the particular specifications expected for the product. Take a brief look at how that happens-

Tags: PCB layout design

16. SMT or through hole assembly, which is better?

The manufacturing of printed circuit board assembly began in 20th century. An inventor from Germany, Albert Hanson in 1903 had provided useful information regarding flat foil conductors, which are coated to a protective board...

Tags: through hole assembly

17. What makes SMT assembly preferred option over through-hole technique?

The procedure of soldering SMDs or surface mount devices on the PCB surface is what is termed as surface mounting.

Tags: SMT assembly

18. 2 resourceful techniques to manufacture efficient boards

Whether it is our house or office, electronic gadgets has become an insuperable part of our lives. We all are entirely dependent on them for our day-to-day needs.

Tags: Through hole assembly

19. PCB designs and the production of its schematics

PCBs are important part of all electronic equipment that is used these days. The layout and design of a PCB is crucial for the entire product.

Tags: electronic product design.

20. Major differences between wire harness and cable assembly!

In cable assembling, a group of cables is covered by sleeves. The sleeves are usually made from various materials such as thermoplastic rubber, vinyl, shrink wrapped thermoplastic etc.

Tags: electronic manufacturing services

21. Printed Circuit Board assembly and production process

One more thing, the output from the previous fabrication stage should be compatible to the input of the next manufacturing stage to ensure that production process in furthering in right direction and highest quality of the...

Tags: PCB assembly services

22. Do you know all about PCB assembly?

PCB, also known as printed circuit boards have a major role to play in order to let a device function properly. A printed circuit board has a non-conductive material that has several printed patterns on it.

Tags: PCB assembly services

23. Step by step process of manufacturing printed circuit boards

Identification of the material and process to be used: Determining material, processes, and requirements of customer’s specification is the foremost step carried out by PCB manufacturing experts.

Tags: printed circuit board design

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